Graphic Design Trends Forecast for 2023

To keep the bigger view in the right perspective 2023’s trends in graphic design seem to be the tug-of-war of contradictory styles. The old saying “out with the old, in with the new” is no longer relevant. We’re creating for comfort, a uniqueness or flawless fashion this year. There are some design trends that cross over into the three extremes mentioned above, but the only thing we can be sure of about any of the current fashions .

Expect to see deep jewel colors taking over more of the digital space beginning with Pantone’s color of season, Viva Magenta and described by Pantone as “vibrant yet warm, earthy yet rich.” In addition, contemporary natural designs are being transformed thanks to the power of motion graphics. To top it off, Gen Z design trends have escaped the sandbox of the design industry and are now forefront of the pack.

The Graphic Design Trends in 2023

Graphic Design Trends

  1. Motion Design Reigns Supreme
  2. Vector Art Overlay + Real-Life Footage =
  3. Gen Z Graphic Design Influence
  4. Experimental Typography
  5. 90s Nostalgia Aesthetic
  6. 70s Retro Flat Style
  7. Memphis Design
  8. Surrealism
  9. Psychedelic Design
  10. Shapes and Strokes Mash-Up
  11. Neon Cartoon Stickers
  12. Modern Natural Aesthetics
  13. Clean Design Style
  14. Risoprinting With a Twist
  15. Abstract Gradients | Anti-Gravity Design
  16. Maximalism Design
  17. Anti-Design | Neubrutalism
  18. AI-Generated Art
  19. What About Colors? What’s Trending in Graphic Design?

Is “Staying Ahead” of Graphic Design Trends Still a Thing?

When you compare the predictions for graphic design trends for 2022, as well as all of the visual trends that we’re anticipating to see develop It’s evident that breaking with the norm is becoming the trend. The idea of finding ways to design that aren’t trendy is now an entire trend in itself. In reality keeping ahead of trends this year is about finding the trend that your style could effortlessly fit into.

In the end, bear in mind that every trend are to be taken with a grain salt. If you’re up-to-date on UX and accessibility standards, and have grasped the basic principles of graphic design in place There’s not a single trend that could overshadow a stunning design! The best method to utilize the latest trends is to recognize their value to the market and then pick the best ones to incorporate into your own work according to how you like.

Let’s look at what trends in graphic design are we creating in 2023!

Motion Design Reigns Supreme

The rise to the rise of motion-based graphics to the top of trends in graphic design in 2023 isn’t exactly an announcement of the moment. Designing for motion is a constant subject in the trend lists in recent years in one form or other. The experimental animated typography was a huge hit in 2022 and digital content creators as well as marketers continue to make use of the endless, captivating nature of animated graphics to create branding purposes and enhanced user experience on the web and apps.

By 2023, it’s likely to see the dynamic design of graphic design continue to climb the same trend to become popular, since there’s no “skill wall” to stop anyone from creating amazing vector animation by starting from scratch. We’re calling the vector-based motion graphic specifically because of the reason! They’re the best performance-friendly choice for both mobile and the web. mobile devices, and the limitations that come with code writing and plugin purgatory are not a problem.

Vector Art Overlay + Real-Life Footage =

The year 2022 was when a mix-media combination made up of 2D or 3D objects in dynamic and static form, was trending, and encouraged designers to bring new life to flat design. In the coming year is likely to see this trend grow and develop into the shape of the video overlay using vector art technique. It has seen a rise in popularity due to the short-format creators using TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube.

Graphic Design Trends

The combination of real-time and vector art footage allows any creative professional to create content that offers the greatest of both worlds real-world realism and emotional impact from live video as well as the ability to scale and flexibility that vector art offers. In addition, vector graphics are able to be utilized in a variety of platforms and formats without sacrificing quality, meaning they can be reused in numerous ways. Engaging content is always going to be in high demand and by 2023, we’ll be meeting these demands better than ever before!

Gen Z Graphic Design Influence

Digital people, Gen Z are leaving an imprint in the frenzied changes we’re witnessing within graphic design trends through 2023. The rich colors, the gritty gradients, ransom-note-like fonts, organic textures and designs that are a source of conversations – all are mixed with features from the 1970s, 90s and, of course Y2K.

