Who Has the Highest Snap Score and What Is Their Score?

Snapchat has quickly become one of the most beloved social media platforms with millions of monthly active users since its debut in 2011. Since 2011, this social media application has revolutionized how users share content – its ephemeral nature allows users to be creative without fearing it won’t last – while prior to Stories’ introduction it was used to share silly and amusing posts among all your friends.

Snapchat offers many captivating features, one being its Snap score or Snapchat score; an indicator of prestige for its user. In this article, you’ll discover what constitutes the highest Snap score achieved by app users.

What Is a Snap Score?

Simply put, a Snap score is a feature which measures your in-app activity – representing how many snaps you’ve sent over time using Snapchat’s application. Unfortunately, nobody knows what factors it uses in its algorithm to calculate this figure.

As well as tracking how often and how often you have been sending and receiving snaps on Snapchat, the app also takes into account other aspects. For instance, it counts stories you have posted, your friend list count and days of streakiness among them. Furthermore, if you have been inactive for some time the app might award extra points just to welcome back its users.

What exactly is a Snap Score? Simply put, it is an objective numerical value which measures your activity on Snapchat. The more frequently you use the platform to send snaps and post stories or interact with it – including sending snaps – will raise your Snap score accordingly. So if you want to increase it the key is simple – keep using Snapchat regularly!

Note, however, that not everything you do on the app will have an impactful on your Snap score. For instance, viewing and opening up other users’ stories won’t cause it to alter either; also your text messages won’t count; rather it only counts the snaps sent and received between friends. So to increase your score make sure to send as many snaps as you possibly can!

How Can I Locate My Snapchat Score?

If you want to know what your current Snapchat score is, just launch the application. Next, tap your Bitmoji in the top left corner. Underneath your username and Snap code will be your Snap score number; taping this will allow you to view how many snaps have been sent or received so far. With similar steps taken for other friends too.

How Can You Fix a Lackluster Snapchat Score?

Every time you send or receive a snap, your Snapchat score is refreshed automatically. Send 10 snaps to friends and your score will increase by 10, while receiving 10 snaps increases it by 10. However, some users have reported in 2021 that their score wasn’t updating as quickly. Don’t panic though as there may be an easy solution available!

Before doing anything else, visit Google Play or Apple Store and ensure you have the latest version of Snapchat installed on your device. Wait a few hours as this may clear up. Finally, uninstall and reinstall Snapchat on your device to eliminate any bugs; that way, your Snap score won’t suffer and continue growing!

What constitutes a high Snap Score?

The Snap Score feature on Snapchat tallies the total number of snaps sent and received, as well as other factors, and provides a numerical score as a result. While Snapchat does not publicly disclose the highest possible score, many users want to know what constitutes an “excellent” or “high” Snap score; although no benchmark exists here either; those achieving scores in the hundreds of thousands or millions could potentially qualify.

Keep in mind, however, that Snap scores should not be used as a means of competing or comparing users. Snapchat intentionally keeps its maximum possible score unlisted to limit such activity; however it has been widely reported online that the current highest score stands at approximately 320 million.

On one hand, Snap scoring can be beneficial to users’ mental wellbeing by providing comparison between active accounts. Still, browsing their Snap scores allows you to determine who has amassed the greatest score among your friends.

Who holds the Highest Snap Score Worldwide?

According to reports, @mustbecris is currently holding the record for highest snap score worldwide (2023 among all users), at over 320 million. To achieve such an outstanding feat, one must send and receive more than 1,000,000 snaps daily; key to accomplishing such a goal is acquiring as many followers as possible while sending multiple snaps simultaneously to multiple friends.

Snapchat has quickly become one of the world’s favorite social media platforms since its introduction, with millions of people worldwide exchanging snaps and messages daily. Some users have achieved remarkable Snap scores that have garnered them special recognition within Snapchat’s community.

Here, we have compiled a list of the highest Snap scores ever attained by worldwide users. The list highlights some of the highest Snap scores ever achieved and their respective individuals.

