Rubmd Review- Is It A Reliable Local Massage Therapist Finder?

Rubmd Review Rubmd Review Rubmd is a groundbreaking website which makes it easier than ever to locate an experienced massage therapist who is near you. With Rubmd it is easy to find massage therapists near you , and read the reviews of others who have experienced their experience with the service.

With this knowledge you will be able to make an informed choice about the right massage therapist for you. The question is whether you can find an experienced massage therapist in your area on Rubmd?

What is Rubmd?


Rubmd is an online directory of massage therapists which connects users with local massage experts. The site lets users find and make appointments with experienced massage therapists in their local area, and also read testimonials from customers.

It also offers useful information on the different kinds of massage therapy that are available. With Rubmd you can be sure you will receive a top-quality massage from a dependable and knowledgeable service.

How Does Rubmd Work?

Rubmd is an online booking platform for massage that lets users locate quickly and make reservations for massage therapy services within their local area. The site lets users choose an therapist, look up the profile of the therapist, and make an appointment. The site also offers details on different kinds of massage treatments including therapists, rates, and therapists.

Users can narrow your search for therapists by region, type of therapist and desired rate when looking for the services of a massage therapist. You can also read testimonials of the individual therapists in order to get an idea of the quality of their services. Once they have found the right therapist, they can schedule appointments directly on Rubmd. Rubmd website.

The site also provides additional features, including the option to purchase gift certificates as well as the possibility to pay via Coinbase Cash App Bitquick. Rubmd offers detailed billing information to ensure that customers receive exact invoice for their services.

Top Cities Where Rubmd Available

Rubmd is a renowned web-based directory that lists massage professionals throughout the United States. Users can search for massage therapists by state, city or zip code to find massage therapists within their region quickly.

One of the best things concerning Rubmd is that it’s widely available in important cities throughout the U.S. This article will examine five of the most popular cities in the U.S. where Rubmd is accessible: San Diego, Atlanta, Chicago, New York and Dallas.

Rubmd San Diego:

Massage Therapists located in San Diego can easily be located on Rubmd. There are many massage therapists throughout the city, offering diverse services, including Swedish massage deep tissue massage aromatherapy, and much more. With the ease of search on Rubmd that allows you to find the nearest massage therapist within minutes.

Rubmd Atlanta:

If you’re in search of the best massage therapists located in Atlanta, Rubmd is an ideal choice. If you’re in the market for the traditional Swedish massage or specific massaging therapy Rubmd is able to meet your needs. The search can be narrowed by choosing your preferred type of massage you’re looking for and the price range you want.

Rubmd Chicago:

Rubmd has a wide selection of massage therapists who are located in Chicago. If you’re in the market for the comfort of a Swedish massage, or something more vigorous such as hot stone massages, Rubmd has you covered. You can also search for results based on gender or preference for language.


Rubmd New York:

New York City is home to numerous massage therapists who are listed on Rubmd. From relaxing treatments to massage for sports, and reflexology, there’s a massage for every person on Rubmd. You can also make use of the filtering options to narrow your search results based on the desired price range as well as the nature of massage you want.

Rubmd Dallas:

The Rubmd massage is also offered in Dallas. Dallas massage therapists provide Shiatsu, deep-tissue massage massage, Swedish massage and much more. With Rubmd you will be able to locate a massage therapist who is certified close to your home.

Rubmd is a fantastic option to locate massage therapists throughout the U.S. With its extensive listing of massage therapists in major cities such as San Diego, Atlanta, Chicago, New York, and Dallas, Rubmd makes it simple to find the nearest massage therapist to your home.

Rubmd Payment Information

Payments made by Rubmd are processed through bitcoins. You can pay using CashApp, Coinbase, and BitQuick to convert your bitcoins into bitcoins.

Credit card payments are also accepted, however typically, it takes between thirty minutes to get the payment confirmed. It is important to keep an eye on the confirmation message prior to booking an appointment.

After you’ve received confirmation of this You can then book your appointment to see one of our massage professionals located in your region. The process of payment on Rubmd is secure and all data transmitted via the platform remains private.

How to Create an Account on Rubmd

1. To register an account as a customer visit the Rubmd homepage and click “Sign Up” at the upper right-hand corner of the page.

2. Enter your username or email address as well as password.

3. Verify the account you have created by pressing on the link that was sent to you by email.

4. After you’ve created your account you will be able to locate local massage therapists using your zip number or city.

5. If you’re an acupuncturist and would like to utilize Rubmd for a service, or platform to providing your services, click “Create a Profile” from the main page.

6. Please fill in the information required to make your profile.

7. Upload relevant images and videos of your offerings for clients to view.

8. You will be notified when you book an appointment for someone else. you.

9. You must take or decline the appointment request, based upon your schedule.

10. After you’ve received the confirmation after which the client can review your contact information and schedule an appointment.

How to Use Rubmd (Step by Step)

Physiotherapist Giving Female Patient Massage In Hospital

If you’re in search of an expert in massage therapy, Rubmd is the perfect tool to find one close to you. Here’s how to follow when using Rubmd to find the perfect massage therapist that meets your requirements:

The first step is to Go to the official Rubmd website and type in your address. This will show the list of massage therapists within your region.

Step 2. Check the profile pages of each massage therapist and you will find information regarding their experience and the services they offer. There are also reviews written by other clients.

