Complete Guidance Of Das3 Reshade

Have you ever wished to unlock the potential hidden within your graphics for gaming to make your graphics stand out? Take a look at DS3 ReShade – an effective tool that helps improve the authenticity and quality of your game’s graphics. This comprehensive guide will explain all you need to know using this tool, in addition to its capabilities and features. Read on to learn about the secrets behind DS3 ReShade!

Incandescent ReShade 2.0 Update

As I was preparing for my scheduled ReShade for Sekiro I decided to return and revise the popular Dark Souls III mod to the latest ReShade standard. This version is now more user-friendly and is more flexible to tweak as needed without the need of cutting down refreshing the mod, saving, backing up files, and the other enjoyable procedures I had to go through to bring the original mod in the state I was content with.

Das3 Reshade

Due to the advancements in hardware since the initial release, I’ve decided to remove the version that was a lite version of the update, even though it’s accessible in the original format.

Do you want an ReShade that won’t harm your frame rate?

I’m in agreement that DS3 is a beautiful game however there was something that was always odd with it. This ReShade removes the washed-out, grey shades of the original game without over-saturating or adding unneeded effects, so it isthe exact same. This will allow you to enjoy the complete Dark Souls experience.

Tombs, night, and shadows will become more dark. Candles, torchlights, the sky and reflections will release more light, improving the overall ambience.

Darks are supposed to be darker, light will be more bright and fires ought to appear warmer. Take a look at screenshots for comparisons However, please be aware that the images and videos don’t represent all of the changes you’ll encounter during gameplay, particularly following compression.

v2.0 Installation

Das3 Reshade

Installing ReShade

1. Get the ReShade installation here:
2. Start the installer, and then choose “Click here to select a game and manage its ReShade installation”.
3. Watch for an array of .exe’s to appear or search for DarkSoulsIII.exe manually by pressing “Browse. “Browse” button to the lower right.
4. Click on “Direct3D 10/11/12”.
5. From the options that pop up, select “SweetFX by”, and “Legacy standard effects” (to ensure safety or for fun). If you’d like to try playing around with them by yourself and enable every effect throughout your installation).
6. Make sure that all the settings are ticked on the next windows by clicking “Check all”, and select “OK”. Repeat this for every window that appears. ReShade has been installed.

Installing Incandescent ReShade 2.0

1. You can download Incandescent ReShade 2.0 via NexusMods.
2. Unzip “Obanons Incandescent ReShade 2.0.ini” as well as add the “reshade-shaders” folder to your “Game” folder–the same location where your DarkSoulsIII.exe is located. Overwrite if prompted.
3. Start the game, and If you’ve installed ReShade correctly following the instructions above You’ll get a message at the top left on your display.
4. If ReShade informs you that it has loaded successfully start the configuration menu by pressing Shift+F2 or Home.
5. In the lower left corner of you will find the “Home”, “Settings”, “Statistics” etc. tabs, click on the long bar that is next to” >” “< >” arrows, and make sure that “Obanons Incandescent ReShade 2.0.ini” is chosen by selecting it from the menu drop-down.
6. Adjust your game’s brightness settings according to your preference. I’d suggest an area that is dark in the game to adjust the settings accordingly.
7. Use the Scroll-Lock function using your keyboard. This will turn the ReShade off and on. The hotkey can be altered through the overlay for configuration.

Optional However, it is highly suggested

Das3 Reshade

The experience you have with this modification will differ greatly dependent on the monitor you use. As such, I’d highly recommend taking the time to calibrate your monitors colour and gamma settings using a website such as
It’s a lengthy manual procedure and a lot of work, but getting it right can enhance your gaming and media experience across all platforms.
If you’ve gone out your way to buy a high-end, expensive monitor, do yourself and eyes a favor by making sure you maximize the value of the purchase. This is a largely unnoticed but crucial step to take, because usually two identical monitors are likely to appear different side-by-side when taken right out of the box.
I personally did this after having done it myself, I started changing my brightness settings in the game from 3 to 5.

v1.5 Legacy Installation

Download and extract the file into the game’s “Game” folder, where you will locate the game file DarkSoulsIII.exe
I suggest a lower game Brightness setting. My personal preference is set to 3; however, this may alter based on your personal preference, and the monitor’s calibration.
Make use of Scroll Locks to change the game’s effects.


Do you think this is appropriate for utilize online?

Das3 Reshade

Because it doesn’t impact the game’s existing files It is completely secure to play online.
Version 2.0
Updated to the updated ReShade installation platform.
This should be more user-friendly.
The ‘lite’ version was removed from 2.0. Use the older version 1.5 or disable the “Ambient Light” effect front game by pressing Shift+F2 while playing.
Version 1.5 variations comprise Incandescent and Lite. The latter is now considered to be a legacy. Light includes the fundamental effects, gamma, as well as color corrections.
Incandescent includes all of the above, in combination with the “bloom/ambient lighting effects. It is a bit more demanding on your system based on the resolution of your system and hardware.
Version 1.5
Numerous improvements to performance and appearance. Snow shouldn’t be as blinding as Solaires’s elusive sun for instance.


Hope that the thorough tutorial has helped understand the secrets behind Das3 ReShade, and that you are able to successfully utilize it to improve your gaming experience.

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