How to Use the SaveFrom.Net Video Downloader Online?

SaveFrom.Net Online Video Downloader makes downloading online videos simple: simply capture what you love without additional software requirements or hassle. Enjoy hassle-free video downloading today.

SaveFrom makes video downloads easier than ever – be it videos, TV shows or sports highlights – simply by pasting their URL into our provided field and pressing Download. Or for an even simpler experience try installing our Chrome extension tailored specifically towards video downloads!

Save Videos in High-Quality MP4 Format

Streaming videos is great when connected to high-speed internet; but for moments offline, a reliable solution might be required.

Our downloader lets you access HD videos with complete clarity, ready to be stored as MP4 files for easy viewing pleasure.

Guide on How to Download HD Quality Online Videos in MP4

1. Copy and paste the URL for the video you wish to save into the input field on the download page, pressing Enter or clicking “Download” located alongside this field.

2. Before typing any URL, add “” or “”. For instance: add this before YouTube:

3. Consider short domain names such as to improve accessibility.

4. Install the browser addon for effortless video downloads with just one click.

Download Videos in Different Resolutions Now

Our downloader supports multiple video qualities, including MP4 format, SD, HD, FullHD, 2K and 4K videos. Depending on the original upload, available video quality may differ accordingly; for instance if a 1080p upload was selected by its author you will save it with that high definition quality.

Compatible Browsers

Our online video downloader works seamlessly with popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera as well as all Chromium-based browsers.

How to Download a Facebook Video onto Your iPhone or Android Device

While you won’t be able to save any videos directly to your camera roll with Facebook itself, several third-party apps allow for direct saving to Camera Roll storage on mobile phones such as Friendly Social Browser – one such application works particularly well on both platforms!

1. Install an open social browser.

2. Select Facebook – This will set it as the default profile in the app moving forward.

3. Log into Facebook using your usual credentials.

4. Once logged in, Friendly Social Browser offers an alternative way of accessing Facebook – most features and functionality should look and behave similarly to what is expected from official Facebook apps.

5. On an iPhone, tap the cloud-shaped download button in the lower right corner of the video post; while for Android users, simply touch on the download icon within the video itself to start your download process.

6. Android users will begin downloading videos immediately; iPhone users will see a pop-up with more options; to begin download, tap the Download icon next to Video option.

7. Choose either to save to photos or files.

How to Save and Download Videos From Facebook

We do not advise using any third-party programs or websites in an attempt to download videos from Facebook to your computer, as they could contain malware or even lure you into paying additional services.

Instead, there is an effective solution available that enables you to directly download video from Facebook.

1. Locate the video you wish to save.

2. To expand, click the three horizontal dot icon in the top-right corner of a video post.

3. Select Copy link. Its 4. In a new browser window, paste your copied URL in the address bar, and press Enter on your keyboard to expand it.

5. Once the page loads, replace www with mbasic. If the link was automatically shortened to and there’s no www, place your cursor at the end of URL and press enter; this should generate www.

6. Press Enter so the new URL appears in your browser, revealing a video optimized for mobile viewing devices.

7. Start playing the video, right-click and save as “Video File”.

8. Provide the video with a name and click Save.

Your video will now be saved to your computer.

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