8 Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress-Based Websites

As with many of the articles on WordPress hosting I’ll begin with telling you more than half of websites use the WordPress CMS. (CMS) However, I’ll also tell you to: Most providers don’t make their servers more efficient to run WordPress websites. If you’d like to have your WordPress website to load speedily even during high traffic cloud hosting is an absolute must. Contrary to cloud hosting which is shared hosting, cloud hosting lets server resources grow to accommodate the growing demand of your customers. If you plan to create an online site that’s going to expand, or has different traffic flows you’ll need the dependable scaling capabilities of cloud infrastructure. We spent months testing the top cloud hosting companies for WordPress websites.

We discovered 8 hosts that provide the quality and reliability that you’re going to require. Each website has distinctive features that work with different websites. or at least at the very least, one of them is likely to be exactly what you’re searching for.

Scala Hosting came out on the top due to its user-friendliness and excellent value. This makes it the ideal all-round choice regardless of your degree of expertise. Sign up for Scala Hosting right now and continue checking to see which other hosts were included in the list.

Short On Time? These Are the Best WordPress Cloud Hosts for 2023:

  1. Scala Hosting The best cloud hosting option for newbies; excellent value for the money.
  2. Kinsta It is simple to use, unbeatable efficiency and reliability.
  3. A2 Hosting Unlimited websites and strong performance.

What We Look For in the Best Cloud Hosting Providers for WordPress

best cloud hosting for wordpress

Each WordPress-specific hosting service claims it has everything you require to run your site, but it’s completely false. Hosts listed on this list must be able to meet the following requirements:

  • WordPress Optimization. Just because a service provides WordPress hosting doesn’t mean that its features and performance are created especially for WordPress. I searched for hosts that had optimized and set up their services to work with the most popular CMS.
  • Performance and dependability. Top technology means the best performance, which leads to speedier loading times as well as better uptime and satisfied website visitors.
  • Scalability. If your business expands and you have more visitors you’ll want to have the ability to increase the size of your operation to meet the demands of your resources.
  • Features included. Certain hosts provide extra features to go with your purchase particularly, more WordPress-specific features. You need to ensure that you are getting the top and most efficient tools from the service you select.
  • User-friendly. Even if a WordPress cloud hosting service ticks all other boxes, choosing an option that is easy to use will ensure that you don’t have to figure out the user interface for managing your account.

1. Scala Hosting: Easy To Use, Affordable, and Fully WordPress-Optimized

Scala offers terrific value on easy-to-use WordPress cloud hosting

Scala Hosting makes the top of this list due to its fully-managed cloud VPS plans that are optimized for WordPress. This is the perfect hosting provider if you’re only getting comfortable with the move into cloud hosting from shared host. The support team will assist you all the process.

Not only that , Scala Hosting offers a user-friendly and easy-to-use control panel to guide you through installation and maintenance in a breeze.

Scala’s WordPress plans include more than just fine-tuning the back-end for improved WordPress functionality (though it’s fair to say it’s certainly not all there is). Additionally, you get tons of additional features, including no-cost security scanners One-click installers for WordPress plugins, as well as tools for optimizing search engines (SEO).

If you’re unhappy with the service you receive, Scala offers an unconditional, “anytime” money-back guarantee . This is the way you can tell you can trust their services.

Scala Hosting WordPress Hosting

Plan Name Storage Bandwidth Number of Sites Backup Price WP Mini10 GB NV Me SSDunlimited1+Rs235 More details WP Start50 GB NV Me SSDunlimitedunlimited+Rs474 More details WP Advanced100 GB NV Me SSDunlimitedunlimited+Rs793 More details Entry WP Cloud50 GB NV Me SSDunlimitedunlimited+Rs1191 More details

domain name that is free is available with certain hosting plans offered by Scala Hosting


