How to connect your Nintendo Switch to a TV

The main draw of Nintendo’s smash Switch console is the fact that it’s portable handheld and a console that can play on your television.

If you’re in need of assistance connecting your device to your TV, however we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to hook things to your TV.

It’s important to remember prior to starting to do this, that it won’t be compatible with the Switch The Lite that’s only a handheld device. These steps apply to both the Switch as well. Switch OLED similarly, however.

How do I link Nintendo Switch to TV

What do you require? You’ll need your Switch as well as its dock and controller, or Joy-Con and an HDMI cable, and its power cord.

how to connect switch to tv

1. Unlock the back of your dock

The first step is to get the dock of your Switch and then switch on the panel at the back.

When you’re using the conventional Switch this will be attached to a hinge. However, the Switch OLED’s version comes off completely.

2. Connect your cables to the dock

When you’ve got the back door open Plug in the other the ends of your HDMI cable onto the dock, and the USB-C end of your Console’s power cord.

Make use of the cable supplied by the console to ensure the best results.

If you own the Switch OLED, you may connect the network cable to provide a more secure internet connection.

3. Connect up your power and HDMI to source up

Look for the second end on your HDMI cable and connect it to the empty socket on your television.

how to connect switch to tv

Plug the power adapter for your console to the wall and turn the power turned on.

4. Shut down your dock

Now you’re able to run the cables you’re using in the notch on the sides of the dock of the Switch Then, you can place the cover on top of it, keeping everything neat and neat.

Put the dock where you’d like whether it’s on the TV stand or inside cabinets.

5. Plug your Switch into the dock

Now, you can slide the Switch in the dock by placing it in the dock by pressing it. It will be evident by the way a small indicator of charging appears on the sliver of the screen that you see once the Switch is in dock.

6. Get up and go! Switch

Utilizing a separate controller , or your Joy-Cons that have been removed off the side of the docked Switch to wake the console up.

7. Select the appropriate HDMI input for your TV

After you have your Switch is turned on and connected, you will be able to connect it with your TV in the event that your TV is turned on and connected to the appropriate HDMI input channel.

how to connect switch to tv

After you’re connected, why don’t you look over the list below of the best games on the Switch today?

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