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Incidental 70 makes his debut appearance in “Pickles,” yet its nature remains unknown at this point. Episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants often include supporting players that make an impressionful impactful statement, and Incidental 70 finally made an appearance on The Patrick Star Show after 20 years absenting himself!

Although he wasn’t the only beloved SpongeBob supporting character, Mr. Krabs seemed to gain more fans than most other characters from Season 2. With an unforgettable catchphrase and personality all his own, his previous appearance came in Season 2’s “Christmas Who”, however “The Yard Sale” brings him back!

What Is an Incidental Character?

Incidentals, commonly identified by numbers or in some instances letters, serve as supporting characters within episodes, often taking on different names, voices, occupations, relationships, personalities and ages depending on what’s going on within that particular show. They also include minor characters who have been designated or utilized at least once as incidentals within it.

An Incident 70

Storyboard artist Adam Paloian shared on August 1, 2017, via his Twitter account the model sheet for an incidental from “F__”, designed for use in “Culture Shock”, that hadn’t yet been made publicly accessible: Incidental 70 from this group was originally designed for this episode and has not been made publicly accessible yet.

Vincent Waller shared three key accidental model sheets via Twitter on February 8, 2018. Although their exact creation date remains unknown, these incidental sheets have also been featured in episodes such as SpongeBob “Goons on the Moon.” Additionally, Waller posted “A__” incidentals sheet for feature film The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water on January 20, 2020.

Adam Paloian shared the character designs for “HB__” incidentals created for Season 11 episode “Karen’s Virus” to his Twitter account on November 4, 2018. In January 2019, he also provided model sheets of EHS__ incidentals most created for “The Nitwitting,” although some recycled designs from earlier seasons.

Though there were gaps in terms of incidental numbers, SuperSponge’s asset disc led to the discovery of model sheets for many “200” incidentals (i.e. residents of Rock Bottom from its own episode).

Description of Seventy Incidental Steps

He is typically short, light-tanned fish (058 with darker (498) back), featuring beak-like mouth, reddish-brown dorsal fin (496) and round, plump potbelly. On rare occasions he may display darker hues similar to his regular tan color palette as well as more orange hues; although these shapes were never considered typical.

Major Roles Of Incidental Seventy

Incidental 70 first made appearances during seasons 1-3 before going missing for over 20 years. He made a brief cameo in The Patrick Star Show episode, “The Yard Sale,” before returning in “Potato Puff,” season 13 main series episode, where most of his appearances have been silent supporting roles with only two speaking parts so far (original intent being Krusty Krab patron).


Pickles spots SpongeBob again when he glances through the window of Krusty Krab while passing by and notices him pressing his fin on the glass surface, drawing in many other fish as he says: he’s back!. When this announcement was made by SpongeBob it drew even more people towards him – including several who recognized their childhood friend.

In Walking Small

As SpongeBob continues waving his beach towel at passers-by, he quickly leaves the area.

April Fools

SpongeBob was both upset and worried after hearing Squidward play a cruel practical joke on him; when Squidward claims it was only intended as a joke, his response is telling: he looks directly at Squidward, showing no indication he wasn’t serious.

Your shoes are untied

“Bubble Buddy” was part of the uprising against Squidward and later seen leaving Krusty Krab. However, upon realizing that SpongeBob has been waiting in line for him in the restroom he becomes annoyed and turns away in anger from SpongeBob and begins staring him down angrily.

Who Will Celebrate Christmas This Year?

In the original storyboard, Squidward can be seen convincing him to leave and celebrate Christmas outside his house.

Patrick Star Show “Just in Time for Christmas”

As Patrick searches for the monkey mermaid at a fair, he can be seen wearing a T-shirt bearing 70.

Shrinking Stars

He appears briefly in GrandPat’s video game when he inadvertently runs him over while driving his scooter.

Incredible Journey

He makes an appearance in “Incredible Journey” at Tinkle’s funeral, emerging from Old Man Walker’s hat to soothe GrandPat who protests that the funeral is for a toilet instead.

“The Drooling Fool”

Patrick is surprised when his saliva spills out onto the street.

Karate Choppers

At the back of the cafeteria in Episode 12, Karate Choppers can be seen.

Valentine Day

Valentine Day can be seen dancing his way around the Valentine’s Day Carnival in the song, “Valentine’s Day.

Walking Small

After SpongeBob throws sand onto the beach, he quickly walks off as a result of it, eventually appearing in Episode 20’s final wide view of beachgoers.

Facts About Incidental Seventy

Leo Laifa’s Season 14 advertising artwork for “Pickles” features Incidentals 70 and 40 as storyboard artists; in this regard they are known as Customers #1 and 2 respectively.

Incidental 70 was seen standing next to Incidental 40 in Pickels as they handed Squidward his order at Krusty Krab, yet something which appears to be an exaggeration of Leo himself took the form of an octopus janitor with a French accent who seemed intent on mistaking Incidental 40s order for one from Mr. Krabs himself.

Patrick Star’s appearance on “Just in Time for Christmas” wearing a shirt bearing the number 70 as an homage to his model number is notable.

Dave Cunningham announced that Incidental 70 would return to the series before airing of “The Yard Sale”.


Of all the personalities featured in SpongeBob SquarePants’ diverse cast, Incidental 70 (also known as Customer #1 in Pickles episode) stands out as an iconic and beloved character. He won over fans of SpongeBob SquarePants with his unique appearance and catchphrase of, “H-h-hey SpongeBob’s back!” Over time despite only playing supporting roles he developed a dedicated fan following that could only grow over time. SpongeBob and his many sidekicks, who frequently appear in various roles and circumstances throughout the series, add variety and dimension to his world.

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