Anubhav Dubey : Chai Sutta Bar Net worth and Owner

Anubhav Dubey, the owner of Chai Sutta Bar is among the most youthful entrepreneurs of India. At the age of 25, Anubhav Dubey is the proprietor of Chai Sutta Bar net worth over 100 crores by selling tea. In the year 2016 Anubhav Dubbay and his friend Anand Nayak opened a cafe called ” Chai Suta Bar.” However, the cafe is situated inside Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India.

They do have a broad selection of drinks like tea shakes, coffee as well as many other choices to pick from they do not permit smoking products such as cigarettes. Additionally their Sutta in the name is only a name and not a menu.

Furthermore there are Chai Suta Bar locations in 3 different ways The first one is Kiosk which is a tiny roadside stall that has a seating space. The Medium and Mega are both well furnished with appropriate seating arrangements, lighting and ambience.

Anubhav Dubey: Chai Sutta Bar Owner

The Chai Sutta Bar was established 4.5 years ago. And is now a household name not just within India but also internationally. The brand is growing rapidly and opening its stores in a variety of countries such as Nepal, Oman, Canada as well as Dubai. Furthermore, only three lakhs in investments have now become an enterprise worth 100 crores. Additionally, the whole thing started in the year 2016 when Anubhav and his colleague Nayak initiated this business in Indore.

Chai Sutta Bar Net worth

But, the business began in the form of an Chaupal and is now a global business with more than 160 outlets around the world. The tea’s speciality is served in the clay pot. Also, they have Maggi, Sandwiches and Noodles. But most importantly, the taste of the tea catches the customer’s interest.

But, they were also interested in taking Donald’s franchise but due to the tight budget, they were unable to obtain it. Additionally, the proprietor of the bar, Anubahv Dubey, was born in Rewa in the year 1996. Additionally, he’s an entrepreneur in his younger years as well as a YouTuber and an influencer on social media.

Furthermore, he finished his elementary studies through Maharishi Vidya Mandir, Rewa. Following that, he gained admittance at the Renaissance College of Commerce and Management to finish his post-secondary education.

Chai Sutta Bar Net Worth

At the time of 2022 Anubhav Dubey, Owner of Chai Sutta Bar net worth is close to 50+ crores INR. But, his earnings are about 25 lakhs. However, this venture was founded with just three capital. The business has, in over the span of four years, has produced close to 100 million dollars.

Additionally, the brand operates nearly 400+ outlets across more than 190 cities across India. Furthermore, this company has three outlets in the world. Additionally, they provide employment for a large number of people, with more than 2000 people employed under their current management.

in an interview Anubhav declared that profits from this business over the course of four years is close to 100plus crores. According to the data on the website they sell around 4.5 Lakhs Kulhad daily and use the equivalent of 20,000 liters of milk per day.
The fact is, Chai Sutta Bar has locations all over India including Dewas, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Bilaspur, Jaipur, Jamnagar, Roorkee, and numerous other cities across India.

Anubhav Dubey age, height and Weight

At the time of writing, the year 2022 Anubhave was 26 in 2022. The height of Anubhav is 5’8 inches while his weight is approximately 60 Kg. Additionally, his eye color and hair color is black. He is a Gemini. He posts his photos on Instagram along with various other platforms on social media.

Anubhav Dubey Familie and Relationship

If we discuss Anubhav family He lives with his parents, grandparents and other siblings. He doesn’t talk about anything regarding his family members in any interview.Also He likes keeping his private life secret.

Anubahv is unmarried and has not disclosed any information regarding his wife or relationships.

Anubhav Career

In the meantime, Anubahv travelled to Delhi to study for the UPSC exam. He also started selling tea along with an acquaintance. Furthermore his family is unaware about this. In addition, he was in Delhi and was preparing to take his UPSC exam. A friend, Anand Nayak, phoned him and advised him to start their college-era business idea which was to sell tea. Following that, Anubhav was packing his bags and was ready to go to Indore. The two friends then attempted to find a suitable place to store their entire setup.

In addition, after much fighting, they finally found an opportunity in a cement warehouse. With nearly 3 lakhs in cash in their bank, they erected a stall and began the entire business. While they were in the location where they set up their hotel was a girls hostel was right next to their stand. They also tried various methods to attract girls. After that they were able to attract many customers who were regulars.

Chai Sutta Bar Net worth

Additionally, furniture for the room. They each use their entire savings to make their home stunning. Additionally, on their business’s first day, they provided tea for free. But, they also planned with their buddies to make an imaginary crowd or group who would then visit the bar. The purpose behind this drama is to get more customers. And the drama can help them to draw in a lot of customers.

Then, people began to recognize the name of the bar, and began making lists to them. However, they did the entire process from a tiny establishment, and four to five months of operation went smoothly. At the time the team was just 6 employees.
However, it is expected that Chai Sutta Bar opens branches in a variety of foreign countries.


Chai Sutta Bar Chandighar location?

The address for Chai Sutta Bar Chandigarh can be found at Market Road Sector 36, Sector 36, Chandigarh, D Sector 36.

What is Chai Sutta Bar Located?

At present, Chai Sutta Bar is serving all major cities using tea.

Is Chai Sutta Bar Profitable?

It is true that Chai Sutta Bar is profitable. A good franchise can earn between 5 and 6 lakhs a month.

How do I apply for Chai Sutta Bar Franchise?

To open a Chai Sutta Bar franchise you’ll need nearly 16 lakhs for the initial investment.

What is the number of Chai Sutta bars are there in india?

In India there are more than 400 Chai Sutta Bar franchises in more than 190 places.

What is the cost of HTML0? Chai Sutta Bar franchise cost?

Chai Sutta Bar franchise costs around 16 lakhs for starting.

Do you know how many Chai Sutta Bar in Delhi?

Within Delhi, Chai Sutta Bar is situated within Mukharjee Nagar.

When did Chai Sutta Bar start?

Chai Sutta Bar started in the year 2016.

What are Chai Sutta Bar?

Chai Sutta Bar was first created at the time of Indore India.

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