Jeff Lerner Net Worth: Less Than You Think?

Jeff Lerner, aka Mr. Millionaire Shortcut is known for telling on the internet his rags-to- riches story of how he made the transition from a struggling musician to now earning more than 100 million dollars in sales. But is that even true? Even if it’s but, what’s the point? Doesn’t he not have an associate in Enter Institute? and all kinds of expenses and employees? Let’s not forget about the YouTube advertisements aren’t for free is it? What’s happening and how much do you think this guy is worth?

Jeff Lerner Net Worth

You’ve probably seen Jeff’s advertisements. Don’t think about real estate in physical form and stocks and stop working in a 9-to-5 job Jeff has discovered something groundbreaking known as virtual real estate. It’s the process of creating real-time online assets that create cash flow today and will increase in value in the future. Nobody else is discussing it. Only him. If you send him your email address, he’ll email you his life-changing guide. Free. In it, he’ll show you the most effective method for earning 7 figures and more from this digital real estate thing.

The problem is that Jeff is known to exaggerate. Once you’ve gone through his process and you see “Oh this isn’t an actual book, it’s just the PDF file. The best way to get it is to get an advisor. That’s something I knew already. When he says “digital real estate,” is a reference to affiliate marketing, agency and ecom work that the whole internet is discussing. But it’s not exactly free if you want to learn how to use it since the first thing he does is to convince me to buy the Enter Blueprint course for thirty-nine dollars.” Are you sure?

Jeff Lerner Net Worth

So strike one is done. Strike two, to me, is the endless word salad. Jeff’s advertisements and sales videos as well as his social media posts, are all just big words. this study stated this, and that study also said that as well. Here’s an rant and tangent and an Tony Robbins quote for good measure. Huh? He just talks and talks, and then thirty minutes later you’re saying, “Did Jeff Lerner just body slam my brain through the ring because I have no idea what’s going on right now?”

The third one was his questionable background. It appears that Jeff promoted businesses like Wealth Masters International (WMI), Carbon Copy Pro, My Hidden Pages, My Online Business Education (MOBE), Aspire, and Digital Altitude All of these have been shut down Some of them were closed by the FTC due to being “coaching investment schemes.” The most bizarre part, however Jeff’s current company, Entre Institute, is designed very much like all of them. It’s an ascending model. “Buy this. Then, purchase this for a bit more. You can now buy it for an much greater.”

He lies, is annoying and it’s apparent that all the money he’s earned is through sending customers through these up sell funnels, which have various classes and programs to show you how to become millionaire like Jeff. But instead of being an affiliate and earning an enviable percentage of each sale the affiliate along with the associate, Adam Whiting, retain all the money. He’s also doing better. Absolutely one millionaire. However, as I mentioned right from the beginning my gut tells me Jeff Lerner isn’t nearly as wealthy as he would like to claim in his advertising.

Jeff Lerner Net Worth

It’s a little anecdotal I’m sure you’ll agree with me. While writing of these Jeff Lerner reviews, I’ve gone through a lot of his material and what I’ve seen is a father who lives a high-end life style. His backyard, his home and office automobile? Everything is above average, but nothing outrageous. You can certainly live your life for per year. I also saw a clip in which he was stressed about investing one hundred thousand dollars into cryptocurrency. For someone who’s producing fifty, a hundred million in sales it’s not much. My best guess? the net worth of Jeff Lerner is lower than four million.

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