King Von Autopsy: Know How The Rapper Died

On the evening of November 6th, 2000 King Von was killed and shot. At first the story was believed as a mere speculation. Von’s acquaintances later confirmed the news which stunned everyone of his followers and people. Devon Daquan Bennett, who is known by the moniker “King Von” in the business world was born in Chicago on the 9th of August in 1994. The record labels of Lil Dirk, Family Only and Empire Distribution signed the songwriter and rapper. King Von was raised in an unsafe neighborhood. The neighborhood had a huge influence on him when it was time to be a teen. He resorted to the crime himself and had to be in the and out of prison when the age of teen. In the year 2018, when he began writing songs, his life took a turn.

King Von Autopsy: How Did King Von Die Die?

The death of the rapper was a sad event that occurred. The tragedy occurred on the 6th of November in 2020. In one of the Atlanta suburban nightclub, King Von got involved in the middle of a dispute with two other groups. The rapper and singer Quando Rondo was associated with one of them. As the war grew more intense shootings were fired. Two policemen fired further shots, and attempted to break in. The gang shot King Von and he was later transferred to a hospital in extremely bad condition. The rapper later passed away. In the incident two people were killed and four others were injured. The shooter, and then killed the rapper. Tim Leakes is his name.

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Report On The Death Of King Von

Devon Daquan Bennett, who was referred to by the stage name of “King Von” on stage as well as Mark Blackley, who was 34, both died in the incident. The autopsy report of King Von mentions that he died due to being wounded in his body. Timothy Leakes, who is only 22 years old was injured in this shooting. He is believed to have fired towards the rapper. According to police sources, the rapper is receiving treatment from Grady Memorial Hospital for gunshot injuries. While there is no King Von autopsy report on King Von has not been released but images of the autopsy have been released and can be seen online on Internet. The photo depicts deceased King Vaughan laid on the King Von autopsy table, with stitches across his body. The picture, you can see the tattoos that are visible on his body. People following King Von were disgusted by the leak of photos and also said that the photos were offensive.

The Cause Of Death Of King Von

King Von, an up-and-coming rapper was killed and shot on the 6th of November, 2020. People who knew his music star quickly affirmed Von died. There was initially a rumor spread on Twitter followed by people familiar with the musician confirmed the news. Von’s death was tragic no regardless it was, but the fact it occurred just a week after his album “Welcome to O’Block,” was released out added to the sadness. The autopsy report of King Von recounts the tragic story of how he passed away. King Von was killed in an incident that also injured a number of others.

It occurred at 3:00 a.m. on the 6th of November (2020) in the Monaco hookah bar, in which two parties of individuals were battling. This led King’s murder. Two off-duty Atlanta police officer as well as an officer on duty from an nearby station arrived at this scene, and fired weapons at the perpetrators. Police say three persons were shot and an ambulance transported patients to a hospital.

Unknown Facts About Him

  • He Had A Strong Bond With His Mother

King Von had a strong connection to his mom. After his career was established and reaching the top of his game in his career, he set out to take care of his mother. Then, in April of 2020 the rapper gifted her mother a brand-new car.

  • He Utilized His Incarceration Time Well

The life of the rapper was not easy, but he dealt with everything in easy fashion. When many prisoners fall into depression and despair King Von made use of his imprisonment in his favor. While in prison, he read quite a lot of reading.

king von autopsy

  • King Von Enjoyed Baseball

King Von was a huge sports fan, and especially baseball. King Von played the sport in high in high school, and practiced the game throughout his high school time.

  • At A Young Age, He Lost His Father

King Von was faced with more than just his personal problems. As the rapper grew in his twenties his father was often in the and out of the prison. At the age of ten, old the King Von lost his father. Both his mother and son had to face hardship. But the rapper is happy to have been capable of relying on his mother who was a huge fan of.

  • A Huge Lil Wayne Fan

The rapper was still relatively new at creating songs, however King Von was always an avid music enthusiast. On one of his interviews, King Von revealed that he was a child who listened to hip-hop and was a massive Lil Wayne fan. Other artists he adored included Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka.


  • Who Was This Enigmatic King Von?

King Von Was birthed in Chicago, Illinois, on the 9th day of the 9th of August, 1994. The fatal shooting occurred in Atlanta, Georgia. place in Atlanta, Georgia on the 6th of November 2020. In addition, his father gave his six half-siblings. However, Walter E. Bennett, his two sisters and his brother, each born into his mother were his whole family. King Vaughan was educated by his mother, as his father wasn’t in the area for much of the time of his youth.

king von autopsy

  • What Is The Net Worth Of King Von?

Von is an American rapper who had an estimated net worth of $2 million. His birthplace was in Chicago, the U.S. the city of Chicago. He was born as Devon Bennett. The first mixtape by King Vaughn was titled Grandson, Vol. 1. His next one was titled Von James. There are only Family Entertainment and Aeon Music have agreements with the singer. King Vaughan was killed outside an Atlanta nightclub at the age of 26 years old.

The Bottom Line

Police sources claim that they believe he is receiving treatment for the gunshot wound he sustained within Grady Memorial Hospital. While the details of King Von’s autopsy report King Von autopsy report are not yet released the autopsy photos are accessible on the internet. In the film the film, The King Vaughn is dead as is his body is placed on the table of an autopsy. There are tattoos all over his body. The picture clearly shows that the man has tattoos on his body. Some such as King Vaughan have claimed that the photos which were released are offending.

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