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Welcome to my Viddeyo Review. I’m Darius Here from Reed Ratings where I give honest and honest product reviews on the internet as well as amazing bonuses on products I believe in.

 viddeyo review

Viddeyo is developed by Amit Pareek, who is also the creator of Trendio, the creator of Web Primo, Kyza, Coursova, Agenicez, Vidios, DotComPal, Ziliate, MaxFunnels as well as many other top excellent software applications.

The main issue is: does Viddeyo truly worth the money? I’ll let you know if it meets all your requirements and should it do I’ll offer you some incredible freebies you’ll only receive directly from me.

My aim is to assist you in making an informed decision , so you don’t waste your money. Let’s move on to the next part in the Viddeyo review to discover the specifics of Viddeyo will do to benefit you and your company.

What is Viddeyo?

Viddeyo is a cloud-based service for hosting videos that lets users to host and promote all your videos on your own channel. Without distractions, such as ads you see on YouTube.

This is wonderful as it doesn’t leak any traffic. YouTube is a great platform for streaming videos. YouTube it is possible to embed videos on websites, like this, it will show ads if made available for sale. Additionally, YouTube will add related videos.

This is a problem since your customers are distracted, and may decide to go to a YouTube video YouTube recommends , and as a result your traffic will be gone. This is why it’s so beneficial to own the option of owning your own hosting service.

There are these established and well-known platforms such as Wistia and Vimeo These are excellent platforms for marketers. A lot of them make use of these. But they’re costly and have monthly charges. They also lack some of the features you will get with Viddeyo. Like interactive elements.

In Viddeyo you can incorporate interactive elements to your videos such as an action call. You can include buttons or opt-in forms, text images and more. What I love what I like most about Viddeyo is that it’s incredibly fast.

The video will play as quickly when the website is loaded. The player for video, as you can customize it with a variety of ways using different designs and colours. It’s also easy to use.

 viddeyo review

It also comes with a commercial licenses, so you can sell hosting services for video. Let’s move on to the next part in my Viddeyo Review to learn the way Viddeyo operates.

What is the process Viddeyo Works? : Demo Video

Then let’s dive into the next chapter in the Viddeyo Review to find out more details about Viddeyo price and its upsells.

Viddeyo Review Price & Upsells

Front End Offer is the primary software Viddeyo that costs $77. For the front final offer, the price you see today is only available during the initial launch.

Make use of coupon code VIDDEYO to receive 10 percent of your order.

After the launch date, which will end on June 10, 2022, the price will be raised by $77. In addition the frontend access doesn’t depend on any upgrade options It works perfectly by itself, but it’s also limited.

At present, there are four upsells. You don’t need all of them in order to utilize Viddeyo however, they may be helpful in the context of your the use you intend to make of them.

One-Sale: Viddeyo Elite $197

  • Unlimited bandwidth for your videos. Unlimited bandwidth for your
  • create unlimited video channels
  • create unlimited custom domain/subdomain/businesses
  • Unlimited video playlists
  • More stunning and ready-to-use customized 5 video player
  • Customize the colour of your player, theme and color to make it more your own appearance and feel
  • customize your player using eight attractive and eye-catching frames
  • Video A-B repeat function
  • 40 additional templates are included to gather nearly every visitor’s information within the video
  • lead, promo, social templates
  • Get more leads and visitors’ feedback by letting them participate with your video page or your channel
  • Get leads and make sales in the video, and increase the profits
  • Get your subscribers auto-registered to present your content using integrations to the webinar platform

Second Upsell: Viddeyo Corporate $67

 viddeyo review

  • Utilize the power of statistics to increase your profits without any additional effort
  • Compare the stats of different videos and discover which ones perform the best.
  • player can remove branding and include your logo, personal branding to enhance your brand visibility
  • provide viewers from different countries and locations of the demographic with the same content, with a greater than one language.
  • modern advertising technology to improve commercialization of videos images as well as text ads. It is also possible to include a html web page within videos. This allows you to monetise more effectively.
  • create notification timelines using sharing apps, HTML and video.
  • obtain the authority to move, replace and duplicate videos.
  • compare project & video stats
  • serve viewers from different nations and locations of demographics through the same video
  • Receive a more advanced campaign and project management system
  • Team management 50 team members.
  • Integration of CRM

3. Upsell Viddeyo Agent $47-$97

  • Agent licenses to service up to 100 or more clients and add as many team members
  • Agency license that allows unlimited customers and include unlimited staff members
  • create 100 or unlimited custom domain/subdomain/businesses (in case not purchased elite plan)
  • biz management panel

4. Upsell DotComPal

  • Option 1. DotcomPal Premium Monthly Membership Deal ($147/M)
  • Option 2: DotcomPal Premium Membership (3 Instalments $267/M)
  • Option 3: DotcomPal Premium Membership One Time ($697)

Viddeyo Test Bundle Deal $347

This bundle allows users to have access to all the upsells offered by Viddeyo other than upsell 4,at a one single payment. It’s not necessary to navigate through the funnel. You’ll be taken directly into your members’ area.

 viddeyo review

  • Bundle Deal includes all upsells with the exception of Upsell 4 347, a one-time payment.
  • Discount Coupon Make use of Coupon of Vidbundle to save $50 off bundle deals ($297)

If you’re interested in that, press the orange icon below. This button only applies to an offer that is bundled. These blue buttons refer to the purchase as well as the upsells are separately.

