How to Fix Install Error 0x80070103 in Windows 11 Update

Six simple and simple-to-follow strategies that can fix the error 0x80070103 on Windows 11. Windows 11 system.

Windows 11 is far ahead in both design and performance over previous versions of Windows operating systems. But it’s far from flawless and bugs often appear every now and then.

One of the issues is Windows Update Install Error the error code is 0x80070103. The error is affecting all available updates, and displays only “Install Error” text. This is an annoying display and insufficient information to solve the issue.

Luckily, Windows update install errors have been component in the OS for a long time and are documented. The problems are typically encountered due to a standard set of issues which can be resolved with the help of this article.

Therefore, looking at the main culprits that cause the problem can give an understanding of the cause.

Common Causes of the Installation Error Common Causes of the Install Error

Microsoft has stated that the error code 0x80070103 is not a problem and typically occurs due to the fact that Windows 11 is trying to install a driver which is in the installation process, or not compatible with it in an Windows update. Microsoft claims that the error won’t have any effect on your overall usage because Windows can function during the interim, even if it’s not possible to install the update. Microsoft is also working to fix the issue. If you’re not willing to be patient, you can attempt to fix the issue by yourself.

There are many other potential factors that could trigger the issue that you experience on Windows 11. Other possible causes that could cause the error on your Windows 11 system which include:

install error - 0x80070103

  • Damaged or corrupted System Files
  • The driver that is being modified is in use
  • Damaged or corrupted Update Cache Data
  • Updating Mechanism Services stopped/disabled

Whatever the reason you may encounter this issue The solutions listed below will assist you in getting rid of it, and get everything functioning as normal.

1. Pause and resume the Update

Before you embark on any long-term fixes, you can try this easy solution instead. Select the Retry option for the update showing the error when installing it.

After that, stop the update one time and return it to the beginning. If you’re among the fortunate ones, this easy stop/resume fix will cause the error to disappear and the updates will be applied.

2. Run Update Troubleshooter

The first step is to run the troubleshooter in order to confirm that there aren’t any system or configuration problems with the system.

Then, ensure that you’ve selected the tab ‘System’ on your left-hand sidebar.

Then, in the left section select the tile ‘Troubleshooter’.

After that, click the tile that says “Other troubleshooters” to continue.

install error - 0x80070103

Find the Windows Update’ tile, and click the ‘Run’ button in order to start troubleshooting.

After the troubleshooting process is complete when the troubleshooting is completed, you’ll be able see the problem list as well as suggestions for fixing the issues. To comprehend the issue in depth go to the ‘View details option.

3. Use DISM and SFC Scan to Repair Corrupted System Files

The system files may be damaged or damaged because of insufficient Windows updates, inadvertent installation of third-party software or due to viruses. DISM will restore the image of the system, and after that SFC will use the image to check for issues and correct the issues.

Navigate into the Start menu and search for Terminal to search. From the results of your search you can right-click on the “Terminal tile, and then click the “Run as administrator” option.

In the next moment the UAC (User Account Control) window will be displayed in your browser. If you’re not signed in using an administrator account you must enter the credentials for one. If not, click the ‘Yes’ button.

Then, click the “chevron” (downward downward arrow) icon, then click on the “Command Prompt option.

install error - 0x80070103

Copy and paste the following command and press Enter to your keyboard. It will then restore your current running OS image to your device.

Then, type or copy and paste the following command to verify and fix the system files on your computer.

After that then restart your computer and then try to update your system to determine whether the issue is still there.

4. Reset Windows Update Service

Windows Update services run in the background in order to ensure that all updates are correctly delivered to your computer. But, sometimes the application or service may disrupt these services, causing obstructions to their functioning.

Go into the Start menu and enter in Terminal. Next, right-click on the tile, and select the “Run as administrator” option.

Then next, the UAC (User Account Control) window will be displayed in your browser. If you’re not signed as an administrator then provide the credentials. If not, click the “Yes” button.

After that, click the ‘chevron’ icon , and choose the “Command Prompt option.

Then, enter or copy-paste the following command to stop the in operation update program. Ensure that you hit Enter after entering each command in turn to run each command.

