Why Edpuzzle Answers Key Had Been So Popular Till Now?

What is EdPuzzle Answers?

EdPuzzle is a free assessment-focused platform that enables teachers and students to make interactive web videos by incorporating transparent or dozens of questions, voice notes, audio outputs, or comments. Videos from a variety of sources, including YouTube, Tedx, Dailymotion, and Nat Geo, can be used to create Edpuzzle interactive videos.

Edpuzzle Answers Key

What is the use of the EdPuzzle Answers portal?

Educators can use EdPuzzle to create online classes, uploading original or picked online clips, adding ui components, assigning such videos to students, and distributing video projects to students’ email list through encryption key or link. Instructors can use EdPuzzle to keep a record about how many students attended the lecture, how much of it they saw, when they played it, as well as which queries they answered correctly or poorly during the lecture.

How to Use EdPuzzle

Step 1 First of all go to Edpuzzle online portal.
Step 2 Then on the right corner choose a teacher account.
Step 3 Now click on the sign up button and register for a new account
Step 4 By filling your personal information you can register for a new account.
Step 5 Now come back to the homepage and click on the login button.
Step 6 By filling your login credentials such as username and password you can login.

Edpuzzle Answers Key

How to create your class on EdPuzzle Answers portal

Step 1 You need to visit the official Edpuzzle portal
Step 2 Click on the sign in option.
Step 3 Now fill the login credentials for login.
Step 4 After that go to my classes option.
Step 5 Click on add class option on the top right corner.
Step 6 Now you need to give a name to your class, you can give your topic name as class name.

Edpuzzle Answers Key

How to assign a questions or assignment on EdPuzzle portal

Step 1 First of all visit the official webportal of EdPuzzle Answers.
Step 2 Sign in to your teachers account and click on add class
Step 3 Now invite your class students via their email ID
Step 4 Now on the top search corner search for a video lecture you want to assign as an assignment.
Step 5 After selecting the appropriate video click on use it.
Step 6 Now click on the save button and go to my classes on the homepage.
Step 7 Select the video which you just opened and assign it to your students in your class by clicking on Share button.
Step 8 All set by this your Edpuzzle assignment will be assigned to your students.

Edpuzzle Answers Key

How to embed videos in sakai

Select the clip you wish to embed in the Assignments section of My Classes

Although unassigned lectures may be inserted, responses and student performance will not be stored until the video is assigned.

Click the Share icon to the right of the video. A pop-up window containing a link and embed text will display on the screen. Select the short code and copy it.

Visit the Sakai page where you want to embed the video after copying the code. As though you were adding a bit of text to the page, add a textual object.

To view the HTML code for the post, click the Source button in the upper corner of the rich-text editor. Copy and paste the code into the appropriate location.

How Edpuzzle Answers portal works

On Edpuzzle, you can create a profile to create a space where you can update videos. You may then import videos to edit from a wide range of sources. You can view a video and offer questions at particular moments after you’ve chosen one you like. All that’s left to do now is assign it to a class.

Edpuzzle Answers Key

Teachers can then track their students’ progress as they work through the videos, lectures and activities that have been assigned to them in actual environments.

Teachers can stream a live lecture for all students in an open class using a function called Live Mode. Simply select a clip, attach it to a classroom, and click “Go live!” The video will subsequently be shown on every student’s device as well as on the class projector used by the teacher.

Some Great features of EdPuzzle

According to research, students have to pay more attention to a familiar sound. The capacity to use your own voice as a voice graft is a powerful capability

You may assign courses to be studied at home to give parents support of their child’s account, which Edpuzzle has shown to be more interesting for kids.

Block Skipping is a great attribute that prohibits students from skipping ahead in a lecture and forces them to watch it as it plays out in terms of working through and responding to questions as they come.

How much does Edpuzzle Answers portal cost

Edpuzzle has three price plans: free, pro teacher, and schools and districts.

In The basic plan, Instructors and learners can sign up for free plans that give them access to over 5 million videos as well as the opportunity to construct lessons with questions, audio, and notes. Teachers have access to extensive data and 20 video storage spaces.

Edpuzzle Answers Key

The Pro Teacher package includes all of these, as well as unlimited storage areas for multimedia lessons and premium service and support. You’ll have to pay $11.50 each month for this.

The Schools & Districts package, which is offered on a proposal only, includes Pro Teacher for all, all educators on the same private video platform, consistent curriculum across the school, and a personal Teaches Students Manager to assist educators and collaborate on System interaction.


EdPuzzle is a multi-faceted customized reading program that combines understanding, vocab, engagement, and reading productivity into a single Platform. Reading Plus helps teachers by offering individualized language teaching to all children in grades through 12. The highly dynamic study application gives teachers a complete perspective of each student and delivers the personalized learning, reading and listening practice that students should become active readers

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