Oculus Quest 3: everything we know

What will it be the case that the Oculus Quest 3 be the next thing to be added to your gaming computer? This is everything we know regarding the VR headset that is now known as”the Meta Quest 3

oculus quest 3

It is expected that the Oculus Quest 3 is expected to continue the torch of Oculus Quest 2 to Oculus Quest 2 when the company that was previously known as Facebook unveils the Metaverse plans. It’s important to note the fact that this VR headset is totally different from that of Meta Quest Pro (formerly known as Project Cambria), which was announced officially in Meta Connect 2022.

The announcement of a replacement for one of the top VR headsets available isn’t a surprise however Meta recently changed its name to the Quest range to be more in line with its Facebook parent company’s name. This means that the Oculus Quest 2 may be the last one of its kind, since its successor, the Oculus Quest 3 is likely to launch in the form of an alternative to the Meta Quest 3 instead.

Meta’s Quest is set to be continued, but this game PC headset is likely to follow a different route than that of Meta Quest Pro. However both VR experiences might have the same technologies under the hood making comparing reports difficult. In this regard this is what we are aware of regarding the Oculus Quest 3’s release date Rumours, price estimates, and the possible specs that could be beneath the cover.

We have everything we are aware of concerning the Oculus Quest 3.

oculus quest 3

Oculus Quest 3 price speculation

The Oculus Quest 3 isn’t yet sporting an official price However, it’s certainly less in comparison to Meta Quest Pro. Meta Quest Pro since it is geared towards the consumer market instead of the professional space. It’s important to note Oculus Quest 2 is priced lower than the Oculus Quest 2 is priced significantly lower than the first, with 64GB models priced at $299 USD, rather than $399 USD when they launched. If this trend of price increases persists then it’s possible that the Quest 3 could end up being even cheaper as its previous models.

It is true that keeping an affordable price is beneficial for Meta’s goals. In letting casual and new gamers try virtual reality for affordable prices, the company can generate curiosity about Meta’s Metaverse in addition to Web 3.0.


However, Meta has announced an Oculus Quest 2 price hike which means that the latest version of VR headset is priced at $399.99. Naturally, this implies that an upgrade to the device will cost the same or higher, so don’t put your breath on a pricey virtual reality headset.

Oculus Quest 3 release date reports

Meta Quest Pro Meta Quest Pro kicked off the next generation of VR headsets, however it was the Meta Quest 3 was nowhere to be present during the Meta Connect 2022 event. It’s unlikely that we’ll hear further news until the 2023 Meta Connect event in 2023.

oculus quest 2

Of course, the shortage of components and the current pandemic may affect Meta’s VR headset launch plans. As such, until we have an official confirmation from the giant social media company it’s recommended to take any leaks from analysts with a caution.

Oculus Quest 3 specs rumours

The Oculus Quest 2 is a stunning piece of kit that has been improved on the first Quest when it matters. But it’s not the same as Oculus Quest 3 is going against the Sony PSVR 2 that boasts the 4K HDR OLED panels as well as the resolution of 2000×2040 per eye.

Although it’s likely that Meta’s latest headset improves on that of the previous Quest 2, Brad Lynch says the Quest 3 could use newer screen technology called uOLED. This could ultimately provide the headset with an advantage over Sony’s next VR product, particularly in terms of maximizing the quality of images.

The Oculus Quest 3 could have the same 120Hz refresh rate. However, its capabilities may be improved with subsequent updates. Meta may even choose to make use of light-field technology, which is a novel innovation developed by VR manufacturer Creal. The technology will not only provide 240 Hz for the device and blur the lines between virtual and real images with improved distance rendering.


Lynch has revealed CAD sketches which show an Oculus Quest 3 being a mixed-reality headset with a strap that is similar to Quest 2. Quest 2. The designs feature pancake lenses like those found that are on the Pico 4, potentially powered by the Qualcomm XR2 Gen 2 chip.

Although the Pro comes with enhanced tracking but the models show that it’s not the same. Oculus Quest 3 does not have either eye or body tracking. It’s possible that this will change prior to any official announcements, but for now, it’s like this Quest 3 is instead geared toward gaming, instead of the general social Metaverse.

Oculus Quest 3 controller rumours

Meta hasn’t relieved its new VR controllers aren’t yet available, however images posted by YouTuber Basti564 indicate there’s an upgrade in the in the works. The leak was made through an alleged Meta Facebook Workplace meeting the controllers sport an iconic disc shape as well as built-in infrared cameras which could eliminate the need for tracking rings.

oculus quest 2


It’s not clear if the controllers featured in Basti564’s video are authentic however, there’s no evidence to suggest they’ll be compatible to the Oculus Quest 3. The video specifically refers to Meta Quest Pro. Meta Quest Pro. There’s a good chance that both headsets utilize the identical controllers, which could create a commonality across Meta’s forthcoming VR range.

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