Ten Free Movie Apps For Watching Movies Online In 2023

There was a time not too long ago that we waited for hours to watch our most loved films being shown by cable TV on an unaffected timetable.

If you weren’t able to get to the television on time, it’s likely that you missed a few scenes or the entire film. It’s no surprise that in the past, traditional television broadcasting didn’t go well for movie lovers.

Happily, we have an evolving entertainment industry that is which is dominated by OTT and streaming websites. Platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and, more recently, Disney Plus, have made access to all sorts of films that are both new and old and extremely easy to access.

Review Top Free Movie Apps

free movies app

If you’d like to enjoy a film it is as easy as opening one of these apps on your mobile or desktop and you can enjoy a seamless HQ movie-watching experience any time and anyplace you’d like. There’s plenty of films to keep your attention to today thanks to movie apps , like those mentioned above. But, they do have limitations.

Despite the huge library but it’s not possible to expect OTT platforms to offer an unlimited catalog of films. You might not locate the film you’re seeking in their catalogue. This is why it’s essential to broaden your choices and then instantly switch to a new movie app to locate your preferred films to stream.

This article we’ll provide you with a lengthy list of movies that will please the cinephile within you.


  • A user-friendly interface that’s simple to use is a must for apps that play movies.
  • The app must store films in well-organized categories that are according to their genres.
  • Advanced filtering options that make finding films simple in terms of their nature release date, release date, cast and so on. is essential.
  • The app will allow users to view films in both HD as well as SD quality, as well as for users with a poor internet connection
  • An app that supports offline viewing is an enormous advantage.
  • The app will let users continue to view their videos even after they had previously stopped.

Fact-checking: According to a recent report released by Statista the preferred method for watching new films in the theater has changed significantly between 2018 and the year 2020. The study found that the majority of people (36 percent) preferred to stream new movies at home via streaming services such as an OTT (or streaming service. Just 14% of people surveyed expressed enthusiasm for watching new films in a theatre.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q#1) Which is the most effective free movie application?

Answer: Based on overall satisfaction of customers and the application’s popularity, we think that the following are the top apps for watching free films:

free movies app

  1. Crackle
  2. Tubi
  3. Popcornflix
  4. Vudu
  5. Yidio

Question #2) Are you able to download films via Tubi?

Answer: Tubi is a fantastic platform that can provide its users with a huge collection of films to stream without cost. The app is compatible with each of Android as well as iOS devices and has many amazing features.

However offline viewing isn’t one of the options. In the present, Tubi does not allow its users to download content from their website. The situation could be changed as the app develops more as the years pass by.

Q 3) How do I enjoy free movies on my smartphone?

Answer: It is easier nowadays to stream movies directly from your smartphone, due to the wide range of apps that stream movies including some we’ve included in the following list.

The apps listed in the article below are among the most popular free movie apps available for Android as well as iPhone. You can use their services by visiting the app store of your device and selecting the app that you like best for you, and then install it onto your device.

A #4) Is Tubi secure?

Answer: Tubi is a legal platform which holds valid licenses for all the films or TV programs it has. It is thought to be one of the top platforms that allows you to stream online movies at no cost. You can be sure that you won’t get security alerts when streaming movies through this site.

Q 5) Is Vudu available for free use?

Answer: Vudu is absolutely free to use, and that’s why it is on our list. However, be prepared to accept plenty of advertisements if you want to watch films on Vudu without cost. You must purchase or rent a film on Vudu if you wish to have a ad-free film-watching experience.

You can also stream 4K videos on Vudu when you decide to purchase Vudu’s digital versions of the film you want to watch.

