5 Ways To Turn On Your Android Phone’s Flashlight

Let’s face it, the LED light that is on the rear of your phone can be used more effectively as an illumination source than a camera flash. Specially designed low-light camera modes give superior outcomes than a tiny light could ever. However, that tiny light is an excellent alternative to the large flashlight that is in your kitchen cabinet.

There are many ways to activate the flashlight in your smartphone. A few of them are recognized, but you could be surprised by some that are mentioned in this article. Learn more about the various ways to switch on your flashlight and the reasons you should try these on your personal device.

Select the tile Quick Settings to activate the flashlight

This is probably the preferred option for many because you are able to easily use the flashlight through the quick Settings menu. You can swiftly access flashlights by sliding down on the status bar, and then tapping an icon. To access your flashlight’s shortcut, use the Quick Settings shortcut, follow these steps:

turn on flashlight

  1. Click and hold on the status bar of your phone, and then press to reveal the pencil icon.
  2. Scroll down, and look for your flashlight tile.
  3. Press long-press on the tile and drag it to the preferred location.
  4. Use the back button when you’re done.
  5. The Flashlight The tile should appear exactly where you put it in the Quick Settings panel. The tile should now appear where you placed it in your Quick Settings.
    • Tapping the flashlight will turn it on. and a second tap turns it off.

If you often use the flashlight feature on your Android phone, you could think about placing it on the first four tiles to have it easily accessible. It’s possible to change the location of your flashlight if you need to by pressing the pencil icon once again. If you’re using this at-a-glance option on Pixel smartphones it is also possible to switch off the flashlight directly from the home screen. The same can be done with your lock screen making it much easy to switch off the light after you’ve finished using it.

Utilize this option to turn on the Android 13 Quick Tap flashlight feature

Google launched it’s “Quick Tap” function to its general public with Android 12. It allows users to double-tap on to the rear of your phone to carry out specific actions. But, it wasn’t able to include one feature that a lot of users were looking for the flashlight feature.

In the Android 13 Developer Preview You can now press the button on the back of the phone to activate your flashlight. To activate this feature, you must first activate the Quick Tap feature and set it to use the flashlight for Android 13 (if you’ve got it) Try this:

turn on flashlight

  1. Start the Settings app Go to Settings, then Settings and then Gestures – Quick Tap.
  2. Switch on the feature with a single press. Quick Tap button.
  3. Scroll down, and then tap the toggle flashlight option.
  4. Tap twice on the rear of your phone to ensure you get that Quick Tap identified notification.
  5. Shut down the Settings Application.
  6. If you press the rear of your Android phone two times the flashlight will turn on and after a short time, it turns off.
  • If you’re constantly activating the flashlight without intention you can try turning off the Requires stronger tapping setting.

The majority of people will be able to access this feature as Android 13 launches to the general public in 2022. The flashlight that comes using Quick Tap can be useful when you need it, so you may find that you prefer this option more that using the Quick Settings tile.

Utilize Google Assistant to use the Google Assistant flashlight command

      • The most well-known methods to open Google Assistant include swiping from the corner or asking “Hello Google” or OK Google or double-tapping on the rear of an Android phone. Open Google Assistant using your favorite method.
      • The command can be used in a variety of ways So using “Flashlight upon” or just “Flashlight” also works in this case. Type or say “Turn on your flashlight.”
  1. The flashlight will turn on by way of a flashing pop-up.
  2. Press the button to shut it off after you’ve finished.

You can also write “Turn off the flashlight,” “Flashlight off” or simply “Off. 

Make the Google Assistant flashlight command button of your choice. Google Assistant flashlight command button

The method relies using the earlier Google Assistant command; however you can also design an action on your home screen that will activate your flashlight. It is necessary to create an action that is custom-designed for your Block using the Google Action Blocks accessibility app.

The app lets you utilize Google Assistant voice commands right from your desktop screen with the push of a button

turn on flashlight

  1. Install and download Action Blocks. Download and download Blocks app. Blocks application.
  2. Launch the Action Blocks app to the main screen, and then tap “I agree”.
  3. Click on the Create action block button.
  4. Visit Create a custom action.
  5. Within the Action textbox in the textbox for Action, enter “flashlight on” and then click the Test button..
  6. The flashlight should be on.
  7. Press the button in Google Assistant to turn it off and then close the screen.
  8. If the operation performed as was expected, tap the Yes button to continue.
  9. You can disable the Speak out in loud as well as the vibrate options when you do not need them.
  10. Once you’re done, tap Next.
  11. You must now identify the custom action.
  12. Click to turn the flashlight in.
  13. Click to activate the Block to save actions button on the right.
  14. Click Next on the Add to Home Screen message.
  15. Click to the “Add to the Home Screen” button.
  16. Click Go to the home screen.
  17. You should be able to see your flashlight button that you created.
  18. By tapping the shortcut, you can bring the flashlight on after which you can hit the button on the Google Assistant screen to turn off the flashlight.
  19. The button can be long-pressed to change its size, and rotate it on your home screen as you need to.

turn on flashlight

Think about creating a second button to shut off the flashlight once the button is pressed. Two buttons allow you to switch the flashlight off and on and off without manually opening Google Assistant.

If you need to alter your button, return into your Action Blocks app, tap the block that you are looking for and then edit the block..

It could seem like it’s a lot of work make these two flashlights put in place and on the home screen of your smartphone, however it’s actually quite easy — and incredibly beneficial. You are free to place them however you’d like, however the lower part of the screen is an excellent option for larger Android phones.

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