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The famous American rapper Blueface with the his real name is Jonathan Michael Porter, has one son who is called Javaughn J. Porter. The top musicians such as Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Pump, Scott Storch and many more have been working with Blueface. There is all the details you require about Blueface’s son here.

Javaughn J. Porter Age, Parents

In the year 2017 at Los Angeles, California, the United States, Javaughn J. Porter was born. Every year, on April 28 it is his birthday and, as of 2021, his age will be four years old. older.

His mother is JaidynAlexis who is a gorgeous product manager for skincare and his father’s name is Johnathan Michael Porter, a musician who acts as rapper, singer as well as a composer. When his child came into the world, Johnathan wrote the Deadlocs song, a distinctive one and got the name of his baby tattooed on his forearm on the right side.


javaughn j. porter

Javaughn is the only twin sister named Jaidyn Alexis. As of now. Her father does nevertheless, possess a beautiful young sister named Kali Miller and an older brother who was sentenced to 13 years of jail because he killed someone accidentally. The rapper’s decision to expel her sister in the year 2019 is incredibly traumatic.

The most recent Blueface video that shows females sleeping under bunk beds have become viral. On his reality show Blueface, he urged women to have tattoos or leave the room, and the news was covered by every news outlet for a few several days. The rapper contests the claims and says that he did not violate any law.

Javaughn J. Porter’sPorter’s Political Views

Javaughn J. Porter is an American politician who has been an United States House of Representatives member since 2013. He represents Michigan’s 11th congressional district that encompasses portions of Detroit and Wayne County.

Porter is conservative Republican and is described as a fiscal conservative as well as a social conservative. He has been against abortion and was a supporter of his support for the Marriage Protection Act, which tried to stop the same-sex marriage within the United States. Porter is also a proponent of the rights of gun owners, is against taxes and is a proponent of free trade.

Porter was born in Detroit on the 3rd October 1971. After completing his studies at Western Michigan University with a degree in business administration in 1993, he was employed in the field of financial analysis with Ford Motor Company before starting his own business. The year 2003 was the time Porter got elected as a city council member in Mount Clemens, Michigan, and served until his election into Congress two years after.

Within Congress, Porter has been engaged in cutting the government’s spending and restructuring welfare programs. He also authored legislation to boost national security by imposing more strict guidelines for foreign investments as well as restricting federal funds for sanctuary cities.

Javaughn J. Porter’sPorter’s Future in the Basketball World

Javaughn J. Porter is expected to be among the top five picks during the forthcoming NBA draft. He is a versatile athlete with a wingspan of 6’76’7 and athleticism that is not disregarded. Below are the five facts you should be aware of regarding Javaughn J. Porter:

javaughn j. porter

1. Javaughn J. Porter was born and grew up in Portland, Oregon.

2. He played basketball in the NCAA tournament at UCLA in the Pac-12 Conference, where he was voted the Second Team All-American in addition to Pac-12 player of the year in his junior year in the 2016-17 season.

3. 3. Indiana Pacers drafted Porter as the 17th selection during the 2016 NBA draft. In his first season, he scored 7 scores and 3 rebound per match. shooting 46 percent from the field. He also shot 39% from the three-point line and 84 percent from the free throw line.

4. In the 2018-19 season, he split time in the 2018-19 season between Indiana and Philadelphia and averaged 10 points and 3 rebound per game. He was able to shoot 43 percent from the court and 38% from three-point range, and 91 percent from the free throw range in his limited time on the rotations of both teams.

5. Porter has been likened to Kawhi Leonard because of the fact that he can play several defensive positions (point guard small forward and shooting guard) and also his versatility on the defensive side (small forward and the power-on).

Net Worth

As Javaughn is a teenager His net worth is predicted to be under $10,000 in 2021. It is likely that he could purchase lots of sweets and snacks. As he enters adolescence you can also purchase his favorite games.

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