Best 3-Point Slingers for Camera in 2023

If you have the camera you carry in your purse it is likely that this isn’t always the best option. If so, consider getting a 3-point slinger.

When you purchase an camera, it might include an accessory strap. But, how comfortable does it feel to use? It appears that the on-strap camera lockers were designed specifically for those who travel. It isn’t enough to just put the camera strapped on your neck and once you bend your back or make a swift step, it begins to move. If you are using an arm strap, there’s an extremely high chance that your camera will slide off, and then become a major catastrophe.

3 point slinger for camera

Are you afraid to think about the scenario in which your camera goes down? There’s an excellent alternative to bags for cameras or a standard strap. The 3-point slinger designed for cameras is a well-liked product for beginners as well as amateurs and pros alike. With its easy-to-use and secure attachment, you’ll feel assured of the safety of your camera equipment. The accessory is placed over one shoulder, and is able to hold your device in place. Your hands are free. If you decide to snap a photo and want to take it, you should do it as fast as you can. We will take an in-depth look at the top photographers to use in 2023, and the features they provide.

3-Point Slinger or 2-Point Slinger?

The distinction between two-point and three-point slinger is noticeable. It allows you to take high-quality photos without having to focus on the camera’s location since it is fixed in place. Another thing to note is this: the 3 point slinger permits users to capture the image from a greater distance and offers a wider field of view. In terms of practicality the 2-point slinger has also a disadvantage -it’s not able to make your gear secure as effectively like the 3-point one.

How do you choose a 3-Point Slinger for your camera

There are many important factors to be considered when purchasing this item:

3 point slinger for camera

  • the camera type;
  • safety and comfort in the use;
  • its flexibility and style.

Let’s examine each of them in depth.


The most crucial aspect is of course your camera’s capabilities. It doesn’t matter if it’s an DSLR or mirrorless camera or perhaps a speed camera one, you must consider the particulars of your camera in all cases. Based on the size and weight of your camera pick a slinger that can hold your equipment securely. If you are carrying multiple devices you should look for an universal model. Additionally, think about options that let you use more than one at the same time.

Comfort Vs Security

It is no longer necessary to pick between these ideas. The 3-point slingers work well to carry cameras in a comfortable manner due to their padding straps. Even the weight of your equipment is another advantage over traditional straps or bags that are bulky. This freedom of movement means that you’re not holding the camera in your hands all the time, and you’re still able to capture the picture you want. The safety strap with three points will secure your camera so that you can take it out quickly when you require it. When it comes to security the strap is considered as one of the best for carrying equipment used in photography. Of course, a lot is dependent on the high-end of the materials and the reviews, so make sure to read them prior to purchasing and select the best product with regard to price and quality.


For the ease of using three-point shooters, there are some aspects that need to be considered in advance:

3 point slinger for camera

Before you do that, ensure that the item is appropriate to your height.

Second, take into consideration the capacity of your camera. If you’re planning to bring additional lenses, or even an additional camera be sure that there’s no issues in it.

If you’re carrying a bag to carry your camera equipment, make sure to check whether you’re comfortable carrying many items at once. You might need an shoulder pad.

Being aware of these aspects will guarantee your safety during the photography session, regardless of how heavy the camera.


When purchasing any product that is purchased, the buyer pays the appearance of the item as well as the 3 point slinger makes no exception. Alongside all of its practical purposes, it could also make a stunning addition to your appearance. There’s a range of designs and colors available that can be used with this accessory. You can pick basic neutral colors like black or white or choose something unique to show your uniqueness. You can also select the type of material you like the most which is leather or nylon. Of course, it is important to not neglect the function of the item, however there is enough choice to pick a good one both in terms of appearance and performance.

7 Best 3-Point Slingers for Camera User

In this section of the article, we’ll examine various types of 3-point camera straps. They are available in numerous online stores. After taking a close examination of each model you’ll be able choose the best one for you. On this listing, you’ll see both budget and expensive models, however each one is top-quality and reliable.

3 point slinger for camera


This model provides complete security for your equipment due to its robustness. Its stability is by the strap on the underarm and locking mechanisms that attach the cameras to your body. Contrary to the camera bag the camera strap with 3 points is able to distribute the weight equally. A safety strap can be added to protect the camera from falling. Also, there’s a pocket that can keep extra memory cards, batteries and other items.