  • SPanel. Scala Hosting’s own SPanel provides a more intuitive and user-friendly solution to manage your hosting requirements while keeping all the functions of cPanel.
  • LiteSpeed cache plugins. Scala Hosting includes an array of LiteSpeed caching plugins to boost the performance of your website.
  • SEO free evaluation. You can get an SEO analysis worth $49 anytime, and will give you crucial information that will increase the traffic to your site.
  • IP address dedicated to your site. Scala gives you an IP address that is unique to your website, which can help with SEO rankings and email delivery.
Control panel SPanel (proprietary)
Numerous sites Unlimited
Space for SSD storage 50GB to 250GB
Bandwidth Unlimited
Uptime guarantee 99.9%
Price of the start Rs235

2. Kinsta – Top Performance for Mission-Critical Projects

Kinsta uses Google Cloud Platform for peak performance

Kinsta gets a high ranking on this list because of its impressive page loading speed and the reliability of WordPress websites. It’s also extremely simple to make use of. Its control panel was made to be used by beginners, however it comes with all the tools that a web developer needs.

Although it’s user-friendly, Kinsta is not budget affordable; it’s among the more expensive options that we have reviewed. However, if you’re able to afford it, the quality by itself is well worth the money.

There’s a broad selection of Kinsta plans available to choose from. The basic plan includes 10GB of space and lets you install one WordPress install that can handle up to 25,000 visits per month. From there, a variety of plans can provide the possibility of up to WordPress installations and 250GB of storage and 3,000,000 monthly visits per month. Each plan includes the same basic features that include daily backups.

Kinsta Web Hosting

Plan Name Storage Free SSL Number of SitesPriceStarter10 GB SSD+1Rs2788More detailsPro20 GB SSD+2Rs5576More details Business 130 GB SSD+5Rs9160More details Business 240 GB SSD+10Rs17921More details Business 350 GB SSD+20Rs27081More details Business 460 GB SSD+40Rs35843More details Enterprise 1100 GB SSD+60Rs53764More details Enterprise 2150 GB SSD+80Rs79651More details Enterprise 3200 GB SSD+120Rs107528More details Enterprise 4250 GB SSD+150Rs131423More details


  • 25 data centers locations as well as the CDN. Part of what determines the speed of loading is the distance your users have to the server, which is why Kinsta lets you select among the 25 Google Cloud Platform data centers across the globe. In order to ensure optimal performance for users who aren’t located near the data center you choose Kinsta grants access to KeyCDN’s content delivery network.
  • MyKinsta control panel. The simple-to-use MyKinsta dashboard for your account is set up and optimized to work with WordPress. It monitors visitor statistics as well as bandwidth usage and response times, and lets you build, relocate or stage websites.
  • autoscaling. Kinsta makes sure your site will be capable of handling traffic spikes by automatically increasing the size of your CPU and RAM to accommodate the increasing number of visitors. This is one of the reasons Kinsta’s 99.9 100% uptime guarantee is more just a claim and is a fact that my colleague was able to record 100% uptime in his test of four months.
  • “Hack fix” guarantee. Kinsta proactively updates its software and continuously monitors the entire network for criminal activity. If your website does happen to be compromised, Kinsta guarantees a support engineer will fix it back to its original state.
Control panel MyKinsta (proprietary)
The number of websites 1 to 150
Storage space on SSD 10GB to 250GB
Bandwidth Between 25,000 and 2,500,000 visits per month
Uptime guarantee 99.9%
Start price Rs2788

3. A2 Hosting – Best for Unlimited Websites

A2 makes it easy to manage multiple WordPress sites at once

best cloud hosting for wordpress

A2 Hosting’s Managed WordPress hosting plans They are built on cloud infrastructure and are designed specially for WordPress. Its Lite Speed-based The Swift Server hosting platform improves the speed of loading, which makes it one of the most efficient choices to cloud hosting. WordPress hosting .

A2 Hosting offers you amazing features to host an infinite number of websites However, you must purchase the top plan, which is limited to the 40 GB SSD storage.

If you do not want to opt for unlimited websites, there are two options to choose from one or the five-Site. You’ll receive the same features regardless of the plan you pick It also offers the free SSL with free SSL CDN compatibility, but lower-tier plans have lesser resources. With a small selection of plans and limited storage capacity, A2 Hosting is one of the top providers in terms of capabilities and performance.