Viddeyo Review: Bonuses

Should you choose to purchase Viddeyo using my link, click one of the links found on this page, and you’ll receive all the bonuses mentioned for free.

The bonuses listed below in the review of Viddeyo are only available when you purchase it via one of my links/buttons listed on this page. They are offered even if you purchase only the initial deal.

The download link for my bonuses will be provided within you JVZoo account. If you can’t find them or you run into an issue please send me an email at: [email protected] and I will be happy to sort things out for you.

Check through the Viddeyo Review Bonuses. These bonuses will save you timeand money, and will help you get the most from Viddeyo.

Special Bonus Free Account With ReedBio

Reed Bio is my cloud-based software which allows you to create vCards as well as Bio Pages within minutes. All your links in one page! Plus, you’ll receive unlimited access to Reed Bio when you purchase Viddeyo via my link.

  • There are four themes built-in which you can utilize immediately.
  • Custom logo backgrounds, backgrounds, fonts SEO settings security for passwords and many more.
  • Dark Mode: Every one of of your pages can be dark and more
  • The tracking pixels are Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Quora tracking pixels available.
  • Connect your domain to ours or choose from our predefined domains

Custom Bonus 2 Free WP Video Reviews PRO

The benefit of this plug-in is that, for each page on your website , you are able to use videos on each page. For instance, for the homepage page, you could have a video, while for an article you could have another video, while for blog posts, you can add a video. This is very powerful and you can get it for absolutely free when you purchase Viddeyo by clicking my link.

  • 100% Reliable
  • A variety of pages and videos
  • Play the video starting from beginning to end after it has been clicked or tapped.
  • Add a Call To Action Button with a variety of alternatives
  • Scroll to a block of text on an internet page
  • Enter URL to open a different page
  • Opening a pop-up window or launching a test, and so on.
  • Button color settings
  • Ability to disable widgets on desktops or mobiles.
  • Select Widget location
  • Widget color settings

Special Bonus Free Account With ReedShortener

ReedShortener is my own premium Link Shortener and QR Codes generator, and Bio Pages software. You will receive unlimited access to ReedShortener when you purchase Viddeyo via my link.

 viddeyo review

  • Link shortener and Bio pages and QR Codes
  • Link Management
  • Privacy Control
  • Powerful Dashboard
  • Created Branded Domain Names

Custom Bonus #4: A Free Account with ReedProofs

ReedProofs is my cloud-based software that lets you design Fomo, Scarcity, Social Proof pop-ups to entice and keep your website’s customers. You’ll receive unlimited access to ReedProofs when you purchase Viddeyo from my link.

  • 14 includes notifications
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Create unlimited notifications
  • Highly customizable notifications that can be highly customized
  • Statistics on campaigns and notifications


Gradient QR Code is the most efficient light, easy for users to utilize online QR Code maker software. It comes with a variety of QR code templates that you can choose from. Download and start. You will get unlimited access to the Gradient QR Code when purchasing Viddeyo via my link.

Custom Bonus 6. What Methods I Utilize To Sort Websites And Videos

In this bonus, I will reveal the sites I use to purchase and obtain high-quality backlinks for my websites as well as YouTube videos. I will also reveal to my tools that I utilize to create the backlinks for my website.

Vendor Bonuses

You will also receive many more bonus items from the vendor to give you, however because they’re a lot I’m not able to mention them here. They will also be added to your JVZoo account once you have purchased using my link.

Videodeyo Overview

Videos are the current and the future of marketing. In the age of digital the use of videos for any company on any website isn’t an option anymore. It is a requirement now. At the end of 2022, the amount of consumer internet video traffic will comprise the majority of internet traffic around the globe.

Video will rule the internet. Videos will become the most important media through which internet users consume information. The users will also want the highest quality.

If you’re looking for a program that allows you to play your videos without unwelcome ads, delays, or buffering and won’t restrict your videos or even suspend your account without prior notice, you might consider checking out Viddeyo.

 viddeyo review

The lack of the proper tools is one of the reasons why many businesses fail even though they have a brilliant vision and an excellent product. You might think of YouTube. It’s free, isn’t it? Yes. There is a reason.

It’s not intended to be your company. It’s made to help you make YouTube an enterprise. Your traffic is leaking. It’s filled with annoying ads that not only turn your viewers off but also decreases engagement, they actively divert your traffic by showing relevant videos. This ensures that your viewers are distracted and leave your site.

Not remembering that they were watching something that you had in mind to begin with. Also there are monthly plans that cost $100 per month and might be wasting the money you spend, including YouTube as well as Wistia.

Viddeyo is a once-off payment, and hosting speed is lightning quick. So let’s get to the next part in my Viddeyo Review to learn more information about Viddeyo advantages and features.