The use of humorous politically relevant, relatable messages is the way Gen Z designers are balancing with bold and quirky design styles. We’ll see a range designs that have an undercurrent Gen Z influence in 2023 including retro 90s neon cartoons and Neubrutalism.

Experimental Typography

Digital typography is a growing aspect of graphic design that seems becoming more and more like a free-for-all for designers who are a bit adventurous. The experimental typography isn’t governed by rules , and can appear less functional, however, it is definitely more creative. The guidelines for the shape the letterform, its height and the spacing of letters are not than 2023’s etched into stone.

Designers are breaking away from the traditional constraints of fonts and exploring striking, dynamic and fun lettering. The possibilities range from fluid strokes, neon light effects that are layered and letter case mashups animations of handwriting and a variety of unusual use of white space, the possibilities are limitless. In news that is more traditional to typography serif fonts are taking over attention this season.

90s Nostalgia Aesthetic

The 90s graphic design influences hasn’t gone out of fashion. The nostalgia that kids from the 90s retain, as well as Gen Z’s love for the look of the period, is helping this trend in graphic design to catch the attention of a large audience in 2023 too. It’s like going back in time, only using better design software and lightning-fast WiFi instead dial-up internet.

Funky neons, chunky text with dark background, cyberpunk-inspired motifs and a slightly blurred line between nostalgia from the 90s and Y2K enthusiasm and generally loud images are the elements of graphic design which make this style’s perfect audience experience the same fuzzy and warm feelings the Beanie Babies, frosted tips and light-up sneakers bring.

70s Retro Flat Style

Figma and Gumroad could be the two most significant factors that have shaped how solid of a place that the vintage flat design is taking as one of the most well-known graphic design trends for 2023. A significant portion of design enthusiasts is keen to dance the funky patterns that were popular in the 70s! Simple, clean lines, geometric shapes, and bold colours (think avocado green sunshine yellow, vibrant orange) are also included in the mix.

The quirky look of designs that are a blend of the retro 70s flat style make them appear nostalgic to a wide crowd. Through fine-tuning the designs by incorporating more modern approaches such as incorporating motion graphics or using them in technology-related contexts, designers are able to create a classic style that’s not confused with “outdated.”

Memphis Design

The 80s weren’t immune to graphic design’s trend to revisit trends and thus revive them into 2023. One of the best examples is the revival to the Memphis style that is now exploring in 3D! Neon pinks, daring color combinations with black streaks of white and black, clashing designs the futuristic 3D look, as well as a general quirkiness and fun – that’s the way Memphis style is making a return.

Graphic Design Trends

The overall idea behind this is focused on having fun without taking our work or our designs too seriously. An approach that designers can gain from right now in the moment. However, that doesn’t mean that work created by designers following this style isn’t as appealing. The works we’ve seen thus to date are (literal!) head-spinners!


The style of airbrush from the 80s has an undertone and a surrealist graphic style, 2023’s graphic design isn’t a trend that every artist will pick upon, yet the thrill of the enthralling juxtapositions is not to be overlooked. The technique of airbrushing, which produces smooth gradations of texture and color, then layered on top of bizarre and dreamy compositions, results in an extremely outlandish (in an appropriate way!) visual style.

The surrealism of 2023 is extremely detailed, leaning in the direction of realistic illustrations that are marginally akin to a dream-like mental image. In reality it’s an intriguing playground for artists who are exploring new possibilities when it comes to making memorable images. If you place the same graphics in motion, and the attraction grows tenfold!

Psychedelic Design

The popularity of immersive technologies such as AR and VR have demonstrated that stimulating the mind in unusual ways is a highly efficient method of attracting the attention of an audience. The field of psychedelic art is doing just that, in varying degrees, from the 60s. In 2023 the psychedelic art’s revival is less tame than the first generation form and is infused with a hint of 1990s images inspired by space.

The 2022 psychedelic designs was characterized by loud hues, striking contrasts, and vivid visuals. The the psychedelic graphic style makes us think twice and drawing our attention to fascinating retro-futuristic designs and surprising ways to look at the theme of space.

