How to Get Rid of Yahoo Search Redirect?

If you use your browser to look up something, you may notice that your browser redirects towards Yahoo Search. How can this happen? Are you aware of how to eliminate Yahoo Search? This article will explain the causes of this issue as well as the methods to eliminate Yahoo Search using different methods.

Why Your Browser Is Redirected to Yahoo Search?

how to get rid of yahoo redirect virus

Yahoo Search is a search engine. It’s legitimate. However, certain browser hijackers could redirect your queries for search to This is not normal because it is usually a sign that malware or a browser extension has been installed on your PC.

This issue could occur in different browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and many more. You’ll say that you don’t install any unusual software on your PC. Where does the malware originate?

If you click an advert on your browser in error or you install software that comes the program in a bundle it is possible for this to occur. You should avoid clicking any advertisements on the internet browser. If you download the program, take care to eliminate the software included you do not wish to utilize.

However, if your web browser was already redirected towards Yahoo Search, you need to do something to remove Yahoo Search. How do you remove Yahoo Search? In this article we’ll provide some guidelines on how to uninstall Yahoo Search from Chrome. If you’re using another Web browser, these techniques may also work.

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How to Get Rid of Yahoo Search?

Let’s first look at the symptoms that are common to this problem:

  • Your search query is always redirected to
  • An untrusted browser plugin has been added to your web browser.
  • Malware is downloaded in your system.

If you are looking to eliminate Yahoo Search, you need to get rid of the malware on your PC and remove the extension browser on your browser.

How Can I Remove Yahoo Redirect the Virus in Chrome?

how to get rid of yahoo redirect virus

  1. Take out the harmful programs from your computer.
  2. Anti-malware software can be used to eliminate Yahoo Search redirect.
  3. Uninstall the malware-infected extension from your browser.

#1: Uninstall the malicious programs from your PC

This is a simple way to remove the malware from your computer. You can apply the software uninstallation process universally used to accomplish this task.

  1. Click Start.
  2. Visit Settings, Apps and Features > Apps & Features.
  3. Scroll down the program list to locate the malware program. After that, click on it and choose uninstall..
  4. Follow the screen-based guide to complete the removal procedure.

#2: Use Anti-Malware Software

Sometimes, it’s difficult to implement the method above to get rid of the malware. In this situation it is possible to try the anti-malware programs. We’ll give you a few alternatives. You can pick the one you wish to use to eliminate malware from your PC.


Malwarebytes is a no-cost software that allows you to search your PC for viruses and malware. It is a wildly popular software that has a lot of users. It is a good idea to test it to see if it can identify the malware and help in eliminating Yahoo Search.


If you are still unsure if there’s malware on your PC after using Malwarebytes, test HitmanPro to run a scan of your computer again to determine whether it finds malicious software , and then eliminate it, if it does.


If both Malwarebytes as well as HitmanPro aren’t working for you, test AdwCleaner. It’s also a well-known anti-malware program that will help you identify the malware that you wish to get rid of.

#3: Reset Your Browser’s Settings

As we mentioned earlier as previously mentioned, the Yahoo hijacking issue could be the result of an extension for your browser. Therefore, you can modify the settings in your browser to get rid of Yahoo Search.

how to get rid of yahoo redirect virus

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Click on the three dots menu and then click Settings..
  3. Select Advanced from the left side and then click Reset and Clean Up..
  4. Select Restore settings back to the default settings.
  5. Simply click to reset settings from the pop-up menu.

Three methods to remove Yahoo Search. Try them out to aid you. If you experience any problems, tell us about it in the comments.

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