Super Singer Vote 2019: Support Your Favorite Talent

Are you a big fan of the cult singing competition show Super Singer? Are you a favourite contestant you’d like to have the honor of winning? Now is the time to get your voice heard and cast a vote for your top singer in the Super Singer Vote 2019!

What is Super Singer?

Super Singer is a popular singing competition show which is telecast in India on Star Vijay TV in India. The show showcases talented singers from across the country competing against one another to earn an award of Super Singer. It has been in production for several seasons and been able to attract a large fan base over time.

The Judging Panel

One of the main reasons for the show’s popularity is the prestigious jury. The panel is comprised of famous music directors and singers who offer valuable feedback and advice to the contestants. The current panel of judges to judge Super Singer 2019 includes playback singers Shankar Mahadevan, Chitra, and Kalpana Raghavendar. Also, there is the music director and singer Anuradha Sriram.

The judges don’t just assess the performance of contestants, but also coach and instruct them in improving their singing abilities. Their experience and expertise in the industry of music make them the perfect choice for the show.

How to Vote for Your Favorite Contestant

Voting for your favourite Super Singer 2019 contestant Super Singer 2019 is easy and can be completed in just a few easy steps. Here’s how:

  1. Download the Hotstar application on your mobile device, or visit Hotstar’s website. Hotstar site on your PC.
  2. Create an account or sign into an existing account.
  3. Look up “Super Singer Vote” in the search bar.
  4. Click”Go to the poll” by clicking on “Vote Now” button next to the name of your contestant.
  5. You’ll be granted 50 votes every day, and you can give to your most loved contestants.
  6. Click”Submit” “Submit” button to cast your vote.

Important Things to Note

  • The voting lines will be open on Monday 8:15 midnight IST through the end of Friday at 12 pm IST.
  • You may only vote for your preferred contestant during this time frame.
  • You are allowed to vote up to 50 votes each day.
  • Voting is only possible through Hotstar. Hotstar app or on the website. Votes made through other channels are not counted.

Why Your Vote Matters

Your vote plays an important part in determining who will be the winner in Super Singer 2019. The contestant who receives the highest amount of votes is declared to be the winner of the competition. Your vote does not just show your support for your favorite contestant, but it can also help them remain on the show.

In the past we’ve witnessed some of the most talented singers go down because of the absence of votes. Don’t let your favorite contestant experience this fate. Vote and help them claim Super Singer 2019. Super Singer 2019.

Who Will Be the Fan Favorite?

There are so many skilled artists competing against one another it’s tough to determine who will be the fans’ favourite during Super Singer 2019. But, there are some contestants who have stood out by their outstanding performances and have earned an enormous fan base.


Murugan is a singer aged 22 of Chennai who has impressed public and judges with his powerful voice. He has consistently given strong performances and has been a fan favorite within only a short time.


Punya is a 20 year old singer of Kerala who has captured the hearts of viewers and judges by her enchanting voice. She has a distinctive style of singing, and has been awarded great praise from judges for her performance.


Sivaangi is a 17 year old singer of Trichy who has caught the attention of her audience thanks to her charming persona and gorgeous voice. She has a formidable performance on stage and given many memorable performances on the stage.


Vikram is a 24-year-old musician who hails from Chennai that has managed to impress judges by his range and versatility. He is able to perform a variety of musical genres effortlessly and has earned highly praised by judges for his performance.

The Journey So Far

Super Singer 2019 has been an adrenaline-filled ride for contestants as well as the public. From emotional performances to shocking eliminations The show has kept viewers in the top on their feet. The contestants have undergone intense training and have improved their singing abilities every week.

The judges have also played a an integral part in shaping the contestants’ experience through the show. They have offered valuable feedback and have helped contestants improve as performers.

The Final Showdown

The competition is at its end, which means that the remaining competitors are giving their best effort to take home Super Singer 2019. Super Singer 2019. With just the last few weeks remaining and the competition getting more challenging, and the contestants have left no stone unturned in their quest to impress the judges and public.

What will happen to the final victor in Super Singer 2019? Will it be Murugan, Punya, Sivaangi, or Vikram? It’s your choice to choose. Vote and decide which contestant you like best. who will be the Super Singer 2019 winner. Super Singer 2019.

Don’t Miss the Grand Finale

The big finale to Super Singer 2019 is just in the near future and you shouldn’t be able to miss out on it. The showdown that will determine the top contestants is one to remember and will be filled with incredible performances and thrilling moments.

Mark your calendars, and tune for Star Vijay TV on the day of the grand finale to find out who will be declared Super Singer 2019. Super Singer 2019.

In Conclusion

Super Singer Vote 2019 is the chance for you to show your support for your favourite singer and assist them to earn their title as Super Singer. Don’t delay for too long. Install the Hotstar application or go to the Hotstar website to vote now. Your vote could be crucial in determining who will win Super Singer 2019.

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