List Of The Top Movie Apps

Here are some most popular applications to stream films at no cost:

  1. Crackle
  2. Tubi
  3. Popcornflix
  4. Vudu
  5. Pluto TV
  6. Filmrise
  7. Plex
  8. Viki
  9. Sling TV
  10. Movies Anywhere

Comparing Some Of The Best Free Movie Apps

free movies app

Name Best For Best Features Ratings Website
Crackle Modern, Sleek UI ? The minimalist, sleek design
? Video player built into the device
? The option for creating a list using the ‘watch later’ feature
? Comprehensive search mechanism
Tubi Organized
Movie Library
? Clean Design
? No registration or sign-up is required.
? Good collection of new and old content
? Kids dedicated section
? Network news programming
PopcornFlix International Action Movie Library ? A User-Friendly Interface that is Convenient for Content Filtering
? A great library of international action films
? Subtitles embedded.
? Exclusive content
Vudu Rent and Buy Digital
? The Advanced Filtering
? 3D and 4K Streaming
? Early Access to New Releases
Pluto TV Spanish Language Content ? The Simple UI
? Stand-Up Specials
? Full-Season of TV Shows
? News and Live Sports Broadcast

A detailed review:

#1) Crackle

The best choice for modern, sleek UI.


Crackle is a welcome to you with the most intuitive user interface of any free legal film application. You’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking to find thanks to the user-friendly master search box, as well as an homepage page with an impressively curated catalog of movies.

The movies are categorized by nature. The app hosts every kind of film. From comedy to horror or romance, to action You’ll find everything in this app.

The user interface itself can be amazing, allowing users view videos in HD quality. It is also not necessary to play a movie to find out the film’s information. The information will be displayed when you just hover over the title of the movie using your cursor over the interface. If you’re signed to the website, it lets you add films to your watchlist with just one click, making it easier to build your own playlist.

What We Like:

  • The clean, minimalist design.
  • The built-in video player built in.
  • The option of creating playlists using the feature of ‘watch later.
  • Comprehensive search mechanism.

What we Don’t Like:

  • Insufficient original film content.

Review: Crackle has a massive collection of movies including both classic and contemporary that you can stream instantaneously by opening the application and playing the film you enjoy. If you’re looking for a free movie streaming app is concerned, Crackle is definitely top-tier and is among the top streaming apps that are free.

Price: Free

Website: Crackle


#2) Tubi

Ideal for an organized library of movies.


Tubi is another movie app that lets you enjoy the cinema experience directly onto the screen of your Android as well as iOS devices. The most appealing aspect is that there is no cost to use the app. Tubi offers a huge collection of TV and movie shows, arranged by genre. Apart from all entertainment content Tubi includes a separate section specifically for children’s content.

There are also straight streams that are sourced from mainstream news channels including ABC News, Fox News, NBC News, etc. In addition to genre classification We also love the way the library is organized by recent additions of titles or new releases, ending Soon and more.

What We Like:

  • Clean design.
  • There is no registration or sign-up necessary.
  • A good selection of new and old content.
  • Kids dedicated section.
  • Television news programs.

What we don’t Like:

  • Video may buffer periodically.

Review: Tubi is considered to be the top of the line in free content distribution online. Tubi’s elegant, modern layout is very easy to navigate. It will be no trouble finding the movies you want to see because of Tubi’s organized library of films. It’s certainly one of the top applications to stream movies no cost.

Price: Free

Website: Tubi


#3) PopcornFlix

The best for action films.


PopcornFlix is, in my opinion, one of the top collections of action films that we have included on this list. You’ll find plenty of excellent action films across the globe on this site. Additionally the platform is the home of exclusive film and TV series also. We love the fact that it gives users the option to select the genres that you’d like to explore in.

The videos function perfectly for a service that is free, however, we would like that the platform could give users the option to alter the quality of the video. The videos are equipped with subtitles that are embedded this is a huge benefit in our view.

The things we love about HTML0 about:

  • Simple Interface with Convenient Content Filtering.
  • A large collection of action films from around the world.
  • Subtitles embedded.
  • Exclusive content.

What we don’t like about HTML0:

  • Can’t adjust video quality.

Review: We would like to suggest PopcornFlix to action-lovers who are hardcore. It is filled with films, action films specifically that are from all over world. There are advertisements, but they’re not a problem and will not interfere with your viewing experience.

Price: Free

Website: PopcornFlix


#4) Vudu

Ideal for renting or purchasing new releases.


Vudu is typically a site film enthusiasts go to to rent films or TV shows to stream on the internet. However, the website has a huge collection of films that you can stream at no cost, with the restriction of ads however.

