8 Ways Google Lens Can Help Make Your Life Easier

If you are able to see it, you’ll be able to look it up. That’s the basic concept of Lens , our visual search tool that is available within Google App ( Android and iOS). With Lens you can look up through what you see using your camera, snap pictures or screenshots or long press the image you view while browsing and you’ll get various visual results that you can explore.

The saying goes that an image can be worth 1000 words and it appears that a lot of people believe that: Each month, we get over 12 billion searches for visuals on Lens.

Have you not tried Lens yet? If you’re in need of motivation Here are some of our top methods that Lens can make your life more simple.

1. Find out about the things you observe while you are going about your day

If you come across a unique place or landmark you aren’t familiar with, Lens can tell you what it is you’re seeing and even provide you with links to read more. Also, whether you’re on the highway or in your yard, it’s unusual to find animals and plants which aren’t easy to track or even describe with words. Lens lets you look up through what you see and then learn everything you can about it, such as whether that gorgeous plant is able to thrive indoors.

Google Lens

2. Find out about skin issues

The description of a strange mole or rash that you see on your skin isn’t easy to describe with just words. There’s a brand new method Lens can assist, thanks to the ability to find for skin conditions that appear like what you’ve seen in your own skin. Simply take a photo or upload a picture to Lens and you’ll see visual matches to guide your search. It also helps when you’re unsure of what you should describe in your body, such as a lip bump or a line appearing on your nails, or a the loss of hair on your head. The feature is accessible across the U.S.

3. Translate menus, street signs, and more into more than 100 languages.

In the event that your plans for summer include traveling, Lens can help you overcome the language gap. Utilizing the Translate filter available in Lens it is possible to upload or snap a photo or simply take a picture of the text you’d like to translate, such as the menu or street sign. Lens will recognize the language of the text as well as overlay the translated text over the top, directly on the phone screen.

4. Find step-by-step assistance with homework issues.

If you’re stuck with the homework assignment of science, math, or history then use on the “homework help” filter, then snap a photo and Lens will give you instructions on how to tackle the issue. This feature for homework assistance lets you tackle problems in several languages. Additionally, you can choose the language you prefer to search results.

Google Lens

5. Look for products that grab your attention

If you’re looking through your phone and see something you’d like to have such as a chic pair of shoes for walking or a chic and useful backpack, you could make use of Lens to search for and purchase the item of your choice. Simply take a photo and then select the item within Lens to see a list of possible matches and links to places where you can buy. The same applies in the event that you come across something you’d like to purchase while in the city: point your camera at it using Lens and snap a picture and you’ll get a list of options from online retailers.

6. You can also find other versions of those eye-catching goods

These snazzy shoes — perhaps they’d be better blue. Multisearch in Lens allows you to combine images and words to locate exactly what you’re searching for. In this scenario, take photos of your shoes using Lens before swiping to add more words in your search (like “blue”). Lens will then show similar shoes that match the color you prefer. It also works for patterns. Let’s for instance, you find a cute shirt that you like and want to use the pattern to decorate your curtains. Take a picture of the shirt using Lens then swipe it up, and search for “curtains” — and there’s it.

7. Discover delicious food near you

Multisearch can also help you find things in close proximity, such as meals from local restaurants. If you stumble upon an image of a dish that you’re keen to try, but are not sure of the name. You can simply open the image using Lens and add ” near me” to the search. Lens will display restaurants in the vicinity that can serve what you’re looking for.

Google Lens

8. Let your imagination run wild through Lens + Bard

As we announced at I/O that the capabilities of Lens will be being added to Bard the Bard project that allows you to work using artificial intelligence that is generative. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to learn more about what you’ve seen or try entirely new ideas in a visually-oriented way, you’ll be able to collaborate with Bard to begin that journey. In the coming weeks you’ll have the option of including images with your Bard questions and Lens will be working behind the behind the scenes to assist Bard understand what’s shown.

For instance, you could present Bard an image of a brand new pair of shoes that you’ve been eyeing for your next vacation and inquire about what they’re named. You can also ask Bard for suggestions about how you can dress those sandals in the perfect summer look and then go on Search by clicking”Google it “Google it” button -for a vast selection of items from stores all over the world.

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