Viddeyo Review: Features & Benefits

Ultra-Light Player works on Any Device

It’s also fully customizable to meet your specific requirements. HLS Player is completely customizable to meet your needs. HLS Player is Perfectly Optimised to play videos on any device and is 100% mobile responsive.

Lightning Fast Loading Speed

Each second of delay in your videos or content loading can reduce your sales, engagement with visitors and satisfaction with your customers by 20%. Viddeyo guarantees that the videos are played without buffering or delay on any computer or mobile device with a minimum internet speed each time.

Zero Leakage

Your viewers will only be able to view their videos through Viddeyo. You are in complete control. You are not leaking traffic to related videos.

Maximise Engagement With Ad-Free Videos

Being Ad Free means that you don’t make your customers feel uncomfortable. It’s no surprise that people who are annoyed don’t buy. Also, you’re not likely to lose your hard-earned traffic to someone else’s clever advertisements.

Create Engaging Video Channels or a Video Blog

Making fully customized SEO optimized video channels or a Video Blog is a breeze using Viddeyo. Present high-quality videos to engage your viewers and customers, and keep them to be a part of your brand for the rest of their lives.

Additionally, drive laser-focused traffic to your site increase your reach worldwide and increase brand recognition easily.

Set up Multiple Playlists to Control Videos

You can organize all your videos into simple-to-manage playlists to increase engagement. Keep your viewers in touch by offering them the content they like and make sure they don’t get distracted.

SEO Optimized

Make sure your video has an Meta title and description,, and thumbnail image for better rankings. You can also disable search engines that have no follow or index setting in a couple of clicks.

 viddeyo review

Social sharing

Increase the number of viewers interested in what you’ve got to say about your video pages and let them to share your video via the most popular social media sites to generate leads and traffic.

embed your Calls to Action in Videos

You’ll always be sending your visitors to the sole destination you’d like. to your own offers, special promotions and then sell your products, advertise affiliate deals, or gather leads from the videos you are on the Internet.

High Converting Templates from DFY

Maximize leads using premium lead generation templates. In addition you’ll also receive stunning Social Sharing and Promo Templates to increase your revenue and Traffic.

Drag and Drop Editor to Edit Templates

Edit your templates the way you’d like using an user-friendly and free-flowing editor. Create forms and offers attractive , without the need for design or code abilities. It’s a crazy idea.

Autoresponder Integration

Connect Viddeyo with your favorite tools. Twenty-plus integrations for autoresponders as well as other services.

Install integration with a few steps and then transfer all your leads to your preferred autoresponders to ensure prompt communications. Send a sequence of personalized emails to leads in a pre-defined period.

128 bit Secured SSL Encryption

Usually, you’d spend extra money to get an SSL certificate however it’s not the case with Viddeyo. You’re not just receiving a more secure encryption that Ft. Knox with Viddeyo and you’re also getting the identical SSL encryption for every site you create using your account.

The Final Conclusive The Question is: Is Viddeyo Worth it?

It is easy to create videos, however hosting them can be a costly procedure as you’ll need to pay massive monthly costs to video hosting companies such as Wistia, Vimeo, etc or losing traffic due to annoying advertisements or other videos on YouTube.

When you sign up for this package, you will be able to manage, host and distribute your videos at lightning speed pace without worrying about ongoing costs. Also, it provides you with complete control over the marketing of your videos without fear of losing any content from your videos, or losing your valuable traffic.

You can also increase your sales, customer engagement and commissions by incorporating interactive elements you can incorporate into your videos.

I hope you find my Viddeyo Review helpful. If this is a product you’re thinking of purchasing follow the links on this page to purchase Viddeyo with my bonus offers for free.

Viddeyo Review FAQs Most Frequently Answered Questions

I’m not a technical expert, so will I be able use Viddeyo?

My buddy, Viddeyo can be 100% beginner-friendly. I’m aware that there are plenty of technical issues that the majority of software comes with but this one is above the rest and anyone is able to use it with ease.

 viddeyo review

Are you sure that Viddeyo in compliance with the guidelines of every social network?

This software is in compliance with all the guidelines and guidelines that have been set out. They take every effort in ensuring that users comply with the guidelines and rules that are required. But, they do advise users to take care when using any social media site.

Do I have to download and install Viddeyo from somewhere?

NO! Viddeyo is completely cloud-based. Once you have an account, you can begin using it instantly online. Viddeyo is a completely web-based and that is hosted on the cloud. This means that you don’t need to download anything!

Do I receive any training or help with my questions?

YES. They’ve created detailed step-by-step tutorial videos that explain each step to setup your account. You can access them through the member’s section.

What makes Viddeyo distinct from the other products on the market?

I am confident it’s a method that can allow you to give a personal appeal and draw the attention of your customers to each website, and increase the level of their interest.

Take advantage of your Viddeyo license now and risk-free. Your investment is protected with the no-hassle money-back assurance. Thank you for taking the time to read the Viddeyo review. I’ll be back with the next article I write about my review. I’ll see you next time!

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