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The article here discusses the App and also provides additional information.

Are you intrigued by this New Profile Pic App that has gone viral across the globe? It’s worth noting that every social media platform including Twitter are flooded with comments about the app as a fraud.

Newprofilepicture com

In addition, a cautionary note is also sent to everyone Facebook users to avoid using the app that could be capturing and stealing information. In this post we will examine the details of and the other information.

What is the New Profile Image App?

It is important to understand this: The New Profile Pic App is an app developed by Informatics Laboratories, Inc. This is the same company that has also developed similar apps such as Toon arts etc.

The app makes use of AI facial recognition technology to transform images of users into a unique art form or cartoon. Additionally, you can upload the photo to social media. Keep reading for more information.

However there is a problem with the Website and app are not correct and the real application’s title is New Profile Pic App which is also available in Google Play. Google Play store. In the next sections we will go into further on the application as well as other information.

What is the reason why the New Profile Pic App trending?

A lot of users change their profile photos using the application Around the world according to sources. This is why the app has becoming popular across the internet. But, few are aware of the data that it contains, such as their facial dimensions which is provided to the company that is registered within Moscow, Russia. In addition, the application uses AI technology to locate the most important elements of the image to make a new version. App Find More About The App

The app is available on Google Play store under it’s name: New Profile Pic App. Contrarily to Apple’s App Store in the United States it’s referred to as the New Profile Pic Image Editor. The application was developed through Informe Laboratories Inc.

Newprofilepicture com

The app has been registered to Linerock Investments, which is an organization based in Moscow, Russia. In addition, it’s not known if the site and application are linked with Linerock Investments, according to the Global Cybersecurity Advisor, Jake Moore.

In addition, Newprofilepicture com Website is not valid and does not link to the app’s website. The app claims to gather user data and then share it with a company located in Moscow which is located near the Russian Ministry of Defense. This is why users are warned against making use of the app.

Final Conclusive

Each app has a distinct feature that can become popular among users. But, it also exposes users criminal activities, in which their personal information and data are able to be stolen.

This is the same warning for the App which is believed as a scam by experts and advised not to make use of it. Do you want to learn more about the app and the reasons it’s being discussed in the media?

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