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Email is a vital communication tool, and almost every person has an email address (or five) However, its widespread nature makes it a frequent recipient of unwelcome marketing emails, which are also referred to by the name of spam. To stop this, email service providers use sophisticated filters to distinguish legitimate emails ( ham) from unwanted messages (spam).

Spam filtering is a great tool that email providers employ to control the constant flood of unwelcome email messages that are sent out daily. It is common for this process to happen quietly behind the scenes however, the process could be spotted in the event that you don’t receive an email you want to receive. While spam filters are as effective as they are however, mistakes are possible.

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To ensure that your inbox is free from unwanted messages and safeguard you from malicious spam, TalkTalk has several methods to fight spam. If you’re not getting emails from certain senders, then you’ll first need to look in your spam folder to find those emails and then mark them “not spam” if you discover them. In addition, TalkTalk doesn’t have any of the standard “white list” or “safe senders” options. What that you could do is ensure that you’re not blocking messages from particular senders, or choose the “nuclear” option which allows users to stop all messages that are received, excluding messages from the specific senders you choose. We’ll explore these in greater depth below.

Send messages to be marked with the words “not spam”

The messages you receive from your email account that are deemed as suspicious are sent to your accounts Spam folder. Once in the spam folder, messages are removed within a limited time (usually 30-days). It’s a good idea to take a glance through your spam folder on a regular basis to determine if you have messages you believe shouldn’t be.

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If you’re expecting a text message but it’s not getting to your inbox for a few hours, you’ll need to look through in your junk mail folder determine whether it was there. If it did the message can be marked to be non-spam to forward messages to inboxes. It will also assist in training your spam filters to recognize messages that look like this in the future.

To mark an email that you have received as not being spam:

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  1. Log into the TalkTalk Mail account. TalkTalk Email account using your computer
  2. Go to Mail
  3. Visit Your Spam folder.
  4. Locate then the desired message and to the message you want
  5. Choose the Not Spam button from the toolbar or the drop down menu inside your email’s display.
  6. The email will be moved to your Inbox. It will be removed from the Inbox. TalkTalk spam filters are informed that you’ve marked this message in the form of “not spam”.

Check your mail filters

If you discover that emails from some or all of the senders get tossed into your inbox even after you have marked the messages as “not spam”, check your email filters to see the possibility of having installed one that blocks messages from specific senders.

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  1. Log into the TalkTalk Mail account. TalkTalk mail account using your computer
  2. Click on from the primary Settings menu (triple line button) and then click Settings.
  3. To the right side, extend to the Mail section Then, select Filter Rules.
  4. Review the E-mail Filter Rules. Choose the option to disable on the right side of any rule that you don’t wish to impact your inbound mail.

For further assistance


If you require help getting emails as an TalkTalk Mail user, visit the TalkTalk community support website.


If you’re an email sender who is having difficulty sending emails in the mailer of TalkTalk Mail subscribers, you can visit TalkTalk’s community support site. TalkTalk Community Support website.

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