How to connect a PS4 controller to an Android device

It doesn’t matter if aged 4 or 74 the majority of people enjoy having fun by engaging in games with their mobile or tablet. Although gaming consoles and PCs continue to draw the attention of gamers who are hardcore, Android devices offer a thrilling gaming experience too. The developers have perfected the use of touchscreens in their games, however, there are many titles which support game controllers that can be connected via Bluetooth.

You can go out and purchase an MOGA Hero Power or a retro-styled 8Bitdo however there’s no reason to pay on an Bluetooth gaming console if you have the PS4. Follow the directions below and you’ll play games on your Android device and using an existing PS4 controller in less than two minutes.

Step-by-step Instructions

how to connect ps4 controller to phone

  1. Click and hold both on the PS as well as Share buttons on the PS4 controller to switch it in pairing mode. An white light will be visible across the back of the controller after pairing mode has been activated.
  2. For your Android device Go to Settings > Bluetooth. Bluetooth and ensure Bluetooth is enabled.
  3. Press Scan to find a new device
  4. Make sure to tap the Wireless Controller to connect the PS4 controller to your device

When you’ve made sure that the PS4 controller is connected to either your phone or tablet it will be possible to utilize it to play all of your favorite Android games. A majority of flying, racing and fighting games come with built-in support for Bluetooth controllers. However, those with a sweet gamer’s love of puzzles then you might be out in the cold. It’s possible that things will change once you get the Play Store is available on Chromebooks in the coming months.

How do you join the XBox One controller to your Android device

how to connect ps4 controller to phone

If you’ve ever used the PS4 or another Bluetooth controller, to enjoy games with your Android phone, then we’d like to know which games you’d like to play.

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