This platform is extremely simple to navigate, allowing users to switch seamlessly from genres to brand new release and exclusive content in just a the click of a button.

The most appealing feature of Vudu is, naturally, is its library of rental movies that gives you access to new films. You are currently able to request early access for critically-acclaimed 2021 movies like Candyman or The Suicide Squad via Vudu. It also offers films that is available in 3D or 4K. It’s also a unique platform that allows users to filter content based on the Rotten Tomatoes score.

What we Like:

  • Advanced filtering.
  • 3D and 4K Streaming.
  • Early access to the latest releases.
  • Discounts on digital purchases of TV or movie titles.

What we don’t like about HTML0:

  • A limited library of movies for free.

Evaluation: Vudu has been a popular choice for movie lovers for quite a while. It lets you purchase or rent movies online in a single click. It’s also one of those platforms that permit users to filter content by their rotten tomato score. It also has an unrestricted library of free movies However, we enjoy the free films we are able to enjoy via the website.

Cost: Free subscription. Pay for each film.

Website: Vudu


#5) Pluto TV

The best for Spanish content in Spanish.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a must-have for anyone who wants to enjoy live broadcasting on mobile devices. It has a huge collection of new and old content. It lets users stream movies from 27 different film channels. Additionally, you can enjoy more than 1000 movies on demand with a variety of genres.

But, the greatest feature is its library of Spanish language content. It lets users stream original and Dubbed Spanish content from more than 45 Spanish channels. Pluto TV is also home to some classics from the cult world of The Child’s Play franchise, Predator and many other.

What We Like:

  • The basic UI.
  • Stand-Up specials.
  • The full season of TV shows.
  • News and Live Sports broadcast.

What we Don’t Like:

  • Advertisements every 10 min.

Review: We highly recommend Pluto TV for Spanish audience members or for those who love watching Spanish TV and films. It is also filled with old classics users can enjoy without having to pay an ounce. Pluto TV is undoubtedly one of the top streaming applications.

Price: Free

WebsitePluto TV


#6) Filmrise

Ideal to watch movie as well as TV series on the top global networks.


Filmrise is one of the biggest independent distributors of film and TV shows all over the world. Their association with the network giants such as HBO, Prime Video, Showtime and Starz allows them to give users access to a variety of high-quality content. The app houses well-known independent films as well as cable TV shows and documentaries.

It is easy to sort content according to what you’re searching for. The library of films is divided into four major sections that include new releases, special content, documentaries, as well as an exclusive library section with content suggested by the folks behind Filmrise. The library of TV shows is divided into 3 categories that include classic, featured and reality television.

We like about:

  • A wide selection of classic and popular TV shows and movies available to stream.
  • Videos in High-Definition.
  • Good customer support.
  • A good documentary collection.

We don’t love:

  • The homepage UI isn’t always clear for certain.

Evaluation: If you enjoy content from all over the globe and would like access to it legally, but without cost to the world’s best content, this is the platform for you. Original shows are available from networks like HBO, Showtime, Starz and many more with the highest quality. It’s a fantastic free movie application for Android.

Price: Free

Website: Filmrise


#7) Plex

The best choice option for Live television shows as well as DVR.


Plex lets you enjoy more than 20000 movies on demand for no cost. The library of content contains films from the largest production houses in Hollywood. Starting from Warner Bros. to MGM You can watch their films without spending an ounce.

The platform is also able to stream more than 130 channels, providing you with the full TV viewing experience, with live streaming of sports, news as well as other shows that are popular. The platform also allows you the option of creating your own playlists that include all of your top TV and film shows that are curated so you can return to them at any time you want.

We like about:

  • Simple playlist creation.
  • Record TV shows and movies to watch later.
  • Set maximum upload bandwidth limit.
  • Hardware transcoding.

What we don’t like about HTML0:

  • Advanced feature hidden behind the paywall.

Evaluation: We like Plex because of the ease to sign up and utilize it. You can access more than 30 channels and over 20000 online movies that you can stream at no cost. There are a variety of advanced features that will enhance your viewing experience. However, you will be required to pay a fair subscription fee to unlock these features.

