Google: What Happens When You Type in ‘I’m Feeling Curious’

Learn About Google’s I’m Feeling Curious Feature

Are You Familiar With Google’s I’m Feeling Curious? Google’s I’m Feeling Curious is a search engine which provides users with random facts and information.

Google offers its “I’m Feeling Curious” feature so users can pose random queries and receive answers back from it – perfect if you need an answer quickly but don’t know where to look! This service may also come in handy if something intrigues you but there is no obvious source for information.

When Did Google’s I’m Feeling Curious Begin Operate?

First created by Google in September 2015, their I’m Feeling Curious feature allows users to search for random facts. By entering a query into its search results engine, the search engine randomly selects an answer from its database and displays it for users who click to learn more about each fact presented.

I’m Feeling Curious is an engaging way to learn random facts about the world around you and fill time when bored. Give it a try today if it makes you curious!

How Does Google’s “I’m Feeling Curious” Work?

Google understands the difficulty of resisting curiosity by offering its new search feature “I’m Feeling Curious.” To meet that urge to know more, they have created their “I’m Feeling Curious” search function.

Google offers an exciting feature called the “I’m Feeling Curious” button which provides random search results with the added guarantee that they’ll be intriguing and informative. Think of it like playing bingo – only with better odds!

An algorithm generates results, taking into account factors like its popularity and how often it’s shared on social media. This means you’re more likely to receive something that’s both engaging and timely versus something just popular.

If the initial result doesn’t quite fit your interests, clicking “I’m Feeling Curious” to access another one will allow. Plus, each result comes complete with its original source for more information!

At present, this feature is only available in English; however, other languages will soon follow suit. So why not give it a go if it piques your curiosity?

Why Use this Feature? Most people turn to Google search for information they’re curious about; but did you know about “I’m Feeling Curious”, an additional Google feature which can help uncover even more fascinating objects and events? makes this possible: when you search a term and enter an I’m Feeling Curious box appears at the top of results pages; clicking this box takes you to a page with a random question chosen just for you!

After reading your question, simply click the “Answer” button to reveal its answer – or, for even more fun and curiosity-inducing fun, select “Ask Another Question” and submit another random query!

Why use this feature? Well, for starters it’s an incredible way to expand your knowledge. Since there’s no guarantee which question will come up each time, you are sure to discover something new each time!

Of course, playing is simply enjoyable – an ideal way to pass time while procrastinating or simply killing time when bored or wasting time – and who knows? Perhaps even uncover an answer that has evaded you for so long!

So go ahead and give it a go – who knows, maybe it will become one of your favorites?


After conducting extensive research, I have come to the conclusion that Google’s I’m Feeling Curious feature is an effective and enjoyable way to discover new knowledge. With its easy user-interface and fun way of exploring our world around us, this feature should be recommended to anyone wanting to expand their horizons and increase knowledge.

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