A Comprehensive Guide on App Development Outsourcing in 2022

You have a great idea for a business application. You decide to go out and create it for yourself. The first question you face is “should I seek out app developers close to me or it’s better to outsource these to a third party?” Before choosing the “app development companies close to me” alternative, think about the fact that in the current technology environment, it is possible to easily outsource talented developers at a an affordable cost.

The article you’ll discover the benefits hiring local as opposed to. outsourcing developers. We offer suggestions on where to locate the most suitable candidate for your project along with a guide to how to choose the best developers for your next project.

Local Vs. Offshore App Developers

overseas app developers

It’s a commonly held belief the local developer is more knowledgeable affordable, cost-effective, and are always in the best way than offshore developers. Let’s compare the benefits of working with both domestic or offshore developer.

The advantages of local developers

  • Communication

The primary advantage when working in conjunction with developers from the local area is the ability to communicate. It is easier working with a team who are in that same zone of time, who speak the similar language, and can be met in person.

  • Promoting your local economy

When you hire local developers, you’re investing into the economy of your local area. In this way, your company can have a positive impact on the surrounding.

  • Research conducted by a person

If you are conducting research to hire local developers, you’re not restricted to pictures reports, photos, or Skype interviews. Meet the team in person, or even send a representative from your company.

  • Local insight

Another advantage of having a local team of developers is that they can gain insights into the requirements and desires of local clients regarding the features and the design.

Benefits of outsourcing Development

  • Cheap prices

If you do not want to hire an app development firm for mobile within Australia, the USA, Australia, or Western Europe, consider that the developers charge between $100-$350 per hour. As a contrast, outsourcing app development to experts in Eastern Europe is more profitable with an average of $50/hour.

  • Gain access to the world talent pool

Another reason to partner with developers from other countries is a vast array of specialists who have expertise in various frameworks. To help you with your next project, you can locate developers with expertise with healthcare and e-commerce chatbots, banking artificial intelligence, big data, and many more.

  • Scalability

Outsource teams are easily adaptable. Therefore, if your project requires additional developers to join your team, outsourcing agencies from overseas can quickly identify the required specialists and this could not impact your development processes.

  • Support with current work

Contrary to local companies that prefer to build projects from scratch outsourcing developers can assist you in the ongoing work. Think about this option if you don’t have the required specialists on your team or are on an extremely tight timeframe.

How can you outsource app development with no risk in 2022

As of 2009 Apple released an iPhone 3G commercial with the catchy slogan “There’s an app for that” which was registered by the company in 2010.

At the period, there were 250,000 apps available on the App Store. In the present, there are two million apps available worldwide as per the data of the App Store, both for iOS as well as Android products. There is also an additional category that is growing in popularity of apps called hybrid apps. Hybrid apps target several operating systems, including the two iOS and Android but it comes with lesser capabilities. It is also only mobile apps.

overseas app developers

There aren’t any exact figures regarding the number of cloud-based applications on the web worldwide, but there are statistics about the amount of users. According to Statista the number of cloud-based users across the globe has increased by 2.4 billion from 2.4 billion back in 2013, to 3.6 billion in 2018.

In the present today, the “There’s an application for this” slogan has become a buzzword that is a way to solve the problems of someone else as per Urban Dictionary. It could be possible to fix any issue using an app today, and it’s likely to be true.

Mobile apps are available for nearly everything and for any field such as healthcare, real estate or insurance, retail or finance. Today, many large enterprises are adopting the advantages cloud computing and transferring their CRMs and ERPs into the cloud.

There could be an app development shortage firms across Europe, the United States, United Kingdom as well as Western Europe if we consider the general pattern of this shortage. The most effective solution is outsourcing app development to overseas locations.

Step 1. involves in order to plan for the creation of your mobile application MVP. Make sure you focus on the most important element, and don’t attempt to create everything. When you are building your prototype, ensure that you have spoken with your target users to inform them that you are developing your MVP that that they will use. Once you’ve decided on what the initial release of the mobile app will include, you can write the project’s description and the timeline.

The second step in outsourcing mobile app development is to hire an offshore development team. Finding the best app development company is the most difficult task in outsourcing the development of apps. Learn more about selecting the right partners for software development on this page.

This is the stage where If YouTeam enters the market with us, we’ll complete the entire sourcing process in our hands and supply you with the top candidates in just 2 days, who are ready to go through interviews and begin new projects as soon as possible. Our process for sourcing candidates is highly flexible and we’ll ensure that we’re making the process simpler for you.

