Who Is Jasmine White 403 On TikTok?

Who is Jasmine White 403 on TikTok?

A TikToker with the username @JasmineWhite403 has left the entire TikTok world stunned by her video. The video features users filming themselves munching on raw meat.

Everyone in the TikTok user base was stunned and shocked by her actions. A lot of TikTokers expressed their shock after watching the video.

Jasmine White 403

What exactly does Jasmine White’s 403 TikTok Video contain?

In the viral video of TikToker Jasmine White young girl can be being shown eating raw chicken. Anyone who has seen the video expressed displeasure and are shocked by the sight.

In other videos, the user is seen chewing on the heads of raw fish , and eating a cut of steak with sugar. After footage of her eating chicken raw became viral and her TikTok account was deleted from TikTok.

Internet’s Reaction to Jasmine White 403 Viral Video

The days are gone when TikTok stars were famous for dancing Jasmine White 403, the new star to join the platform, is gaining fame after she posted a video of herself eating raw chicken.

Yes, you read it right. The content creator who posted via TlikTok using the handle Jasmine seemed to be taking big bites of a large cooked, uncooked bird. Don’t try this at your home, as there’s salmonella ready to strike. Along with the health-risk poultry, she also posted photos of her slicing the head off of a raw fish, then dipping (you probably guessed it) raw steaks into sugar, and then eating the resulting food, as well as other bizarre delights.

Another said: “Whoever told me to watch Jasmine White 403 Tik-tok. I hate y’all.”

The rage has spread to TikTok as well, with users posting their frustrations after watching the odd videos.

Jasmine White 403

“JasmineWhite403 on TikTok has traumatized me” wrote one.

Another caution: “DONT search JasmineWhite403 on TikTok.”

“Whatever you do, not search Jasmine White 403 in TikTok. Your stomach will begin to change,” shuddered one viewer.

In addition, another Twitter user has decided to stop using the web now: “First video I watched on TikTok mentioned looking up ‘jasminewhite403’ so my curious a** did and THAT IS ENOUGH INTERNET FOR 2022” they declared.

TikTok hasn’t provided an official explanation for why it has gone dark and people are watching to see if posts are reinstated under a different version under her new name.

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Wrapping Up

TikTok is is known by its weird and disorienting video content. The content that is shared on the video application for short forms does not make sense. If you’re seeking out the answer to who are Jasmine White 403 on TikTok, and what is the video that has left TikTok shocked, check out the whole article and share it with your family and friends!

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