A2 Hosting WordPress Hosting

Plan Name Storage Band width Number of SitesBackupPriceRUN50 GB SSDunlimited1+Rs955More detailsJUMP250 GB SSDunlimitedunlimited+Rs1513More details FLY Unlimited NVMeunlimitedunlimited+Rs2309More details SELL Unlimited NVMeunlimitedunlimited+Rs3345More details


  • Automated WordPress updates automatically. A2 Hosting doesn’t help troubleshoot WordPress functionality or support third-party plugins, however it will ensure that you are running the latest WordPress version.
  • A2 Optimized Web Accelerator. A plugin that utilizes three different caching technologies to increase speed that include the exclusive Turbo Cache, OPcache, and Me cached.
  • Site staging with a single click. Easy-to-use staging lets you create a development copy your website so that you can test and modify it before putting changes to live.
  • FREE Jetpack individual license. Jetpack is a plugin that provides tools to help you create expand, develop and protect your website. It includes Photon Unlimited image CDN, daily backups that are automatically scheduled as well as brute force attack defense as well as malware scanning. other features, however, the license is only for only one URL.
Control panel cPanel
The number of websites 1 to unlimited
Storage space on SSD 10GB to 40GB
Bandwidth Unlimited
Uptime guarantee 99.9%
Price of the start Rs955

4. InMotion Hosting comes with Features at a low Cost

The number of features InMotion Hosting offers is great, even though you have to pay more to get more

InMotion Hosting has some of the cheapest managed WordPress hosting options on our list. It also offers more features than the majority of hosts. All plans come with an unlimited number of email addresses, no-cost CDN and a sophisticated security suite, configurable caching and much more. .

One of the aspects that separates InMotion Hosting apart is its service of unlimited bandwidth So you don’t have to fret about your transfer speed. Although you have unlimited bandwidth, you can’t limit the number of monthly visits, which starts at 20,000 for the basic plan.

InMotion Hosting provides unlimited bandwidth, but that doesn’t mean unlimited visitors

Managed by InMotion Hosting, the WordPress hosting is perfect for those who are new to WordPress, particularly located in the US because both of their data centres are situated in the US. The four WordPress plans you can choose from (and there are four VPS plans). The higher cost of plans to receive the most InMotion Hosting can offer isn’t much more expensive than plans that are lower in tier and have the most expensive hosting providers in our list.

InMotion Hosting WordPress Hosting

Plan Name Storage Bandwidth Number of Sites Backup PriceWP Core100 GB SSDunlimited2-Rs397More details WP Launch Unlimited GB SSDunlimitedunlimited+Rs716More details WP Power Unlimited GB SSDunlimitedunlimited+Rs716More details WP Pro Unlimited GB SSDunlimitedunlimited+Rs1353More details


  • Drag-and-drop website builder for free. The Bold Grid WordPress-integrated website builder makes the process of creating your own website easy. It’s beautiful, simple to use, offers more than 200 templates compatible with it and can be integrated with Woo Commerce and comes with SEO plugins.
  • No restrictions on plugins. Speaking of plugins you are able to install every plugin you’d like. There aren’t many hosts that offer this kind of freedom.
  • Marketing tools included in each plan. One thing InMotion Hosting offers that other hosting providers don’t is offer free marketing tools, which include advertising credits as well as tools to manage customers.
  • 90-day money-back-guarantee. While most hosts offer a 30-day money-back promise, InMotion Hosting gives you 90 days to consider whether it’s the right host right for you. If you decide that it’s not the right one, you can easily cancel.
Control panel cPanel
The number of websites 1. – 6. (or more details on VPS plans)
Storage space on SSD 50GB to 200GB
Bandwidth Unlimited; 20,000 – 300,000 monthly visits
Uptime guarantee 99%
Start price Rs397

5. Nexcess – The Most Storage at a Premium Price

Nexcess includes more features than most WordPress cloud hosts

best cloud hosting for wordpress

Nexcess is A great cloud-hosted alternative for WordPress for intermediate level user who’s not afraid of technology but is still learning . It’s still managed hosting, which means that the bulk of the work is taken care of by Nexcess, but Nexcess its own management panel may not be as easy to use like, say the Scala Hosting’s.