Step 3.— If You’re working without a reliable partner such as YouTeam Your responsibility is to make sure that all warranties are in place. You don’t want to risk losing your money or, perhaps more important in the opinion of some of our clients and also lose time.

It is crucial to build a relationship with the vendor from the beginning stages of your partnership, so that if they fail to deliver an excellent product, you are able to take action and in the worst-case situation, you’ll have a simple exit and get the cost of outsourcing app development back.

Advantages outsource the development of mobile apps

If you decide to delegate application development task the development to the outside team and you are able to enjoy the following benefits:

Costs reduced

Cost of living for outsource destinations like India, China, or Eastern Europe, is significantly lower than that of western Europe. US, UK, or Western Europe. Thus, even the highest hourly rate in, for instance, Ukraine will be lower than the lowest rate within the US. For instance, the average salary of an senior iOS Developer within the US starts at $43,000 per year. However the pay of an higher-level iOS development team in Ukraine starts at $42,000/year.

Time saved

Outsourcing mobile app development is not just cost efficient, but also allows you to save your time. If you select the model of outstaffing when outsourcing the development of your app it will save you many hours recruiting, training, or keeping employees. You’ll have a committed team that has successfully accomplished numerous projects that required the same technology stack, created a number of complex applications, and are able to assist your project using their knowledge.

The top quality of the work produced

If you decide to outsource the development of your app There are hundreds of reviews to read regarding your prospective software provider, which can aid you in making the best choice in hiring. You can look through websites like Clutch.co and find the app outsourcing companies for development across the globe, and narrow down those who have been highly rated by past customers. You can also browse the websites of the development companies review references, testimonials or case studies. You might be able to find a shortlist of overseas team of developers for mobile apps within just 48 hours or less using YouTeam.

overseas app developers

We’re a Y-Combinator-backed marketplace which works with more than 200 pre-screened outsourcing firms that originate from Eastern Europe and Latin America. We draw on a diverse workforce of 20,000+ verified developers. If you don’t specify your requirements, we’ll be able to assist you recruit an overseas development group in just one week.

There are risks to be aware of when outsourcing application development for mobile devices

When outsourcing to mobile app development offshore businesses, there are numerous doubts regarding the quality of the service suppliers. A lot of startups have had a poor experience outsourcing to offshore companies and we’ve learned how difficult it is to locate the perfect team. However, finding the right mobile development team can take several months, and it’s difficult to be in the right spot in the right moment when talented developers are ready to take on a new venture. We at YouTeam were able to create an active database of 20,000 developers from outsourcing firms from Ukraine, Poland, and other Eastern European countries, as well as all over Latin America. Before we go over what we’re not doing it do it, we’ll help you avoid the most frequent mistakes of IT outsourcing, in the event that you decide to source the talents yourself.


Collaboration with teams from offshore is usually distant, even though the managers of teams in-house may travel to the destinations offshore or the reverse. But even these visits might not be enough to ensure that the information is properly understood and is not wrongly interpreted. If you decide to outsource your app development to a different location, prepare yourself on remote project management techniques. It is a good thing that with each year it is becoming easier to communicate via remote thanks to the many tools for planning projects as well as communications tools that can be used remotely including Slack, Zoom, and Skype.

Time zone differences

Offshore locations – like their names suggest typically are distant from the nation of the client. This means that both countries need to come up with a suitable timing to have meetings and to discuss issues. When the offshore team is faced with urgent issues that can’t be resolved without an internal development team, the problem is likely to be escalated quickly. In addition, it is difficult to monitor how well work is done as a result of the different perspectives.

There are tools available out there that aid in controlling time zones. If the time zone difference is very uncomfortable for you , but you desire to outsource the development of your apps Try nearshoring, which is outsourcing to the closest region or country. It could, for instance, take place in Latin America for the United States or Eastern Europe for the United Kingdom.

Cultural differences

Team members from both offshore and in-house teams come from diverse backgrounds and differing methods of working. This can result in a different perception of issues and even cross-communicational barriers – for example, developers in Asia tend to hush up any problems that they encounter because of fear to be punished.

Thus, the company must have an unambiguous code of conduct which team members are required to be adhering to. Furthermore, it is important to note that is that team members from offshore should be treated in the same manner as in-house team members.

It is worth reading the How YouTeam’s co-founder explains the cultural fit of remote team members. It is evident that when you employ outsourcing app developers, it isn’t necessary to look at a perfect match since they’re only a small component of your development team and will only interact with only a couple of people from your organization for a short period of time each day. However, cultures do not always agree which is why we recommend that you consider embracing concepts of the cultural differences when hiring remote workers from other countries.

