The Secret Code Behind Your Dutch Bros. Coffee Straw

It is believed that the Dutch Bros straw code mystery is one that has led girls who have received an adorable straw from the cute barista brother to discover a reason to go to the cafe three times a day. I’ve seen this in person.

If you’re not aware of this mysterious nature of the situation, Dutch Bros Dutch Bros workers use a color code to let their customers know their feelings about their baristas, regardless of whether he believes they’re adorable or ugly or even just a bit. It’s possible that you’ll leave Dutch with more than just an espresso, but also a nice note too.

dutch bros straw code

The code mystery is believed to be like this:

Pink: pretty or cute

Green: ugly (ouch!)

Orange: strange, mysterious or strange

Yellow: average or so-so

Blue Rude

When I heard about this mystery, I wasn’t sure what I thought about being judged based on my appearance, when I’m trying to make my cup of coffee. I had a lot of questions. did this really happen to be an all-employee conspiracy in which everyone was involved? Did they undergo a course on how to determine quickly which person was attractive or not?

While I wasn’t certain if the truth of this story at first, I soon found myself searching for an apricot straw in similar to how girls want to win the ultimate bloom on the Bachelor.

It was time to end the mystery, and I decided it was the right time to unravel this mystery and discover whether the code held any value one and for all, so I could buy my coffee without fear!

Then I ran an experiment!

I chose to go to Dutch without makeup wearing my pajamas and my hair in a ponytail to check out the color of the straw I picked up. After I was served the drink I noticed in it a straw of yellow that was a sign of mediocre. I thought that this could be a reliable indicator of my appearance based upon the situation. I returned later that day, wearing makeup in which I thought was an adorable outfit and hair trimmed and down. When I received my drink for after the 2nd time I was presented with the straw that was pink! I was certain that this mystery must be real however I wasn’t able to declare it to be true based on this since there were a few small flaws with the experiment as a whole; the most important being that it was actually two barista brothers.

dutch bros straw code

Then I decided to simply contact for a Dutch Bros worker, but before doing so, I needed to think about breaking the heart of any person who has ever had an instant boost to their self-esteem by drinking their straw of pink. I’m talking about… straws with pink always brightened my day.

Was the world prepared to hear the truth?

Was I prepared for the truth?

I would then imagine every barista who was stalked each shift by a customer who was handed an adorable pink straw, believing the barista was finding them cute.

It was time for all to understand the truth.

I asked the totally reliable and trustworthy barista bro’s source — Jake Thatcher. (He is a superhero-sounding name, akin to Milo Thatch from Atlantis, therefore, that we can be sure of his reliability.)

The man has told me, no this isn’t real. When lines get very long, as they do in Dutch the Netherlands, they don’t have time to apply the straw color code. As per sources, Dutch Bros hand out the orange and pink straws because they are like the most fun. Jake Thatcher has assured me that Dutch Bros is not a discriminatory company and will not be judging you based on the outside appearance.

All of you are beautiful in your unique way, both externally as well as inwardly, and therefore you’re all worthy of pink straws, in my opinion! And I’m sure the baristas from the Dutch bros have the same feelings.

dutch bros straw code

It’s not true; Jake Thatcher left me this little nugget.

Rarely will he see someone go the extra mile to offer an adorable pink straw since they think a person is adorable.

The newest Dutch Bros mystery is finding out if the pink straw is among the rare straws or not..

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