With Nexcess you get an array of features, speedy speeds, 22 worldwide data centers with an CDN and an 100% uptime guarantee . An enticing offer. I must say that we didn’t have any downtime problems in Our tests .

Nexcess provides plans that are suitable for both small and large businesses regardless of whether you’ve got only one site that has constant traffic or an enterprise giant that needs an abundance of websites and resources. Its most expensive plan includes 800GB SSD storage, but costs are lower all-around.

Nexcess WordPress Hosting

Plan Name Storage Bandwidth Number of SitesBackupPriceSpark15 GB2 TB1+Rs1009More detailsMaker40 GB3 TB5+Rs4195More detailsDesigner60 GB4 TB10+Rs5788More detailsBuilder100 GB5 TB25+Rs7912More detailsProducer300 GB5 TB50+Rs15877More detailsExecutive500 GB10 TB100+Rs29178More details


  • Stencil Sites. So you’ve set your site that you love that has a unique WordPress theme, hand-picked collection of plugins, and some other bells and whistles. Now you’d like to have an easy way to duplicate and utilize this framework to create another website. It’s possible. the way Stencil Sites lets you do.
  • A wide range of WordPress-specific features and updates. Nexcess offers managed WordPress core and plugin updates, with visual regression tests to make sure that they won’t cause damage to your website. Nexcess also provides the ability to stage your site with a single click and a premium image compression tool at no additional cost, and it’s the Nexcess CDN.
  • Automatic daily backups of your website. This might sound like a simple thing however, there are a few WordPress cloud hosting providers provide free backups. Nexcess will backup your site(s) every day and preserve each backup for a minimum of 30 days.
  • Multiple accounts for users. This is a rather unique feature that allows you to can provide various levels of accessibility to the hosting account.
Control panel Nexcess Client Portal (proprietary)
The number of websites 1 to 250
Storage space on SSD 15GB to 800GB
Bandwidth 2TB to 10TB
Uptime guarantee 100%
Start price Rs1009

6. SiteGround – Low-Price Option for Beginners

SiteGround makes launching or migrating a WordPress site seamless

SiteGround is an excellent choice when you’re on a limited budget since it comes with the most affordable prices for its services. It’s not the most resource-rich but it does offer you a good collection of features, which includes Unlimited bandwidth unmetered bandwidth, unlimited bandwidth, SSL, CDN access, unlimited email accounts and the ability to migrate sites along with the regular regularly scheduled WordPress core and plugins. WordPress the core as well as plugins.

The basic Start Up plan comes with one website and 10GB of storage with 10,000 daily visits but the higher-end plans are more expensive. They are worth looking into because they permit unlimited websites, and also provide additional options and resources. If you’re looking for a basic plan, I’d suggest In Motion Hosting as an alternative, since SiteGround’s Start Up has simple.

Two of the things SiteGround has to offer that are unique are the platform’s user-friendly interface and its NGINX web servers. . I’ll provide more details on a few of the simple-to-use features further down.

SiteGround WordPress Hosting

Plan Name Storage Bandwidth Number of SitesBackupPriceStartUp10 GBunlimited1+Rs159More detailsGrowBig20 GBunlimitedunlimited+Rs318More detailsGoGeek40 GBunlimitedunlimited+Rs477More details

domain name that is free is included in certain hosting plans offered by SiteGround.