Step 3. Select the massage therapist who appears to be the most suitable for you Based on their reviews and feedback from customers.

4. Schedule an appointment the massage therapist you prefer via the internet or by phone.

5. Prepare yourself for relaxing time with the massage therapist you choose and experience the advantages that professional massage therapies can bring.

Utilizing Rubmd is a quick and effective method of finding an experienced and qualified massage therapist. With Rubmd you can rest at ease knowing that you’ll be successful in finding a reliable massage therapist who is suitable for your requirements.

How to List as a Therapist on Rubmd

1. Visit the Rubmd website.

2. Click on “My Adds.”

3. Fill in the information and then change your settings for “Published.”

4. Pay the fee of $10 for the advertisement post

5. Seek out customer reviews and feedback from customers

6. Respond to customer questions and feedback

7. Update your account regularly to keep abreast of the latest market developments

Rubmd Reviews by Customers

While Rubmd is relatively new, there are few customer reviews regarding their experiences with the platform. The majority of them are favorable and focus on the ease of finding a high-quality massage therapist within a short time.

Users have been raving about the platform’s user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, in addition to the ability to allow users to find massage therapists in their region.

One customer posted on Twitter “I was able to find a great massage therapist near me in less than 5 minutes using Rubmd!”

A different reviewer said, “Rubmd has been incredibly helpful in helping me find a great local massage therapist.”

Customers are pleased with Rubmd and are pleased with the ease of finding a high-quality massage therapists close to them quickly.


The only criticism that has surfaced is the need to expand choices in certain cities However, as the platform grows this will become less of a concern.

The Pros of Rubmd

  1. Rubmd is a good choice to find massage therapy services in a variety of cities.
  2. The site lists all cities that it covers, and it’s easy to locate an therapist near you.
  3. User reviews can help you choose the right therapist for you.
  4. You can also learn about the services provided and gain an understanding of the the level of expertise each therapist provides.
  5. Rubmd helps you find the top massage therapy treatments near you easy and quick.

The Cons of Rubmd

In the case of Rubmd there are a few pros to take into account:

  1. The website should be properly managed. Finding reliable massage therapists in the local area via the website can be a challenge however there’s no guarantee that the massage therapists listed are reliable.
  2. The scam detector rate Rubmd as a mere average, which could be a sign that the service is not reliable.
  3. There aren’t any reviews available online regarding the site’s performance which makes it difficult to determine what you can think about when using the Rubmd.

Is Rubmd Legit?

Overall, it’s an official website for finding massage therapists. It’s been in operation for over a year, and the domain name is legitimate. The scores from scam detection systems are very high, and the site utilizes an algorithmic logarithm in order to guarantee reliability.

There are also reviews from customers and feedback available on the site that prove the authenticity of the website. The website can be further improved in terms of design and content in order to make it more user-friendly.

In addition, it is important to take their time before selecting a massage therapy therapist from the list offered by Rubmd since some might require a license or be certified.

To assist you in selecting the ideal massage therapist, search for those who have certifications like an official state-issued massage therapy license or a certification issued by one of the largest massage therapy associations including AMTA. American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA).

Also, take a look at images and videos posted by prospective massage therapists as they may provide insight into their capabilities and the techniques they employ.

Then, go through the review and comments from clients to discover whether they’re trustworthy and reliable or have had any unpleasant experience.

Can You Find a Local Massage Therapist on Rubmd?

The simple answer is that you can locate the nearest massage therapist using Rubmd. Rubmd is an online platform that connects massage therapists with customers seeking massage services within their region. It’s a reliable source of information that offers complete lists of massage therapists licensed and certified to provide massage services in the city you live in.


Rubmd’s search function that allows you to locate local massage therapists. Enter the zip code or city that you’re searching for and you’ll be given the an extensive list of massage therapists located in the vicinity.

You can filter your search results by indicating the kind of massage that you want. For instance, if you require a sports massage Rubmd will give you an array of massage therapists that specialize in this kind of massage.

If you’ve found the potential massage therapist you can look up their profile to know more about their background and experience. The profiles of Rubmd provide detailed details about each therapist’s qualifications, experiences, qualifications and certificates. You can also read client reviews to gain an understanding of how content previous customers were with the treatment they received from their Therapist.

Utilizing Rubmd to locate the nearest massage therapist is a secure and trustworthy choice. The therapists on Rubmd have been checked to ensure that they are accredited and certified to offer massage services. In addition, Rubmd takes customer safety seriously and provides a variety of payment options to guarantee secure transactions.

In the end, Rubmd is an excellent resource to locate an onsite massage therapist. It’s safe, reliable and simple to use. No matter if you’re seeking an athletic massage, a deep tissue massage or something other than that, Rubmd is sure to provide the ideal therapy.


Rubmd provides an internet-based platform which permits massage therapists to interact with customers within their own local area. The service is available since the year 2018 and is currently operating in over ten locations throughout the U.S.

Rubmd makes it simple to find the nearest massage therapist and the payment process is easy and safe. Customers can schedule appointments and leave reviews about the massage therapists they’ve seen.

If you’re in search of an efficient and reliable method to locate an experienced massage therapist, Rubmd is worth considering. With its easy-to-use interface and effortless payments options Rubmd will be ideal for numerous clients.

As with any service online it’s important to study and read reviews from customers before making an appointment. In the end, Rubmd is the website you will need to find the best massage therapist in your region.

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