10 Free Sites to Find Out Who Called Me From This Phone Number

It’s not uncommon to receive an unanswered call from an unidentified number. In these instances you’re probably interested in unknown callers. It may be a prankster an old friend, a telephone caller, a telemarketer or even a stalker. The information you gather about the person who called you will aid you in taking the needed step, such as making a call back or blocking the numbers to prevent further calls.

There are many phone lookup tools to choose from, so deciding on one can be difficult. This is a hand-picked collection of Top Who called From This Number Sites that include their pros and pros, most popular features, essential specifications, and links to websites.

10 Best Tools to Find Who Called You

1) Intelius

Intelius is among the most reliable reverse phone look-up websites to find out who has called you. This reverse phone lookup service offers extensive databases from trusted sources.


If a user dials an unidentified phone number, the system instantly identifies the individual’s identity or the business behind it. It also provides pertinent information like the address, name or address, age, potential relatives, as well as the kind of phone. A look up the site and get a free report on the location, type of line and the phone number of the unknown caller.


  • The privacy of their users
  • Unlimited search options for paying customers
  • Reliable user data in seconds
  • Follows Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)


1. Processes query fast

2. The report is detailed and explains the unidentified user

3. Intelius promises the highest level of security and privacy to users.

4. Unlimited background search


1. Intelius has no global database because it is only available in the US

2. The reverse phone service for free does not include the name or address

Website Link : https://www.intelius.com/

2) TruthFinder

TruthFinder is an engine to search for people. It provides you with extensive public records searches. It is a great tool to search for someone’s criminal records as well as contact details. It also offers reverse phone lookup features that allows you to find out who has called you from unknown number. The reverse phone lookup can reveal the owner of the number as well as whether it came made from a mobile or landline phone.


TruthFinder is available for download at no cost to Android or IoS. There are however in-app purchases that grant users access to more functions and details than its free versions. It also integrates with Facebook and gives you more precise information on specific contacts.


  • The reverse lookup feature can help identify calls not known to be coming from landlines and cell phones.
  • The search for Public Records: It provides detailed details from databases that are public that include criminal records as well as social media profiles and contact information.
  • Integration with Facebook: The tool provides additional information on an individual contact.
  • Search for people: This engine helps you locate someone’s criminal history and contact details.


There are mobile apps available that work on both Android as well as iOS devices.

Offers all the information you need about paid plans.

An explanation of how you can make the most of the information.

This includes the most up-to-date contact details.


There’s no option to buy individual reports.

It doesn’t offer the opportunity for a trial.

Website Link :- https://www.truthfinder.com/

3) PeopleFinders

PeopleFinders is a directory for businesses which provides information about companies. The information provided includes company addresses, websites for business email addresses, telephone numbers. Apart from business details they also offer reverse phone lookups as well as social media profiles.


This website offers users an alternative method of searching for information about businesses by functioning as an internet-based directory. So, you don’t have to find details on various websites. The website also offers an intuitive interface that allows users to locate results in a flash.


  • Services for finding phone numbers: This feature lets you find out who called you from an exact phone number.
  • Public Record: You can search for marriage, criminal and divorce records.
  • address searchHelps identify who is living at the address, as well as the contact details.
  • A directory for businesses: It provides business details, including address of local and international companies.


1. It’s easily accessible and simple to utilize.

2. The results of a search are displayed immediately.

3. Offers information on business for international and local businesses.

4. It also has a vast database that allows users to access any information.


1. The people search isn’t extensive since it’s more focused on professional profiles.

Website Link: https://www.peoplefinders.com/

4) Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is the leading source of information for the public, and it offers information on living and dead people. It provides all information all in one location, saving you time and effort in background checking. This application helps you to avoid receiving calls from unknown callers, by blocking them once the number is identified or calling them back if you didn’t receive an incoming call from someone you know.

Instant Checkmate

The report contains a few details. the report is profiles on social media and contact details. The website also provides reverse phone lookups which will help you find out details about who contacted you.


  • Background checking: The feature includes social media profiles as well as contact information all in one place.
  • Reverse phone lookups: It helps to find out more about a new phone number.
  • Search for people: This is a efficient way to look up people’s criminal records and request contact information when they’re not listed in the phone books of your friends.
  • A search inmate can help you find an individual inmate or convict or prisoner.