  • WordPress Beginning. A great tool for novices the plugin will guide you through the process of selecting the theme you want to use and then installing the features like contact forms and e-commerce features.
  • Site Tools control panel. Other hosts in our list also have control panels that are proprietary however SiteGround’s is among the best ones. It’s beautiful, clear and easy to use and is designed for WordPress.
  • SiteGround Migration. Install this plugin on your site that is hosted on another web host in order to make it possible to migrate into the SiteGround hosting service. It’s a fantastic tool for sites with simple content however it’s not the best for sites where the website you wish to migrate is more complex.
  • Collaborative tools. If you subscribe to a higher-level plan you can include collaborators on each of your sites provide them with their own client area, and then transfer the website from one account onto the other SiteGround client. Developers can benefit from the most expensive plan lets you provide white-label access to your site.
Control panel Site Tools (proprietary)
Numerous sites 1 to unlimited
Space for SSD storage 15GB to 40GB SSD
Bandwidth Unmetered Visits every month from 10,000 to 100,000 visits
Uptime guarantee 99.9%
Start price Rs159

7. WP Engine – Advanced Performance for Experienced Users

WP Engine offers flexibility and scalability for your WordPress sites

With WP as the company’s name, it’s not a surprise. WP Engine exclusively offers hosting plans specifically designed for WordPress . Its platform is built on Google Cloud as well as AWS servers to provide you with the most reliable hosting experience.

This is a fantastic service whether you’re a programmer or agency looking for innovative tools and performance that is high-end. However, it doesn’t require the most powerful resource limits. If you’re an beginner or intermediate, you can find more user-friendly and budget-friendly alternatives out there. Even though WP Engine is one of the most expensive hosting options that we’ve reviewed however, it’s not offering lots of features to the price.

WP Engine offers four sets of plans (Managed Managed Plus, Managed Plus Secure, Managed Plus and Ecommerce) Each offers four plans with the same basic resources, however with different features. The Startup plan included in each package includes 10GB of storage space, 50GB of bandwidth and 25,000 monthly visits on a single site.

If you have a Plus plan, you will receive regular updates. With Secure Plus, you’ll get greater protection for your website as well as your customers. In addition, with Ecommerce You get specific WooCommerce features.

WP Engine Web Hosting

Plan Name Storage Bandwidth Number of SitesPriceStartup10 GB50 GB1Rs1593More detailsProfessional15 GB125 GB3Rs3106More detailsGrowth20 GB200 GB10Rs6133More detailsScale50 GB500 GB30Rs15373More details


  • EverCache technology. WP Engine claims its own caching technology is able to manage “hundreds of millions of hits per day.” It will automatically cache static content, ensuring that your website’s loading speed at its the speed you need it to be at.
  • Three different hosting platforms. Lots of WordPress cloud hosting companies offer staging of websites, however WP Engine goes even further and provides separate staging, development, as well as production settings for all of your websites.
  • Geotargeting. Aiming specific content at your target audience by their location sounds to be a common practice in 2023. However, it’s not the case for all WordPress cloud hosts provide this service. WP Engine does, with the exclusive GeoTarget plugin. It allows you to show or hide content based on your IP address, and even switch to local languages or currencies.
  • 60-day money-back assurance. It’s not the 90-day guarantee you get from InMotion Hosting However, WP Engine’s 60 day money-back guarantee is just more generous than most WordPress cloud hosting companies.
Control panel WP Engine User Portal (proprietary)
The number of websites 1 to 30
Storage space on SSD 10GB to 50GB
Bandwidth 50GB to 500GB; 25,000 – 400000 monthly visits
Uptime guarantee 99.95%
Price of the start Rs1593

8. Flywheel – Most User-Friendly

I like that Flywheel is built for just one CMS: WordPress

Certain WordPress cloud hosting companies have appealing, user-friendly control panels, however none are similar to Flywheel. Flywheel integrates developer-level features into an easy-to-use dashboard it’s so easy to learn that my grandmother could even use it. It’s been made specifically to work with WordPress.

Flywheel runs on Google Cloud Platform, so it’s quick, reliable and secure. it’s capable of increasing resources immediately if traffic increases. It also offers a number of the standard hosting features like daily backups, automatic WordPress update, as well as more.

Flywheel claims to be the ideal choice for busy creatives, however, it isn’t the best choice. It’s great for everyone from bloggers with a single site to agencies. My colleague who tested it , he rated its features, usability and performance nearly perfect scores. However, there’s a problem with it: despite being one of the top-priced hosts we’ve reviewed but it doesn’t provide an uptime guarantee.