The release of confidential information

If outsourcing an app creation task, the client must trust the outsourcing agency with sensitive information and, in certain cases even with the sensitive data of its clients. To reduce the risk the client’s company must adopt the appropriate legal and organizational steps including making sure that offshore developers sign an NDA.

How can you outsource app development without taking the risk

Before you decide to outsource the development of mobile apps and web application development take certain steps which can help to minimize or eliminate any potential dangers.

overseas app developers

The first step you must take is to find a suitable and reliable software development company. The next step is to ensure that all guarantees are in place. It is crucial to create leverage over the outsourced agency for app development at the beginning of the collaboration. If they’re not delivering high-quality output, then initiate a formal investigation and, in the worst case scenario, get out of the partnership and claim the cash back. Other options are as follows:

1. Make sure there is a Money Back Guarantee

Making sure you have a money back guarantee in place is crucial. If you’re not happy by the standard of work done, it’s unfair to have to cover it. You must ensure that you have an appropriate clause that covers this risk in your contract.

2. Account management and trial phases

As a project manager for clients I usually suggest the trial phase with the test assignment, instead of paying large amounts in advance. Make sure you set an initial trial duration of between 2 weeks and one month, during which the IT outsourcing company is required to offer their highest quality services to you, and show that they are suitable for your particular project. In this way, they will demonstrate that they are the best choice for your project.

If you’re not familiar with the process of the delivery of software projects, but your management team made the decision for example, to outsource Android app development to a offshore or nearshore software firms It is sensible to engage a client-side manager to oversee the risks continuously. In the YouTeam business model, you’re given an account manager, who makes sure that the communication as well as performance as well as the financial elements of your project will be managed. The Account Manager is a third-party and therefore unable to ensure that the project is completed consistently.

If you are working with a team directly, or if you employ the team without our help ensure that you define the rules of business communications prior to concluding the agreement. This will include the task assignment and reporting method, along with the timeframe of meetings, as well as the number and duration of meetings, as and the amount. Make sure you negotiate the need of additional meetings with colleagues to provide an explanation of the project (if required) in order to discuss the project with your employees prior to it.

3. Enter the code on the client side

A further essential and fundamental step is to create the client side repository. This will keep the application’s code as soon as it is created. This stops the outsourcing app development agency from not giving you the code in case of disagreement. It also guarantees that you don’t have to pay for low-quality code.

4. Beware of paying huge lump sums in the beginning.

It is recommended to ask for the most detailed breakdown for the range of work as is possible. This will make Contract Management a breeze. While the project is at its beginning stages, you should be sure to not pay huge lump amounts. If you haven’t worked with a vendor for sixor more months, you won’t be confident about their capability to deliver.

overseas app developers

5. Benefit from the power of payment escrow and code services offered through outsourcing platforms

One of the biggest advantages of using any of the hiring platforms like YouTeam or Upwork TopTal among others, is that they provide Escrow services. This means that the payment is only released once you’re satisfied with the work’s quality. Similar to what can be done using the code, which we call this code the escrow!

In addition the strict screening procedures for these platforms let you outsourcing mobile application development, without the danger of spending money on inexperienced workers.


The above mentioned information will be discussed briefly on this page, as well as we’ll add some new and useful resources.

How can you keep the remote development team working?

There are many issues associated when working remotely including cultural and language barriers in communication, lack of communication with colleagues, time zones and languages and many more. There are a few ways to stop these issues from affecting your team’s efficiency. YouTeam has joined forces together with Branding Consultant at Inc 500 company to develop guidelines to assure that your team of developers is working optimally. The complete list of recommendations is available on this page.

What’s the price for an off-shore app development company?

The cost of an hourly job differs from country to. Although the cost of recruiting Latin American developers is slightly lower than North America, Asian and African developers are often three to four times less expensive as those of their American counterparts. But the best choice for hiring is Eastern Europe, where the average hourly rate for software development is $32.29. For a more precise idea of hourly rates in different nations, visit our research about the offshore rates for development.

Closing Up

Now you are aware of the top countries to use for outsourcing of software development. In general, Asian countries have the most advanced levels of expertise in app development and provide a high return on investment with low cost.

overseas app developers

However, the most effective location to outsource your app development needs is with an agency that knows your brand’s identity and can be customized to meet your business’s specific needs , no matter the location!

Ratings and descriptions are subjective and might not provide an accurate view. So, you need to select the most appropriate outsourcing company for software to perform your work effectively.

They will assist you in identifying the best nations to outsource mobile app projects to, so that you can select the most appropriate fit for your requirements.

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