Korean American Coalition Model United Nations

The Kacmun Korean American Coalition (KAC), an organization comprised of Korean Americans, organizes and participates in Model United Nations conferences across the nation since 2002. Model UN provides Korean American youth an important opportunity to better understand one another and their shared heritage, while at the same time teaching and mentoring other ambassadors from around the globe.

The KAC works hard to promote international cooperation and understanding through MUN. To make an even bigger impact on conferences, they encourage their members to join local MUN committees as well. KAC serves as the sole Korean American Model United Nations organization in North America and plays an instrumental role in creating positive relations between Korea and the U.S. It also acts as an inspiration to other oppressed groups looking to form alliances through its success story.

What are the goals of Kacmun?

Kacmun Korean American Coalition (KAC) is an independent grassroots organization founded by Korean Americans to raise awareness of Kacmun Model United Nations, established by Korean Americans in 2007. This version of United Nations is unique because its operations are solely managed by Korean Americans themselves.

The Kacmun’s goal is to raise awareness of a fictional United Nations, foster intercultural understanding, and encourage collaboration among Korean American communities worldwide. Furthermore, members have an opportunity to increase their knowledge on international affairs while honing their diplomatic and public speaking abilities.

The Kacmun has hosted many Model UN conferences that have attracted attendees from throughout the United States and some European nations. Furthermore, social gatherings for its members are organized along with training material distribution; additionally the Kacmun collaborates with similar groups who share similar objectives.

How is Kacmun used?

Students can participate in diplomacy and policymaking through the Kacmun Korean American Coalition Model United Nations program. It enables them to explore global concerns while cooperating in developing resolutions and decisions which may become law in real-life.

This year’s conference brought 84 teams from around the globe together at UC San Diego from February 8-10. Each team researched an assigned topic, then presented their ideas before an international judging panel for consideration. After this initial stage, top teams then participated in mock negotiations sessions where they needed to find solutions to various conflicts that emerged during competition.

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What transpired at their most recent Model UN meeting?

KAC members arrived early at the conference venue, eager to claim their seats and meet fellow KACers from across the nation. Within minutes they had introduced themselves, discussed ideas, and become acquainted with everyone nearby.

Haitian speakers conveyed passionately their country’s struggle against inadequate resources and infrastructure, Kenyan representatives shared their efforts at building more equitable societies while combatting HIV/AIDS and poverty, and students from China brought with them samples of traditional foods from their culture as gifts.

KAC Model UN team made an immediate and noticeable impression at their conference by being role models by paying close attention to detail, working collaboratively, and prioritizing delegate needs consistently.


KAC had made great strides in strengthening member bonds and sharing innovative ideas to delegates from around the globe.

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