36 Cute Easy Things To Draw

Drawing is a great way to unwind after a tiring day and to be able to express your creative side. There’s a lot of adorable things to draw from everyday objects, to cute animal, food, and many more. The greatest thing about these drawing suggestions for beginners won’t require your drawing ability. Here are some fun things to draw while you come home from work or sit and watch t.v.

I hope these cute sketches and doodles will bring joy to your eyes and provide you with some sunshine.

Cute Simple Drawings

Cow Standing or Sitting

Cows are such a blast to draw. You can draw cute cows sitting down or standing. You can add some grass and flowers to give more detail to your cow’s doodle.

Cow Standing or Sitting

Coloring Flower Design

One of the easiest drawing tasks for novices is a daisy. Include a cute face on the flower, and then color each flower a different hue. You can also alter the hues to make the flower appear more like the look of a sunflower.

Coloring Flower Design


Sleepy Sloth

Sleeping sloths are adorable so make a sketch on your notebook to help you relax after a tiring day.


Happy Fox

Draw a fox basking in the moon’s light.

Pink Flamingo

Practice your drawing skills by drawing a flamingo while standing with one foot. This is a stunning drawing when it is completed.

Cute Hedgehog

Hedgehogs are adorable and enjoyable to draw. Draw a cute hedgehog with flowers in your journal of art or on a piece of paper to show off. Check out this how-to draw an illustration of a hedgehog for an easy step-by-step tutorial.


The most simple drawings to draw is the rainbow. It’s composed of simple shapes and is great for anyone with drawing abilities and is great for children.

Draw a cute bee 2 ways

There are two ways to draw cute bees. One of them shows the flying bee in a cartoon while the other illustrates the cute kawaii drawing of a bee.

Panda Holding a Balloon

Pandas are always cute with their huge eyes. Include a balloon in this drawing for more entertaining.

Sea Turtle

Who doesn’t love a magical sea turtle. There are many designs you can put on the sea turtle’s shell.


Create this amazing unicorn illustration. Include a design on the body of the unicorn and then color the unicorn’s mane using rainbow shades.


Draw this adorable cat using diverse facial expressions. It’s among the easiest drawings that is easy to modify. Check out this article for instructions on drawing the cat with step-by- guideline.


A cloud drawing is simple to draw. You can add various facial features to convey various emotions. Add raindrops to your face and draw the cloud as a rainbow bursting out.


A turtle drawing is great to add fun doodles. You can have fun adding different patterns to the turtle’s shell, and then make it vibrant to add a playful look.

Cute Whale

Drawing a cute whale could be a breeze. The whale is curvaceous with curly lines and gorgeously colored water that is coming from the spout.

Sun and Moon

Get ready for bed or the beginning of the new day by sketching the moon and sun in your sketchbook. Make sure you include Moon’s sunset!

Hot Air Balloon

Another thing that is fun to sketch is a hot balloon that is flying in the sky. The sketch is stunning presented in a bedroom, on canvas or even framed.

Kawaii Cactus

Draw a cute cactus and adorable expressions on its faces. It is another non-animate object that can be made into the most adorable item by adding cute eyes.


To give yourself a new drawing challenge Try drawing the dinosaur. They have a lot of curves and weird body shapes, but they are really fun to draw. Children will be thrilled to join in with this project.

Stars and Planets

One of my most loved creative ideas for drawing is to recreate your solar system. Draw planets and stars on the night sky to make your own spaceship.

Rocketship Doodle

Include this rocketship in your bullet journaling , or create this on canvas. For more detail, include a planet as well as some stars.

Mushroom House

Mushrooms can be a lot of drawing fun. The mushrooms can appear plain as well as bright and can be transformed into a fun mushroom home by adding doors and an chimney.

Love Letter

Write a sweet love note to a family or friend member. It is possible to add hearts to the letter or include an adorable message.

Cute Hanging Plant

Here’s a cute sketch of a plant to draw on your drawing notebook. Make fun of it and draw various plants using different shapes and leaves to create the perfect doodle.

Adorable Avocado

Avocados are everywhere at the moment and are it’s fun to draw. Make your sketch into a cute avocado, by adding a smiling face and a smile.

Beautiful Butterfly Illustration

You’ve probably been drawing butterflies from the time you were a young child and you shouldn’t be able to stop there. Butterfly drawings are easy to draw and can be personalized with cute designs on the butterflies’ wings.

Ice Cream Cone

Children and adults alike love drawing Ice cream cones. They’re easy to draw with their straight lines on the cone as well as the ability to customize the flavors that are placed on top.

Cute Fried Egg Doodle

Draw a tiny egg inside the shell. It can be cracked breakable. I like drawing my eggs sunny side up!

Pretty Feather

Feather doodles are a lot of enjoyable in your sketchbook, particularly when you include sketches as well.

Cute Koala

Draw a cute koala with a flower. This cute bear could make a lovely card or present to someone after completing.

Goldfish Bowl

Goldfish bowls are packed with small knick-knacks and amusing things to draw or color. Draw a fish bowl and add some accessories to keep it entertained , like the Sand castle.

Adorable Frog

Draw this cute frog on your sketchbook, and then add the lilypad for some place to lay

Super Cute Snail

One of the most effective ways to draw is drawing a snail using a beautiful swirly shell. Make the shell anything you’d like with circles, patterns, lines and much more.

Cup of Coffee

Get your morning started by sipping a hot cup coffee and sipping the hot coffee. If you’re not a coffee lover, prepare a tasty coffee!

Draw a cute Bear

The cute bear illustration holding the honey in a pot is a reminder of my childhood. It’s the small details that can make your life more sweet.

Hello Kitty Drawing

Hello Kitty is one of those cartoon characters you can include in your doodle pad. It’s a great illustration to sketch when you’re beginning to master the basics in Japanese Kawaii.


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