Everything You Need To Know About MBA Chai Wala Net Worth

Prafull Billore launched MBA Chai Wala in 2017 in order to fulfill his goal of becoming an “major executive.” It wasn’t that he like tea, but he was able to create an extremely profitable business with a revenue of Rs 4 crore.

Prafull isn’t a gourmet and doesn’t like cooking but he has managed to create a multi-million-dollar business through the sale of Chai (tea) across India. MBA Chai Wala took the decision to stop his studies halfway through and to open an Chai stand (tea cart) in Ahmedabad’s SG Highway, after recognizing that not all people are fortunate enough to get a job that pays well. Prafull Billore’s net value at the time of 2022 was in excess of $3 million or 22 crores in Indian Currency.

Who Do You Think Is MBA Chai Wala? 

An aspiring Indian professional and Youtuber whose name is Prafull Billore has started the tea distributor of his very own business. The goal he claims to have is to sell his products across the entire country of India. His birthplace was in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, and currently lives and works within Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He is known as Mr. Billore Ahmedabad Chai Wala is the full title that his YouTube channel that is known under the name MBA Chai Wala.

In 2021 MBA Chai Wala age is about 25 years older due to the fact that MBA Chai Wala birthdayis on January 14 in 1996. Capricorn is his Astrological sign. He is from an Hindu family. The Indian state of Madhya Pradesh province, he was born in Dhar.

MBA Chai Wala Net Worth

Prafull Billore weighs 64 kilograms. MBA Chai Wala height in feet is5 feet 10 inches. He is famous for his natural black hair and dark brown eyes like many Indians. MBA Chai Wala familyis not properly mentioned in his information, and it is not revealed properly. Prafull Billore, who is right now not married. MBA Chai Wala net worth is estimated at thirty million dollars.

How Much Is MBA Chai Wala’s Net Worth?

MBA Chai Wala is a rapidly growing food business in India that is famous for its tasty Chai. Additionally, Prafull Billore has been motivating millions of Indian entrepreneurs and students through YouTube as well as other media online channels.

Even though he is able to speak English very well, the majority of his work is Hindi. Prafull has since set up the company MBA Chai Wala Academy and has created his own program on creating an entrepreneurial mindset there.

For more information on Prafull Billore’s worth over the last five years, check out the table below. If you study it carefully you’ll see that the value for MBA Chai Wala has increased by around $500 per year during the last five years.

Year  Net worth 
Net Worth in 2018
Net Worth in 2019
Net Worth in 2020
Net Worth in 2021
Net Worth in 2022
$ 1 Million
$ 1.5 Million
$ 2 Million
$ 2.6 Million
$ 3 Million

MBA Chai the Wala’s Professional Career?

Prafull was first employed in McDonald’s. Prafull was previously the manager of McDonald’s but then he left the post because he didn’t wish to spend the rest of his life doing the work of someone who was not his.

Prafull Billore later took the decision to start some small businesses of his own, such as the fast-food restaurant (Burger) However, he eventually abandoned the idea as he planned to create an enterprise (in the food industry) that would bring together the entire country of India.

MBA Chai Wala Net Worth

India as a whole is a fan of tea. Then, Billore made the decision to start small and begin working as a tea seller on the streets after being influenced by his father. He needed 15,000 rupees to fund it, so he took out the amount of 8,000 rupees from his father.

He bought everything he needed, including equipment, supplies and a cart using the funds to begin a roadside tea vendor. Prafull did not make any sales in the initial day however, the following day, he presented an English-language presentation to his potential customers. The initial plan of marketing for Billore consisted of offering free tissues, rusks, as well as a business card featuring positive quotes on it. The result was that he earned 300 the next day. Since people began discussing Billore and this led to word-of-mouth media, Billore soon in certain days began to gain traction.

Prafull obtained rs.50,000 from his parents by claiming that he needed the money for an online language class and then used the funds to invest in his business. Prafull dropped out of his university on the seventh day because there was no desire for continuing his studies and was more interested in the development of his company’s strategy.

To boost his marketing, Prafull decided to provide particular items to people as well as potential customers. Prafull Billore began to promote franchises in the span of a few years. In the present, MBA Chai Wala has between 100 to 120 employees and has a presence in over 50 cities. MBA Chai Wala also accepts orders for birthdays, weddings and celebrity appearances in a variety of areas.

MBA Chai Wala salary

The amount he earns through sponsorships as well as YouTube together is greater than 3 lakhs rupees. The annual earnings of his company are approximately three crores, and his monthly earnings are more than 25 lakhs.

MBA Chai Wala assets

Many people ask what does MBA Chai Wala’s worth? His only asset is his company. In addition to his net worth of over 4 crores He is also president of MBA Chai Wala, which has 11 franchises spread across various cities.

MBA Chai Wala Endorsement

As a well-known businessman Prafull Billore is known for his support from several companies, including Hirect, JUMP.TRADE, etc

MBA Chai Wala Net Worth


Which is the estimated value of MBA Chai Wala?

The estimated value of 30 million rupees, or around that amount is Prafull The Billore’s entire assets.

What can an Chai Wala do following an MBA?

After five years, the young man MBA Chai wala has been transformed into a Rs. 4 crore business with 50 stores across India. He has grown into a multi-millionaire businessman.

What made the MBA Chai Wala end up becoming rich?

After two years of operating the Chai Thela (Tea Cart) on an area along SG Highway Prafull established a cafe franchised in Bhopal. MBA Chai Wala quickly built several franchisees and cafes across India. The brand’s name and reputation helped Prafull to earn millions of dollars through his tea shop that was a huge business.

The number MBA Chaiwala franchises are there?

MBA Chai Wala, a business venture by Prafull Billore, owns 11 franchises spread across several areas.

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