Shapes and Strokes Mash-Up

Digital images that are created using this simple style possess a distinctive style, since they appear as if they are both free-flowing and succinct. This design style has made its way into the trends in graphic design of 2023 in the same way as it’s occupied secured space in many animation and illustration libraries. It’s no surprise that this is one trend will be seen on a regular basis throughout the year.

This style of design is great using a color palette that is limited because the strokes and shapes perform the heavy lifting in creating the illusion of movement and depth. Negative space can also be used for contrast as well as create balance within the design. A distinct style of minimalism, which has been constantly winning designers’ hearts!

Neon Cartoon Stickers

Colors of neon that are bright and vibrant (pink green, blue neons) are back in the spotlight due to a playful and fun fashion trend for graphic designers in 2023, specifically cartoon-like stickers. The playful style of these images are in line with graphic design trends of the millennial age (for which it’s an old-fashioned look) and Gen Z’s love of reviving fashions we thought were over.

The bold outlines, cartoon-like art simple shapes, and symmetrical designs are just a few aspects we’re seeing appear together in this style. When animated the images are striking and we’ll see them covered over a variety of media in 2023. With the ease it is today to make customized GIF stickers and neon little snippets of imagination are the perfect additions to TikTok videos as well as banner ads and much more!

Modern Natural Aesthetics

Soft, muted colors and fun graphics, usually employed in conjunction of geometric patterns and restricted palette of colors, and topped with modern, simple typography – These are the primary characteristics of the modern , natural style that’s gaining momentum in the beginning of 2023. The textures and colors used in this style of design are inspired by natural elements such as linen or recycled materials.

Graphic Design Trends

Imagine this 2023 graphic design trend as the lightest way to revert back to the sleek look of the rigid design. The most well-known designs with this style are clean and uncluttered and have simple designs, yet being vibrant and uplifting.

Clean Design Style

Dodging the minimalist design style Designers aren’t willing to let off the (super)clean design aesthetic in 2023! With a preference for clean and minimalist UIs and creatives who are sustaining this trend are focusing all focus on the product or, better yet, how the product is designed to help the customer.

While this design is simple, as it is claimed to appear, the style takes a lot of work to master. This style stands out due to the large space between elements as well as a clear structure, easy access to information, as well as an almost white color palette. Small tints or a bright splash of color are variations that are used (with some purpose!) in this type of style too. In light of the limitations this trend poses the designers must have a solid grasp of the fundamentals of graphic design in order to have an efficient implementation.

Risoprinting With a Twist

On the other side of the realm of graphic design designers are leaving this “clean” look behind and trying to recreate the stunning uniqueness of vibrant prints made with risograph using blending modes. This retro-inspired style is identified by the use bright, contrasting colors and textured textures. It is similar to the art from the Risoprint period that came about by blending screen printing techniques as well as the common office copier.

Magazines, posters, zines albums, posters, and all kinds of prints produced with the risograph printing method were a total eye-catcher because no other cost-effective printing technique could create these “loud” colors at the time. The year 2023 is watching designers recreate that “perfectly imperfect” vibe of this method in a variety of work. Grainyents will likely be just as popular in 2023 as the Glassmorphism technique had been in 2022!

Abstract Gradients | Anti-Gravity Design

Another trend in graphic design that is linked to gradients that is expected to grow through 2023, is the style of liquid gradients coupled with anti-gravity style. This kind of gradient involves mixing colours in a way that mimics the look of a liquid. In addition, the illusion of said liquid floating through space and defying law of gravity creates an instant eye-catching attraction. The design of anti-gravity motion typically involves the use of asymmetry and rotate effects in a loop that is smooth.

Both anti-gravity and liquid gradients design are both part of the larger movement to create vibrant, visually stimulating designs without detracting the message that needs to be relayed.

Maximalism Design

Maximalism is the most basic way to declare war on white space, simple, along with an underlying “less is more” mantra. In a deliberate decision to defy standards, artists are exploring maximalism following an extended (and still not over) streak of minimalist supremacy. 2022’s take on graphic oversaturation is strongly influenced by Gen Z’s desire to give standards that have been established the 180-degree transformation.