BlackRapid Breathe Sport

This is among the most effective 3-point slingers available for any camera. This accessory is made from elastic nylon , which means that the length of it can be adjusted easily. The sling strap is robust, and not just due to its material, but the metal fasteners guarantee total security for the equipment you use. The water-resistant lining makes this shoulder strap for cameras indispensable for shooting outside in any weather.

BlackRapid Curve Breathe

Similar to the two models before it the slinger also offers an incredibly secure grip, and will prevent your equipment from falling over. Additionally, it has the benefit of being versatile, which means it is compatible alongside professional DSLR cameras, as also tiny digital cameras. The comfortable shoulder straps allow you to wear it for long periods without feeling uncomfortable. When the device is secured to your hip and thighs, you’ll be able reach out for your camera to take photos swiftly and effortlessly.


If you’re looking for the look and feel of your gadget This model is the one for you. With the gray and black slingers, this particular model looks unique and extremely fashionable. The benefits don’t end there. The design lets you take more cameras at a time or even a camera and lens. The pockets make it easy to carry memory cards as well as other essentials. There is no need concern about security of your gadgets since the premium product will ensure that your device is safe and secure.

3 point slinger for camera

Cotton Carrier Skout G2

This model is unique in its aspect. The camera isn’t attached to the hips, as many similar models and is instead fastened onto the chest. This makes it much easy to take pictures it is all you have to do is to move the camera. Another benefit is the fact that it has a made to fit a tripod. Additionally, you can purchase additional mounts, so that you can transport your gear in many different ways. A lens pouch is included.

JEATHA Leather Harness with Dual Shoulders

This slinger is ideal to carry two cameras at the same time. They’re placed at the hip to lock into the most comfortable position and are not twisted. The structure is constructed of sturdy leather that does not just hold your equipment for photography securely, but also preserves its optical quality for a long period of time due to its durability. The slinger features buckles made of metal on the strapsthat allow you to alter the length to ensure comfortable fit.


It’s a budget-friendly and is a great option to use for your camera’s sling. It is comfortable thanks to the strap’s padding and protection is offered by the tough material. The scratch-proofing is a wonderful and helpful feature. The adjustable duration of strap has an added benefit. Unfortunately, there’s no safety strap, however for a light device this is a good alternative. Additionally, the cost isn’t too expensive.

As you can see, the selection of slings can be truly amazing and lets you choose the perfect device to meet your requirements.

How to Use the 3-Point Slinger for Camera Practical Tips

The use of a 3-point slinger can be very simple. The first step is connect the tool to your gadget. There are many options for attachments, including attaching it to the tripod mount of your camera, or attaching it to a specific carabiner. Another important thing to remember is to alter the sling’s tension. It should be secure enough to grip the camera securely, but also not hard to get it moved. It’s the tension that holds it. can be a aspect that determines how simple you can use it.

There are many ways of making use of three-point slingers. For instance, when used with the tripod, it can ensure that the device remains stable and steady when needed. If you are shooting long exposures, you can place the camera in your hands This is useful with a zoom lens.

This tool is useful for trips of a short duration. If you’re not able to carry a large bag and you’re not able to carry a large bag, a 3-point the perfect choice for you. Select models which can accommodate two devices. A balanced weight distribution can help you to feel less tired carrying a heavy camera and also allows you to move around freely without feeling limited in your movement.

3 point slinger for camera


This 3-point camera can be an extremely useful tool for professional photographers and beginners alike. Its ease of use and practicality is a big hit with everyone. It securely connects the camera onto your body, without hindering your ability to move free of obstruction. It is also extremely useful when carrying multiple devices and the weight of the camera spread evenly and making it much simpler to carry than a standard strap.

A wide range of options can make it simple to find the ideal slinger to fit your particular model. Look over the item you’re looking at carefully and consider all the various aspects of its use prior to. Think about your height, weight , and dimensions of your camera. Also, consider as well as the materials of the item and also the features that matter to you. The variety of designs allow you to express your individual style using unique designs or vibrant colors. It is your choice which doors to open, and they are yours to explore. The 3-point Slinger you can make your love of photography more enjoyable!

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