The Guide to Use myMCPS Classroom

Montgomery County Public Schools is taking advantage of online education and learning by creating myMCPS Classroom, an online learning management system.MyMCPS classroom provides an alternative to Google Classroom that most of the students are used to using, and if you’re new to myMCPS Classroom and how it works, this article should help get your started with myMCPS Classroom and use.This article will provide all the details about myMCPS classroom, its benefits, and how you can get started using it.

What Is myMCPS Classroom?

myMCPS Classroom is the learning management system (LMS) utilized by Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) in Maryland to provide teachers and students with an secure online environment where they can collaborate, communicate and access learning resources.

myMCPS Classroom features include:

  1. Grade books provide teachers with a tool for recording and tracking student grades.
  2. Students and teachers can post and respond to queries and comments in this discussion forum.
  3. Calendar where students can view assignments and their due dates
  4. Students can access handouts, assignments and other learning resources in one central place.
  5. Provides tools to create and deliver online lessons and activities.

MyMCPS Classroom can be accessed by students, teachers, and parents through the Montgomery County Public Schools website by entering their username and password for access. Parents can also gain access through ParentVUE; an independent portal which provides parents with information regarding their child’s grades, attendance data and other school-related matters.

What Are the Advantages of myMCPS Classroom?

Once we have established what myMCPS Classroom is and its core benefits, let us turn our attention towards them.


MyMCPS Classroom can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, making it simple for both students and teachers to access classwork and deliver instruction even when students aren’t physically in class. This makes myMCPS Classroom ideal for creating accessibly classroom experiences for all users at any time.


MyMCPS Classroom offers teachers several tools and features that can make their work more efficient, such as creating online lessons and activities, grading assignments, communicating with students and parents and more.


myMCPS Classroom promotes communication between teachers, students and parents. Students can use myMCPS Classroom to post questions or post comments regarding classwork assignments while teachers can respond quickly with answers or provide feedback to improve students’ work. Parents can use myMCPS Classroom to stay informed on their child’s progress as well as connect with his/her teacher directly.

How Can I Begin using MyMCPS Classroom?

MyMCPS Classroom is an LMS that’s only accessible to students enrolled in Montgomery County Public Schools, so if you are part of this educational community, follow these steps to access this virtual learning portal and start taking advantage of its capabilities.

  • Begin by accessing the official website.
  • Register on the platform by providing official credentials you received during enrollment.
  • Fill in all applicable fields with relevant data in order to generate your username and password.
  • Utilizing those credentials, log onto the portal and start your learning experience.

Some of the tips available through this portal:

  • Explore all the features on the portal.
  • Get to know your educators through their profiles.
  • Participate in class activities and discussions.
  • As well as keep all student information organized.


Unlearning myMCPS Classroom may take some time, so if you need assistance we hope all your questions can be resolved as quickly as possible. Also remember this learning portal is exclusively yours so don’t share your credentials with anyone else.

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