Then push the button. Windows + R keyboards to launch keys together on your keyboard to open the Run command program. Copy and paste the path below, and press the ‘OK’ button in order to continue.

install error - 0x80070103

Press the Ctrl + A key to pick all folders and files, and then hit the Shift + Remove keys to permanently erase all files permanently.

Then, go back on your Command Prompt and type or paste the command below and press Enter.

If you’re asked to the button. If you are prompted, Y to confirm deletion of the files.

Then type or copy and paste the above command and press Enter. This will clean of the Windows Update cache and will allow the operating system to download updates again. Be sure to hit Enter following every instruction.

NOTE: The /S modifier key will erase all subdirectories , and the /Q modifier allows you to remove the files without requiring confirmation.

Copy and paste the following command and run the following command and execute. The command resets BITS as well as Windows Update services to their default security descriptor. Make sure you press Enter After every command.

Following that, you can execute the following command to change directories to System32. System32 Folder.

After that, type in the below commands, then press Enter after each command , to follow each command and execute them all. After each command, BITS will be updated as well as Update DLL file in the Registry

After that, go back towards the elevated Command Prompt window, type or copy-paste the following command, one at a time and press Enter to launch the services that you previously disabled.

After restarting, make sure you’re in a position to update your computer.

5. Manually install the update

If you’ve not had any success using the strategies listed up to the present, you can manually update your computer through downloading an update via Microsoft Catalog Website. Microsoft Catalog Website.

First, head to the Microsoft Catalog website, using your preferred browser. Enter the number KB (Knowledge Base) number of the update you want to download into the ‘Search bar’ and press Enter on your keyboard.

Then, from the list of results, click the option with the suffix ‘x64-based Systems.

install error - 0x80070103

Check the available OS and package information and install resources to prepare for the update.

After identifying the file, go back to the original page on the website and then click the button ‘Download. This will open a new web browser on the screen.

Then, right-click on the hyperlink and select the Save link as …’ choice.

Choose a directory with File Explorer and click on the button ‘Save.

After downloading, go into the directory for downloads, and double-click on the file to launch the installer.

This standalone installation will install the update on your system. When the update is ready to install, a confirmation will be displayed in your computer screen. Select the “Yes” button in order to continue.

The update package should now take just a few minutes to install.

Once the application is installed, reboot your computer and verify if your computer is running the latest version or not.

6. Reset your PC

If you’re not successful in resolving your issue by using the previously mentioned options, the final option is to restart your PC to get rid of any systemic problem. Although you won’t lose any personal files or folders, your PC’s settings are reset, and the programs you have installed will be removed.

To begin, navigate into your Start Menu and then click the tile labeled ‘Settings’.

install error - 0x80070103

Once you have done that, make sure that you’ve selected the tab ‘System’ on your left-hand sidebar.

From the left part of the window, scroll down until you reach the tile that says “Recovery” to continue.

After that, locate the Reset PC then click on the ‘Reset PC’ button to continue. This will open a separate display to your screen.

Then, click on the ‘Keep My Files Tile from the displayed window. If you’d like to erase all of your personal files while setting up, click the option ‘Remove everything’ instead.

The next screen will appear On the next screen, you must select a method of reinstalling the operating system to your computer. Because there may be issues with the copy you have on your computer, it is advised that you select the option to download it via cloud.

NOTE: ‘Cloud download’ requires an active internet connection . It can consume up to 4GB of data.

Then, Windows will list the settings you’ve chosen. If you want to change one of them you can click on the option to change settings to proceed.

If you choose to alter these settings you will be able to set the settings in the following screen. You can opt not to restore your settings and apps by pressing the toggle switch under the ‘Restore installed apps option, and then bringing it back to the position of ‘No. You can change between to the Cloud downloading to the local version by pressing the toggle switch under the “Download Windows?’ option to modify the installation method. Once you’ve adjusted the settings to your preferences then click the “Confirm” button to continue.

From your main screen, simply click the Next button to proceed.

install error - 0x80070103

If your computer was recently updated and you receive an alert on your screen that states that you won’t be able to restore the update when you’ve re-set the computer. To continue, press the Next button.

Then, Windows will list out the effects that resets to your PC can affect your system. Be sure to read them thoroughly before clicking Reset to begin the process of resetting.

Installation error 0x80070103 can be frustrating However, fortunately it is easy to fix it by following the methods mentioned above.

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