yr.be activate Login Code: Sign in to YouTube with TV Code

Sign in with YouTube using TV Code

Enter the YouTube activation code displayed on your device by logging in to yr.be/activate on any mobile device, or activate Smart TV by visiting yr.be activate and entering its activation code.

Locate additional information regarding how to activate Login Code on YouTube:

Launch the YouTube app on your Smart TV or streaming device.

Visit Settings. Once there, navigate to Link with TV Codes. A blue TV code should display on your television screen.

Have your phone or tablet handy, and follow the steps outlined in the “Enter the Code” section below.

Your mobile device and Smart TV or streaming device can be connected using a code, so you can watch YouTube via yt.be when not connected to Wi-Fi.

Enter the Code within YouTube App

Tap Your Profile Picture and Navigate To Settings.

Enter Your TV Code To Watch the Program the blue TV code displayed on your television is required for entry.

Follow these steps to unlink any devices tied with codes. Note that once removed, any future attempts at linking that particular device will require using a different code if reuniting it later on.

Unlink from Your Smart TV or Streaming Device On your Smart TV or streaming device, open the YouTube app. Navigate to Settings. Choose “Linked devices.” and uncheck each box that corresponds with any unlinked devices.

Unlink All Devices

To unlink all devices at once, choose Unlink All Devices from the drop-down list. Also Read:

How to Watch YouTube on TV With a TV Code

To Unlink using Your Phone or Tablet You can also unlink using either device using its respective app; using either your phone or tablet open YouTube app then select Profile Picture > Settings, Watch on TV > Watch Offline then Delete Devices to delink.

Tap “Delete” to unlink any Smart TV or streaming device from Smart Hub. For Amazon Fire TV users, YouTube and Amazon Alexa can be used together on most Fire TV devices for accessing and controlling YouTube apps; you can download the official YouTube app from Amazon app store for use with this device.

Step One of Registering Your Amazon Fire TV With YouTube

Step 1: To Sign in and activate YouTube on Your Amazon Fire TV : cauta Step one is finding and activating your activation code before signing in; step two will bring up the Sign In screen in YouTube App and remain there until completing remaining steps.

Visit YouTube.com/tv/activate on either a computer or mobile phone and sign in when asked. If you have multiple Google Accounts, select which account will be used with YouTube; otherwise skip ahead to step two below.

Step 2: Complete the activation process yr.be activate

Step 3: Choose Your Account

Once signed in, you may notice a list of Google Accounts associated with you that can be selected from. Select one that you would like to use on Amazon Fire TV from this list.

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