Flywheel WordPress Hosting

Plan Name Storage Bandwidth Number of SitesBackupPriceTiny5 GB20 GB1+Rs1035More detailsStarter10 GB50 GB1+Rs1991More detailsFreelance20 GB200 GB10+Rs7646More detailsAgency50 GB500 GB30+Rs19275More details


  • Automatic healing technology. Reliability is critical. Flywheel starts automatic diagnosis processes in the event of any PHP service issue, keeping your website in good condition and running.
  • FlyCache’s custom caching. There is no configuration required – this exclusive caching tool has been optimized for the most well-known WordPress theme and plug-ins. It is created to speed up your website’s loading time.
  • Fastly CDN. In addition to the option of choosing a GCP servers, Flywheel offers you access premium to Fastly CDN, ensuring that your customers will enjoy the fastest speeds and best performance regardless of where they’re located.
  • Blueprints. A development feature that can save the “blueprint” of your existing website’s themes, plugins and configuration to allow you to quickly and efficiently make use of it as a base to create new websites instead of starting with a blank slate.
Control panel Dashboard of the Flywheel (proprietary)
Numerous sites 1 to 30
Space for SSD storage 5GB to 50GB
Bandwidth 20GB to 500GB
Uptime guarantee No
Price of the start Rs1035

How to Choose the Host That Suits Your Specific Needs

best cloud hosting for wordpress

We’ve signed up for these services, run through the test, and identified the top eight WordPress cloud hosting companies out there. But which one is the best for you?

If you’re only transitioning into cloud-hosted hosting instead of shared and you require the flexibility and dependability for novices you’re in the right place. there’s nothing better than Scala Hosting .

If you’re looking for the top hosting service that is fast and reliable, Kinsta is the king . Its platform is easy to use, however it’s also one of the most expensive.

Are you looking for the budget to perform? A2 Hosting offers excellent rates as well as unlimited sites for a lower cost for a much lower price Kinsta.

If you’re looking to get an overview of the performance of our hosts against each other, take note of the comparison table below.

WordPress Optimized Max SSD Storage Uptime Guarantee Starting Price
Scala Hosting 250GB Rs235 See Deals
Kinsta 250GB Rs2788 See Deals
A2 Hosting 40GB Rs955 See Deals
InMotion Hosting 200GB Rs397 See Deals
Nexcess 800GB Rs1009 See Deals
SiteGround 40GB Rs159 See Deals
WP Engine 50GB Rs1593 See Deals
Flywheel 50GB Rs1035 See Deals


Why is it more beneficial to make sure that your hosting is designed to work with WordPress?

Complex WordPress websites that use premium themes and lots of plugins may be slow on any regular server. If you select an online hosting service which promises to be optimized specifically for WordPress and other WordPress-related websites, you must choose the web hosting software specifically designed for WordPress and has a specialized assistance with any issues you may have.

A few of our most loved hosts include Scala Hosting, in addition, offers special additional features to improve your WordPress website even more effective to improve your site, like LiteSpeed to improve the performance of your site, such as cache optimization software, or automated backups.

Which is the top web hosting service that can be used for WordPress cloud-hosted hosting?

There are a variety of hosting providers that provide outstanding options for using the WordPress CMS. Personally, I like Scala Hosting because of its versatility and possibilities to expand the audience of your website.

Which is the least expensive cloud hosting service available for WordPress?

In truth, if you look to find some hosting provider which claims to provide cloud-based hosting services for WordPress for a small fee. However, those kinds of hosting providers are generally of low service at the very least, but open-ended scams at the worst.

Although it’s not outrageously expensive, A2 Hosting provides exceptional managed hosting for WordPress at affordable costs.

Does managed WordPress hosting more effective than unmanaged?

It’s all in how tech skilled you are, the level of control you’d like to have as well as the size of your budget. Managed WordPress hosting is less expensive as it usually gives you access to the root server, allowing you to build from scratch.

However, if you’re not aware of the meaning of “root access” is, most likely you’ll do better with managed hosting. Managed hosting similar to that provided by Kinsta. Let your service provider handle the server’s setup and maintenance, so you can concentrate on your site and business.

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