Who Has the Highest Snap Score in 2021?

Estimating who holds the highest Snap Score can be challenging in 2021 due to pandemic-induced isolation; as such, more users than ever are using social media, including Snapchat more than ever before.

However, some users continue to enjoy high Snapchat scores; @cris-thisguy has managed to achieve one of the highest Snapchat scores worldwide – over 50 Million! He holds one of these positions currently.

Below are users with high Snap scores exceeding one million points in 2021:

1. @cris-thisguy has amassed over 50 Million Snaps
2. @michae86l has amassed 29 Million Snaps
3. @gpierson_20 has amassed 20 Million Snaps
4. @ciqlo is currently holding on 26.6 Million snaps.

Who Has the Highest Snap Score in 2022?

In 2022, conditions remain challenging due to pandemic disease sweeping through many communities and rendering people housebound. Since everyone uses social media as a form of escape and passing the time with entertainment purposes, more users than ever before have managed to earn high Snap scores through this means.

@mustbecris holds the record for highest score ever achieved on Snapchat with an estimated total of over 320 Million Snaps by 2022. This impressive achievement can be attributed to sending and receiving multiple Snaps per day and an accumulation of approximately one Million Points daily; therefore @mustbecris remains as the top scoring user on the platform today.

Are You Wondering the Average Snapchat Score?

With these numbers in front of you, it may lead to questions regarding what the average snap score should look like. Unfortunately there is no absolute right or wrong answer as it all depends on how active you are with Snapchat – although you might not achieve the highest Snapchat score, at least you will achieve something to be proud of!

How Does Snapchat Calculate Score?

Your Snap Score on Snapchat provides an interesting reflection of your level of activity and socialization on the app, even though its purpose is purely aesthetic and serves no practical function whatsoever. While increasing it may only bring fun and games, here are a few elements which contribute to its formation:

Your daily activity on Snapchat includes sending and receiving Snaps; posting Stories to be seen; watching Discover videos; and discovering videos.

Your Snapchat score depends on how many friends you have, sending multiple Snaps at once to multiple people at the same time and maintaining Streaks by sending Snaps daily to them. Although additional variables could play into their calculation, Snapchat has not revealed any additional information regarding how Snap Scores are calculated.

With 100 people on Snapchat, your Snap score could quickly hit 50K; and, if you make new connections frequently, that number could quickly skyrocket even higher!

What strategies can help me increase my Snapchat score daily?

To increase your Snap score and impress your friends, daily spend some time sending out snaps. Studies have demonstrated that an average Snapchat user sends between 20-50 snaps every single day which could boost your score by 50 daily simply due to how often they snap.

Spend some time cultivating new relationships, as this can increase your Snap score considerably faster since more snaps will be sent out each day. Be mindful that text and video calls don’t count towards this score!

Highest Snap Score for a Girl

Guys may hesitate to add women with high Snap scores; however, when the score of a girl’s Snapchat is this high, this usually indicates she maintains a large friend list that keeps in contact.

Social media have become an integral part of life, making it easy to identify individuals with high Snap scores.

Boy With Highest Snapchat Score

It isn’t any different for men with the highest Snapchat scores – those at the forefront include all those with extensive friend lists who lead in Snap score competition and receive hundreds of snaps each day, thus cementing their position as profiles with highest scores.

Celebrities With the Highest Snapchat Score

Users that easily amass a high Snapchat score are likely celebrities, having amassed large followings on Snapchat. Notable celebrities with the highest Snapchat scores include:

1. DJ Khaled (@djkhaled305),
2. Ariana Grande (@moonlightbae),
3. Kim Kardashian (@kimkardashian)
4. Bella Thorne (@bellathornedab)


Snapchat score is a feature enjoyed by millions of users around the world, offering an engaging way for individuals to compete amongst themselves for fun competition. Use Snapchat score as an element for fun competition between you and your friends to see who can attain the highest possible snap score ever recorded on Snapchat.

Engaging actively on the platform and networking with many friends will allow you to quickly amass points and boost your Snap score.

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