Graphic Design Trends

There is a degree of overlap between design maximalism and surrealism/escapism. However, its distinctive characteristics are conflicting textures, noisy colors, and over layering. This design style is just few steps away from being associated with brutality However, the reality is that it accomplishes what the most popular graphics do best.

Anti-Design | Neubrutalism

The anti-design or anti-aesthetics trend might not be everyone’s cup tea However, it’s an eloquent evidence of how much of an impact Gen Z graphic design trends influence the whole creative industry. What began as a manageable symptom of Y2K obsession in the year 2000 has since transformed into a style of design with the sole purpose of challenging the traditional notions of beauty and perfect in contemporary design. Neubrutalism is the most famous design style in the anti-design revolution!

Graphic design that is characterized by neubrutalism can be simple to detect, particularly when you’re a designer who’s used to following the rules. Combinations of colors that are slashing or high contrasts in combination with black and pure white, mismatched typography, deliberately pixelated images and pages stripped to their basics are typical in design that is neubrutalist. Exhilarating chaos or glorious chaos of the pace? There’s still a discussion!

AI-Generated Art

One of the most popular fashions in design which is equally in the news as they are attractive for creators of digital media can be AI-generated art. The year 2023 is when AI artwork is expected to develop and be more than a technological technology. Some have viewed AI as an attack on the industry of creativity in 2022, we’re now witnessing creators leverage who are combining the power of artificial intelligence by leveraging their own expertise and knowledge. The results are impressive!

We all stand to benefit by pushing the boundaries of this graphic design 2023 trend. AI-created art isn’t by any way replacing the amazing art that is a product of the human psyche , which requires some time and energy to manifest in physical or digital form. However, there is an opportunity to have a discussion regarding copyright and ownership laws with regard to AI-generated art.

What About Colors? What’s Trending in Graphic Design?

We’ve previously discussed colors that are strongly linked to the graphic design trends of 2023 which they’re an indication of, for example, the way that clashing color combinations of blue and red, or green and red are typical of Neubrutalist design. There are however three trends in color that are thriving independently, and we’re likely to see in many different contexts this year. They’re all on various levels within the emotional impact range, and meet their intended purpose to the letter.

Rich Jewel Colors

The rich, jewel-toned hues are becoming popular in 2023. This is an attempt that has been wildly successful to design designs that are distinctive in an already overcrowded digital world. In a nod to the graphic style of luxury brands from the 1930s The color trends of 2023 feature the bold and vibrant palette of deep shades that include emerald green along with sapphire blue, ruby red.

Graphic Design Trends

This year, expect top brands to draw to this visually enticing palette of colors that evoke luxury and an impression of exclusiveness. It’s definitely a graphic design trend that’s being accepted with warm arms. The only difference is that we’ll see jewel colors primarily used as backgrounds for the illusion of depth and dimension as abstract shapes or gradients.

Muted Colors

It’s encouraging to see how the green aesthetic that designers around the world celebrated in 2022 proved to be just a trend. We’re seeing it live longer lifespan and the muted shades that define it have been proven to become a major trend in graphic design for 2023! The new style is characterized by the softest natural hues, such as the earthy tones of muted greens and blues. It often features images of life in the wild.

Be prepared to see the green aesthetic move beyond brands and businesses that are involved in sustainable fashion, eco-friendly items and green energy. Colors that are muted are thought of as a sign of concern to be involved in significant environmental and social issues regardless of what you’re creating on the internet. This style has also played the form of a security net for web designers who wish to choose a neutral, calm palette to reflect the traumatic world events that we’re all too aware of.

The acidic hues

Graphic Design Trends

The complete opposite of gentle aesthetics is the usage of stunning and striking colors is expected to make an impact in 2023. The trend of color is expected to be the basis for a broad range in styles and not only Neubrutalism or the Y2K. Acidic hues are a fantastic choice for those who are looking to appear bold, confident and make a statement.


The graphic design trends 2023 forecasts look intriguing, in a way eager to challenge the status quo in the design industry, and eventually open to interpretation. After you’re current on how designers are either bucking the current trend (looking at you Gen Z! ) and also what retro vibes we’re going to bring back in 2023, we’re encouraging you to make your own interpretation of things!

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