Blu of Earth Biography: Everything About Aaron Rodgers Ex Girlfriend

Blu of Earth or Charlotte Brereton is an American social media influencer, blogger, music artist and podcast show host who hails from the United States of America. According to sources, she is widely recognized for hosting DeJa Blu Podcast Show currently as per her Instagram profile.

Who Is Aaron Rodgers’ Reported Girlfriend?

According to sources, Charlotte Blu is an acclaimed artist known for posting spiritual podcasts related to devotion. In June 2022, Blu made headlines when she became linked with Aaron Rodgers – an American Football Player.

Charlotte made headlines due to the widespread belief that she is a witch; however, Charlotte denied these claims on her podcast series and shared stories proving otherwise – for example mentioning how her name is Blu but she doesn’t hail from Earth!

Charlotte’s Age and Childhood Facts

Unfortunately, no exact date of Charlotte’s birth can be ascertained; however it is estimated she was born between 1987-1992 based on our best estimates, thus meaning she must currently be 30 to 35 years old.

Some sources indicate her date of birth to be 9 November 1990, making her 32 years old now and born and raised in the USA with White ethnicity and American nationality as her nationalities.

According to her official website, she attended a British Boarding School before going onto study Religion at university in Ireland. Charlotte Brereton is her real name.

To complete her graduation, she enrolled at a reputable university and later went on to become a social media influencer and motivational speaker on spiritual matters.

Charlotte’s Family & Parents

According to sources, Charlotte came from an established family. Although her Christian family followed Christianity, she preferred Hinduism instead. Unfortunately, none of her personal details such as parents names, professions of parents or siblings was shared during this event.

Based on her Instagram post, it is evident that Blu enjoys spending most of her time with her friends. Unfortunately, no further details regarding her exist at present.

What Is Charlotte’s Profession?

Charlotte is a podcaster who hosts the DeJa Blu Podcast on YouTube. She considers herself to be both medicine woman and artist, with this show serving as a safe haven for people to discuss whatever issues arise in their daily lives.

From this pure reservoir, those seeking love, relief and purity can drink. Additionally, she serves as co-founder of Florescence: a modern mystery school dedicated to helping women rediscover and rebuild themselves.

Blu is both facilitator and student at Earth Temple Center of Prayer and School of Shamanic Arts, boasting more than 100,000 followers on Instagram. She uses her social media to post various materials including meditation tips.

Motivational messages, lifestyle tips and spiritual devotions. Additionally, she is also a music artist having released several tracks such as ‘Kickstart My Heart’.

Recently, Deja Blu kicked off season 2 of Deja Blu. The celebrity is known for working closely with spiritual leaders such as Sadhguru while also spreading devotional messages through her social media account.

Asides from this, she also maintains a YouTube Channel where she boasts over 23.2 Thousand subscribers and used it to post traveling videos and podcast series. Furthermore, she made an appearance on Ted X.

Charlotte’s Dating History

Charlotte has had an intimate and lengthy relationship with Andre. Additionally, Andre founded Meraki Media and created KnowThySelf; however, their romance later came to an end.

In 2022, there was a rumor about Charlotte that she and Aaron Rodgers were romantically involved, according to NY post reports and social media postings of them together.

Only months after Charlotte Rodgers ended her engagement to actress Shailene Woodley, they were seen together. Following this incident, fans and media began spreading rumors of romance; but Charlotte never confirmed or denounced any rumors on her social media pages.

Charlotte’s Physical Appearance

Charlotte stands at 5 feet 9 inches, weighs approximately 59 Kg, has 36-24-36 inches as her body size, dark brown eyes with blonde locks.

What Is Charlotte’s Net Worth?

Charlotte has amassed a net worth between $1 and $2 Million thanks to her multiple careers as a podcaster, musician and social media celebrity – giving her access to lavish lifestyle opportunities and lucrative earnings streams.

Bottom Line Through reading this article, you may gain some understanding about who Blu of Earth is and what she’s up to currently. Furthermore, read through to discover some fascinating details such as her dating history, career pursuits, height/weight measurements etc.

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