1. Reports are extensive and can be found all in one search.

2. It offers a reasonable five-day grace period for the paid plans.

3. Gives clear instructions on how to make the information utilized.

4. It comes with a user-friendly interface.


1. There’s no choice to purchase individual reports.

2. The reports may take a while to load.

Website Link: https://www.phone.instantcheckmate.com/

5) TruePeopleSearch

TruePeopleSearch is among the most efficient methods to determine who called you on an unknown number. It’s a no-cost search engine available for mobile phones and web browsers that can give you the information of any person within the USA. It is possible to access the results of your search without having to sign up for the website.


All actions that you make on the website are completely anonymous, and cannot be monitored by third-party websites. All your IP addresses remain hidden and you can access the site with confidence. TruePeopleSearch claims that all data is collected from public resources , including birth certificates and criminal records databases and telephone bills. The information that is that is gathered and presented on the result page is available to the public, making the process of searching legal.

The report of search will contain caller ID, relatives members known as well as known associates, telephone numbers, age and birth date Traffic tickets, as well as email addresses.


  • A lookup of addresses: It identifies who is living at the address. The person’s name, their social profile and contact information.
  • reverse phone searchLet’s you know who’s calling from a particular number.
  • A search for emails: This feature provides additional information and details on the individual.
  • The search for public record information:You can access a person’s criminal history as well as marriage and divorce records, etc.


1. You will be able to navigate easily since the information is simple to comprehend.

2. There aren’t any distracting advertisements.

3. The site is accessible without having to sign up.

4. Users aren’t required to feel any sensations while using the instrument.


1. The information available on the website is not always correct as it is time-consuming to update it.

2. It isn’t possible to keep your results of your searches if haven’t signed up on the website.

Website Link: https://truepeoplesearch.net/

6) Numlooker

Numlooker is a no-cost reverse phone number search service. You can look up the caller’s ID on unknown numbers for free , without having to pick up the phone. You can select either manual or automated mode. The manual mode requires you to type the numbers of the phone number into your search box. Automatic mode will display the details as soon as your phone rings.


The site has an inventory of databases that display the number of the caller, their social media profile, address and the location of the caller who contacted you. The site also shows information about relatives and criminal history.


  • Who is calling me:  will help you identify who is calling in just a few seconds even if the number isn’t on your list of contacts.
  • Email search: Lets you know all email addresses that belong to the person.
  • Search for people: It allows using names to locate someone’s phone number, address as well as their social media profile.
  • Search for public records: You can access an individual’s criminal records as well as marriage and divorce records, previous employment, and so on.
  • Background checks: This helps you know the criminal background check.
  • Address search: Helps you know who is living at a particular address as well as the owner’s contact details.


1. It’s a cost-free reverse phone lookup.

2. It is possible to access all features of a mobile device without installing the application.

3. The information in the report of search is correct.

4. It provides a quick search and instantly displays the results.


1. It might not provide additional information, like the job title of the caller.

Website Link: https://numlooker.com/

7) SearchPeopleFree

SearchPeopleFree is an effective tool that comes that comes with a trial version for free that lets you discover telephone numbers that call. Enter the number in the search bar and it will show you all relevant details about the person calling.


The report contains the address and name, as well as age and other information, court records, family members and contact information. You will also be able to determine whether the phone number is a mobile or landline phone.


  • Phone number reverse search It can help you determine who called you from a number that is not yours.
  • public records The Public records section displays information like name and address as well as age and date of birth and family members, court records and contact details.
  • Background Check: Helps to know more about the past and background of the individual who contacted you.
  • Reverse phone search for free This lets you discover information about the contact.
  • reverse email search It can help you learn more about the individual looking up their email addresses.


1. An easily-customizable and user-friendly interface.

2. Price-friendly pricing plans.

3. The results are precise and accurate and.

4. Search reports are immediate.


1. The trial trial is free and provides only limited information on the report of the search.

Website Link: https://searchpeoplefree.net/

8) PeopleFinderFree

PeopleFinderFree is a search engine that allows you to locate someone’s criminal record social media profile, criminal record, and contact details. You can utilize reverse phone to find out what information is available about the individual who is calling you from a number that is not yours. The website has an information database that is thoroughly screened every detail before it is provided with a full report.


