How to Play Eggy Car Game Complete Guide

Eggy Car can be described as a simple game in which you drive a vehicle containing an egg in a loose state on a hilly road. If the egg falls from your car it breaks and the game is over. RIP! Find power-ups and collect them to aid you in advancing. Good luck and Godspeed egg soldier.

The best way to Play Eggy Car

Eggy Car

A bad example of security

Eggy Car highlights the importance to wear a seatbelt around your egg while traveling. Unfortunately , the Eggy Car is a poorly constructed vehicle that doesn’t comply with safety and health standards.

Eggy Car

Make sure you are using the controls correctly

In addition to being dangerous In addition to being unsafe, this vehicle is extremely sensitive to back and throttle. Be careful when using the throttle to get over bumps, without sending humpty dumpty out of the car and breaking open in the road.

Beat your record

Eggy Car

If the inevitable egg drop occurs, you’ll receive an score determined by the distance you’ve traveled prior to the sad demise of the egg. Continue playing to get your scores up!

Get cash and reward

Eggy Car

You’ll see power-ups and coins as you progress. Make sure to collect the power-ups in order to aid you in getting as far as you can without damaging the cargo. The coins can be spent on brand new vehicles that have unique designs that can assist you in achieving greater distances than you did before.

Extra Eggs!

Enjoy Easter in the traditional manner and enjoy Eggy Car today! Eggy Car is available to enjoy Eggy Car for free on both mobile and desktop computers on CrazyGames. Check out our car games to find more or browse other egg-related games such as Bouncy Egg and Mr and Mrs Easter Egg Wedding.

Eggy Car


  • The egg should be kept in the car
  • You can drive over the hills, and then far away
  • Make use of coins to buy new vehicles
  • Enjoy Easter by playing this challenging game


It is simple to play and you can win by finishing all levels. It is also possible to share the game with your buddies and they will be able to aid you by making their own levels for the game. Best of luck!

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