RedGIFs not working, How to fix it?

Since the advent of social media and its rapid growth in usage GIFs have played an vital role in communicating any emotion to anyone. GIFs also come in various kinds, such as emotion, certain words, and more. There is also a distinct GIF hub known as which offers adult-themed GIFs. But, initially, Gfycat started for adult-oriented content.

However, in the end it was all changed to The site is running smoothly however, many users encounter problems with RedGIF. Some users complained that they could not open a specific GIF. This is why we did some research and created an article which you can find possible solutions.

What exactly is RedGIFs?

RedGIFs is a platform that allows sharing and exploring animated GIFs. It was created in the year 2020 as a spin-off from the adult content website P*rnhub. RedGIFs lets users browse and post animated GIFs across a variety of topics, such as funny moments, adorable animals, memes, and much more. It also has search functions and lets individuals to share their personal GIFs. RedGIFs has become popular as a secure alternative to other GIF sharing platforms, with a particular focus on quality, engaging content.


How to Fix It If RedGIFs not loading or working

In the beginning of 2019 Gyfcat launched to provide Adult content. However, following several disputes, Gyfact banned all adult content in the year 2020. In addition, All the Adult content was transferred to And, according to reports, Redgif is now owned by an organization that was recently established. In the wake of this, users will be allowed to share gifs on their personal profiles.

Alongside the benefits for loyal users, the Redgifs currently have some problems, such as not loading , or getting stuck on a particular GIF as well as many other issues. But, it is the subject of numerous complaints by people on Reddit. Unfortunately, there isn’t an solution that is official. But, on a normal review, we discovered several reasons that could affect RedGifs not functioning. Therefore, take a check out the fixes below to know more about them.

It could be a complete effort to correct the RedGifs problem. Developers of websites are always working to determine the source of the issue. However, it will take some time. In the meantime you have the test here. Below, we’ve briefly described each of the given solutions.

Try Reloading Your Page

The majority of the time, some websites require a new page. Since you have been residing on a particular page for a long period. It requests that you load the page. If you do not restart it, you could face issues such as not loading and being constantly stuck on a specific GIF or image, and so on. Therefore, in such a scenario, we advise you to try reloading the Redgifs site page. This can be done via Settings Click Reload. This will cause your Redgif has stopped working, which is a problem you can will be solved.


Clear cache files from the browser

The browser is frequently used to search and each time you visit a site, it will restore a couple of cache files. In the majority of cases the cache files cause problems by causing an error when using Redgifs. Since the cache files within your browser become corrupted after a particular time after which, when you attempt to navigate Redgifs’ website, you will encounter a Redgifs website, it experiences an error that says it cannot load. Therefore, in such a circumstance, you need to clean your browser cache files. Additionally, follow the steps below for clearing cache files.

Note: In this case, we have used Google chrome to be a guide point to clear cache files. It is possible to follow the same steps to clear cache files for other browsers. Since, in general, the navigation of each browser is probably similar.

  • On your computer, open Google Chrome.
  • Click on the next link, located in the upper right.
  • Click on Clear browsing data.
  • Select a date/All time.
  • Be sure to look for boxes that exclude cookies and cached files.
  • Now, click on Clear Data.
  • This is it. Your browser’s cache will get removed.

Try a different web browser

There are a variety of browsers within the domain. In case, you still having trouble loading Redgifs, you may be experiencing issues with the Redgifs website. It’s possible that your browser is having issues that are related to the particular GIF website. If this is the scenario, experimenting with an alternative browser on the market is suggested. There is a broad variety of browsers in the Microsoft Store, Google Play Store as well as the App Store.

Enable Adblocker

Adblocker is an integral part of all web browser. It lets the browser block different advertisements on a specific page. However, it is not without its flaws in that it can happen that an ad blockers interfere with web page actions. In this case, it could happen that people are experiencing difficulties loading Redgifs. However, it’s not certain by the fix that it will decrease issues with Redgifs. However, we can try following the steps listed below.

Note: We make use of Google chrome to turn off the adblocker. It is possible that your browser uses a other navigation. These steps will give you a brief overview of tabs and options to disable adblocker.


  • First, launch your Google chrome.
  • Go into Settings. Settings menu.
  • Under Settings, click on Security as well as Privacy.
  • Now, choose Site Settings and then Additional Permission.
  • Then, toggle off the option to show ads.
  • That’s it. Ad blocker is now removed.

Allow JavaScript

Like Cache file, JavaScript also plays a important role in any browser. It aids in the interpretation of results that appear on the screen. Sometimes, JavaScript disables automatically. This means that a handful of websites, such as Redgifs encounter loading issues on the website. In this case it is recommended to enable the JavaScript option in your web browser. If you aren’t able to do this then follow the following guidelines.


  • To start, open Your Google Chrome.
  • Visit and then the Setting menu.
  • Select the option Security and Privacy.
  • Now, click Site Settings, then click JavaScript.
  • Then, Select Sites can use JavaScript.
  • It’s that easy; you have activated JavaScript in your browser.


These are the most reliable fixes we’ve found on a regular basis. It is possible that the fix above could solve your issue. However, if it isn’t solved then keep an eye out for the official fix that will be revealed in the near future. If any user is unsure about the solutions provided and their procedures, then please you can ask your question in the below box.

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