Furthermore, this tool will help you connect with those you used to have contact with by verifying their numbers. The report of search results includes the phone number of the person you are looking for as well as identity, background checks including court records, address along with the age and birthday. There are also additional details like sexual offender records or arrest records. traffic tickets.


  • Search for public records:Shows information about individuals including property details as well as age and evaluation reports.
  • Reverse phone number lookup It can help you find out details about who contacted you from an unknown number.
  • Address search: Provides information on where the person lives as well as the contact information for the owner.
  • Background Check: Displays court records as well as arrest and court records. traffic tickets.


1. The information available on the site is correct.

2. A monthly subscription gives users access to additional information.

3. The site is user-friendly and has a simple interface.

4. It is connected to a vast record database.


1. You are not able to choose to opt out of the service via the internet.

2. It contains too many details that you might not require.

Website Link: https://peoplefinderfree.com/

9) FastPeopleSearch

FastPeopleSearch is a search engine that lets you identify the identity of the person who contacted at you, text you or sent an email to you. You can make use of the reverse phone lookup to verify the person’s name prior to calling to block missed calls or calling back. This site can help you block calls from unknown numbers such as telemarketers and stalkers.


The report of a search from FastPeopleSearch includes social media profiles as well as contact details. It also provides information about the address of an individual, their work history, and educational information. All of the information can be displayed on one screen which saves your the time as well as money.


  • Public Records: This includes addresses as well as employment histories and education.
  • Search for phone numbers will help you learn more about the individuals who called you from unidentified numbers.
  • Search for emails:This feature allows you to determine the identity and the information of a sender by using the email address.
  • Search for people: This feature displays details about the person who is you search for their name.
  • Address search: Helps to know more about the location of the caller’s code and details about a property or house owner who lives at a specific address.


1. It’s very simple to use because all information is presented on one screen.

2. It is equipped with a database to help with reports on searches.

3. The information of the caller is displayed immediately.

4. You can have the results for free.


1. The information can be incorrect and out of date.

Website Link: https://fastpeoplesearch.io/

10) Whitepages

Whitepages is a search engine that can help you figure your identity an unidentified phone number. It utilizes public records databases to trace callers and carriers, thereby legalizing the process. Whitepages also has a phone searcher that lets you locate businesses’ phone numbers as well as email addresses. This is what makes Whitepages among the top used websites to find out who’s identity that is calling you.

The report of a search from the database’s extensive collection will contain cell numbers, landlines contacts, as well as other important details. Additionally, you can find information about business and property details as well as financial records and the fraud rating. Whitepages also offers reports on search stats as well as lien records and professional licenses.


  • Businesses search: It gives you the number of the business as well as email addresses for businesses.
  • Reverse Phone Lookup: It can help you learn what information you can about someone who contacted you on an unidentified phone number, as well as other numbers for phone calls.
  • Background Check: Used to collect details about social media and contacts.
  • reverse address search: It helps to find out more about the person calling and the information regarding a house or property owner’s current address.
  • Search for people: Uses an individual’s name to give information about contacts, relatives, as well as addresses


1. The price is reasonable is simple.

2. Provides a free background review.

3. Provides business-related information.

4. Results from searches are instantaneous.


1. The website is available only to American users.

2. The information isn’t always 100 100% correct.

Website Link: https://www.whitepages.com/


1. What’s the most effective way to determine who has called you?

The best method of finding the person who has called you, is to utilize reverse phone lookups. They allow you identify the personal information of the person you are looking for. The websites listed above provide reverse phone lookups which can assist you in identifying the person calling you and provide additional information about their work history, such as their employment background as well as their address and criminal records , if they are any.

2. What is the best way to search for the public records of an individual?

You can find any public information about an individual by with a people search engine. A search engine for people can help you discover the identity. They can also identify the person who phoned the number from an unknown number. The report will provide address, contact details relatives, as well as their social profiles. The websites we have included above provide search engines for people to assist you in identifying the person calling you.

3. What are the top applications to find out who has called you?

Here’s the best App to track down the person who called you:

  • Intelius
  • TruthFinder
  • PeopleFinders
  • Checkmate instantaneously
  • TruePeopleSearch
  • Numlooker

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