Price: Free, $4.99/Month – Premium Upgrade

Website: Plex


#8) Viki

Best for access to Asian Films.


Thanks to the internet, which has reduced the gap between countries the world now has access to top-quality entertainment from all over the globe. Viki offers a variety of critically well-respected Korean, Chinese, and other Asian dramas to your mobile screens.

All content is streamed in high definition and with embedded subtitles, so you can stream these shows regardless of how familiar you are with the language. We also appreciate its filtering option. It allows you to filter the content by the genre or country, subtitle language, country and release date.

The things we love about HTML0 about HTML0:

  • Access to new and old Asian entertainment.
  • Advanced filtering option.
  • Diverse subtitle language option.
  • Users can rate and review shows.

We don’t love:

  • Slightly Clumsy UI.

Review: If you are a enthusiast of Asian television or cinema You’ll be awed by Viki. You can legally stream your most loved Korean, Japanese or other Asian films for no cost on the platform. You can even voice your opinions about it via the website.

Price: Free

Website: Viki


#9) Sling TV

Best for Live TV Streaming

Sling TV

Sling TV allows you to stream content from more than 200 channels across the US. It has more than 80000 movies on demand or TV series. Popular News channels such as Fox News and NBC, along with well-known Lifestyle networks, are all available live and for no cost with Sling TV.

Sling TV is also great as a streaming service that is international. It lets you stream the most well-known American programming that has been dubbed in more than 22 languages, including Spanish, Arabic, and Hindi. The app also supports Nielsen’s Proprietary Measurement which allows you to be a part of the TV show’s Nielsen TV Rating.

The things we love about HTML0 about:

  • 80000 shows and films.
  • Stream shows from 22 well-known US channel networks.
  • Nielsen’s proprietary Measurement support.
  • Continue on from where you stopped.

What we don’t like about HTML0:

  • Users have been experiencing frequent app that freeze lately. It is anticipated that this issue will be resolved with the next update to the app.

Evaluation: Sling TV has long been a great platform for those who love to watch movies and to stream quality movies on the go. Its library is constantly expanding and includes nearly all the popular TV and movie content you’ll need, and is available without cost.

Price: FreeSling Orang – $30/month, Sling Blue – $30/month, Combined Plan – $45/month

Website: Sling TV


#10) Movies Anywhere

The best choice option for buying and renting online films.

Movies Anywhere

Like Vudu, Movie Anywhere is similar to an online marketplace in which you can purchase Digital copies of all your favorite television and movies from online sellers. There is no need to sign up on the site, and you only pay for the film purchased.

The platform provides all the data you need including synopsis for the film, IMDB rating, cast information and so on. to help you choose the perfect film.

You can make an inventory of your films and make them available to other users on the internet via an online screen share link. It is possible to stream movies directly from Movies Anywhere. Movies Anywhere platform with 4K, UHD, and Dolby Atoms support.

What We Like:

  • Over 8000 films on demand to select from.
  • Supports 4K, UHD Streaming.
  • Make your own personal collection of films by using your own personalization using the My Lists feature.
  • Make movies available to other users through Screen Pass. Screen Pass feature.

We don’t love:

  • Video stretched with the ultra-wide display.

Review: Movies Anywhere is considered by many to be the top movie streaming app that, like Vudu lets you purchase and build a collection of digital TV shows. It supports 4K and UHD viewing, and is a star because of its “Screen Pass” feature.

Cost: Free, Pay for each movie separately.

Website: Movies Anywhere



Because of technology and the internet the world of entertainment has never been more accessible than it is now. Movies that previously would have been difficult to locate can now be enjoyed on the Internet through a reliable movie streaming platform. These platforms now have their own apps which work seamlessly with Android and iOS devices.

The movies mentioned above are among the most popular free applications to stream movies at within the convenience of own home or wherever you want. You don’t have to follow a an exact schedule. Just turn on the apps for movies to enjoy free streaming of your most-loved TV or movie.

For our suggestion, If you’re looking for free access to an enormous collection of both old and new films and TV shows Look at Tubi as well as Crackle. If you’re a lover of Spanish entertainment, we recommend giving Pluto TV a try.

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