Where To Find Smuggling Tunnels In MW2 DMZ

It is important to know where to locate Smuggling Tunnels within the the MW2 the DMZ since it’s an essential component of a second tier White Lotus mission in season 2. You’ll need to find tunnels, reconfigure them using cameras, and then extract them from them in one go.

It’s a great game! Modern Warfare 2 DMZ mode has been updated in Season 2, which allow players to play on the brand new Warzone map, and also take part in new missions for all factions.

If you’re returning to the game and would like to begin earning the rewards you deserve, then check out the locations of Smuggling Tunnels within the the MW2 DMZ.

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Where To Find Smuggling Tunnels In MW2 DMZ

The task of finding the Smuggling Tunnels in the the MW2 the DMZ is appropriately titled Smuggling Tunnels and is a second-tier mission of White Lotus. White Lotus faction.

dmz smuggling tunnels location

There are three primary goals for this mission: locate the Smuggling Tunnels and place Tactical Cameras to monitor two entrances and remove all of them within one operation.

It is important to note that prior to you go on this mission, be sure to carry tactical cameras.

There are a few entry points into the tunnels for smuggling, their locations are located in the desert. They are difficult to locate, however, we’ve marked some of them with the map below.

To get to the first entry point (marked “1”) proceed to the section within the red circle and you will encounter gates which have been opened. They’re difficult to miss, as they are the sole noticeable thing in the area, aside from the desert open.

To access the second entrance, take the red circle. You will find a well in between two walls. You could parachute into the well, or make use of the rope to get down.

If you’re at one of the tunnel’s entrances you’ll have completed the initial mission objective. Go inside and get rid of the tunnels as best you can. If you did not bring tactical cameras with you to the mission, then you’ll locate them by searching through.

To accomplish the second goal for the second objective, you’ll need to utilize cameras to monitor two entrances. For this, you need to place the cameras near the tunnel’s entry point, and ensure that it is watching the entrance. If you make a mistake then you will not be able to get them back. Repeat the procedure for the second entry and the second goal is complete.

You can now visit any extraction point and walk out safely to complete the task and presenting you with your reward.

It’s the end of our guide on how to locate the Smuggling Tunnels in the the MW2 DMZ Now you are aware of where to find these well-hidden tunnels.

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How to get into the Smuggling Tunnels of the DMZ

There are several routes to the Smuggling Tunnel in Al Mazrah.

dmz smuggling tunnels location

  • You can enter via the well, as seen in the picture above.
  • You can also enter directly into through the stronghold for the Smuggling Tunnels. There aren’t any enemies within the tiny house, however there is a ladder in the room which allows you to access the tunnels.
  • Alternately, you can access the tunnels via the south-facing entry point.

We recommend this option for those on the Smuggling Tunnel mission, as you’ll need to put an operational camera in the tunnel. The southern end of the tunnel houses the majority of troops of the enemy, which means it is possible to eliminate them quickly.

If you decide to go into the Stronghold directly should approach it with the utmost caution. A climb down the ladder could be a bad idea since there are a lot of AI forces waiting down below. One good option is to make use of smoke grenades prior to descending. Similar to that, you can employ multiple frag grenades in order to destroy enemies prior to dropping to take them out.

When fighting AI enemies inside the tunnels it’s ideal to employ the most lethal tools in the best way you’re able. Because the tunnel is a closed area it is possible to eliminate multiple enemies through throwing grenades into it first. Make sure you take out the bots that are riot shield first, as they’ll be able to charge your team members outside of the tunnel. If you’re lucky you will find that one of the bots will drop an UAV which can be activated to reveal the positions of enemies in the area around it.

How do you place cameras for tactical purposes in two of the Smuggling Tunnel’s entrances within Call of Duty DMZ

The trickiest aspect of this task is placing surveillance cameras in two entrances to the tunnel known as the Smuggling Tunnel. The tunnel is awash with AI fighters and you’ll have to take out the entire group to move forward. The first entrance is in the well to the to the north of the stronghold, as you can see in the photo above.

dmz smuggling tunnels location

Utilize the zipline to travel down the well. Then place the camera tactically just in front of the Stronghold door inside the tunnels. This will be considered the first camera position and you’ll be able to follow it on the missions tab.

To access the second camera, go to the south entry point of Stronghold. Take a look at the above image to find the exact position. The southern part of the cave is more guarded and you should be cautious when setting up the camera: put it down before you walk through the cave entrance.

The third and final portion of the Smuggling Tunnels mission requires you to extract the tunnels within the same area. You can locate another tactical camera by searching and looting maps, or ask your teammate to pick one to be their Field upgrade. As this task will require you to set up two cameras for tactical purposes it is recommended to do it together with your team members. After you’ve placed your two cameras you must leave the area, and then head towards extraction. It is essential to successfully extract for the final objective in this task. This is how you will successfully complete this Smuggling Tunnels mission of White Lotus quickly in the DMZ.

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