What exactly is xResolver? best alternatives

In today’s fast-paced world, there are many ways to get someone’s IP address. One of these involves using and searching for person tags in xResolver. Playing on Xbox or PS is always fun. You will get special game tokens, and you will be able to try both old and new games.

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So, what is xResolver, and what does it have to do with Xbox or PlayStation? This article answers these questions and gives you seven alternatives that you can try instead of xResolver.

What is xResolver?

Put, xResolver or xResolver, also known as PlayStation Analyzer, is a web-based database that contains IP addresses. This includes the IP address based on the player’s tag that the player is playing. Their website regularly describes it as a “GamerTag for IP address solver” for players using Xbox, PlayStation, and PC games.

Similarly, xResolver has an Xbox Analyzer that scrapes data, including Xbox Player usernames, IP addresses, and the use of ISP address bots.

The PlayStation Solver is part of the xResolver, which works similarly for players using Sony’s PlayStation. This site is a double-edged sword: it can help you determine if your unknown player is a hacker and expose your information to potential hackers and future DDoS attacks. However, the site claims the following:


Disclosed information is already public, so it is not illegal. However, it depends on how you use this information.

You can block or remove your player name and other personal information from the website by paying a certain amount, and the proposed approach is not.

How to use xResolver?

Step 1: Identify the gamer tags of your opponents.

This is a very easy step because you need to find the user you want on your Xbox. Game tag details appear when you click on their information and copy the ID that is publicly displayed there.

Step 2: Navigate to the xResolver website.

Go to the xResolver website and download the Gamertag IP application form. Paste, then click “Solution.” You can also pass the IP to find your gamer tag.

Step 3: Get the IP address.

The site can find the IP address in its database by clicking on the solution. You may not always get it, so different methods can be used.

The best alternative to xResolver.

Since there is always another option, the Internet provides access to many websites that receive IP addresses. These options will help you provide safe and trouble-free games, and otherwise, they will be disabled by hackers. Some of these options are as follows:



This website filters envelopes and encodes usernames in them. These IP addresses share usernames in PlayStation games and allow you to retrieve packages from games on the Xbox. It works with PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and Windows.


It is an inexpensive service that is easy to set up and use, apart from ongoing collaboration and useful lessons. It is anti-malware and one of the features of xResolver.


Bootyou is another analyst that provides PSN, Skype, Geolocation, IP PIN, Domain and more. The site is secure because it uses HTTPS with a hashed database and accepts coding with other traditional payment methods. By rating, it is the cheapest and most reliable on the market. The plant claims to receive more than 2,000 visitors a day. It has a responsive customer service team that can be reached via Skype, email, live chat and many more.


This website takes the IP address from your Xbox console and boots other players, which you win. Is there anything to win the game? Well, to some extent, one player can capture an IP address and send an attack to another player to play offline.

In the spirit of unhealthy competition, the website also offers you detailed tutorials on how to play by dragging another player’s IP address. It attacks layer four and layer 7 for people to boot offline.

Lanc Remastered

Because you organize so many things into one, this site is an IP snooping and IP grabber as well as an IP analyzer for Xbox and PlayStation 4. It is an open-source network for packet analysis and monitoring. Your ISP tracks every contact with the country of origin and geographical location. With Lanc Remastered, you can specify a port number, destination IP address and edit source. The platform has been around since 2010 and retrieves IP addresses for public and private networks. There are a bunch of software upgrades out there, including the latest Lanc Remastered PCPS.

PS4 Booter

Like its competitor, Xboxonebooter, this site follows the same procedure. It captures, retrieves and pins IP addresses for PS4 players. This PS4 Booter gives you how to play offline with the PS4 console.


It also warns you about using a VPN while playing on your PS4 as it reduces interruption, protects you from DDoS or boot attacks and allows you to access games from different countries.


They give you a straightforward look at their advantages and disadvantages, with some drawbacks that they can only work for Windows computers and not be able to work in single-player games. This IP column does not require game software jailbreak or illegal hacking for changes.

They offer $ 20-lifetime support, paid via Visa, Bitcoin or PayPal, and start working immediately after purchase. It works on all consoles and is VPN compatible.

IP Location Finder

This is a basic website that directly displays your current IP address, and the search bar at the top left displays IP address, host or website results. It shows your geographical location, time zone, latitude, longitude, ISP, and region.


You can find IP addresses (IPv6 and IPv4) on a website called My IP Address, where they give you additional information such as your ISP, hostname, country, region or state, city, region code, and nearby Gives location. Information. It also shows you how to hide your IP address.


These sites usually delete other users’ IP data during the game as they go online. xResolver, OctoSniff or other sites decrypt the data to note which the gamer tag IP belongs. The data is then added to their database and left free for hackers to run the player.

As the IP address indicates your location, your network becomes vulnerable to DDoS attacks. That’s why sometimes players have to pay to blocklist their IP addresses from the same sites to prevent similar attacks. To protect yourself from attacks, do not attend private or public game sessions with players you do not know and do not click on links to these chats.

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