Monkey Holding Box? An Honest Mistake or a SEO Trick

The most controversial thing about this clip you receive when you type in the phrase ‘ Monkey holding a box within Google Search? Let’s discover the answer and mourn over the loss of humanity.

A few people will view the monkey holding the box video as a joke. Others may dismiss the video as an error on one of Google bots. However, it came from a person. It’s also about another human.
Does it make sense?

Google Vs Other Search Engines

The Search engines are following the example of Google to display an animated video to the query ‘ Monkey holding a box’. In the past it was only Google had the capability of presenting this video.

Monkey Holding Box

In the event that you need to locate a picture of a monkey doing things, you’ll not find it immediately from the search engines. Instead, the search query could entice you into clicking on a non-relevant video on YouTube.

However, Google along with other engines like Bing or Yahoo are huge names and are utilized by billions of people across the globe. They use these services since they believe in the robots that run them and their algorithm.

In addition, people trust websites more often than people, at times. This is a sign of the reliability that these search engines have, don’t you think?

This latest error in the context of”The monkey Holding Box video shows how the trust of people is at risk.

The Error

Why is this video controversial? The answer lies in lack of relevance of the video to the inquiry.
What image would you like to see when you type in the query ‘ Monkey Holding a Box Do you think you would want a picture of a monkey holding a box? You’d definitely like to see a picture of an mongoose that is carrying a box. Maybe you’d like to watch videos of monkeys who carry boxes and do interesting things with boxes.

This is the standard answer to the question you think? However, Google bots don’t have the common sense. They’re able to determine the relevancy of the search terms.

Monkey Holding Box

In the end, as a result of some erroneous tags and titles that the search engine was showing the video of a beautiful innocent boy responding to the search query. The only thing to this video with respect to the query is that this boy was carrying an item.

Need for Development

Today, the only factor that creates the basis of the battle between these search engines is their ability to recognize the needs of their users and to respond to them. Search engines continue to develop new methods by which they can determine the importance of their content to user demands.

In order to do this they employ various methods such as tags, keywords, as well as social indicators. In the majority of cases they present the best image for internet users. However, this method was not successful in the ‘Monkey Carrying A Box video.

The Reasons for the error

What is the reason why Google or other major search engine fail realize that the video was not showing a monkey-carrying device, but it was a young boy who was doing it? It’s because the man who posted the video had named it that way.

The person who made this channel may have thought that the analogy was funny. Perhaps he just was looking to test the algorithm for crawling websites for the purpose of determining if it ranks his video in the top position.

However, the situation got odd as this Google search engine gained popularity. These days, people are using the query to see whether it’s actually a video that’s at the top of the list or not.

The Worst Part

The video was made due to the YouTuber searching for an image that had the same title, and came across the image of the Black boy carrying the box. The most disturbing part is that the image of the boy was captioned as the image of a monkey carrying a container.

Monkey Holding Box

The YouTuber was trying to draw attention to the race discrimination that was the primary reason for putting the image under the monstrous category.

Take Away

Monkey with a box an online video that ranks on the very first result page on Google. In the past, it was placed at the top of the list by Google but over time, other search engines have also caught up with the trend. In the present, Bing as well as Yahoo! have the same video in response to this query.

Whatever the reason behind placing this video at the at the top of the index page of the search engine It’s not ok. It is important to avoid referring to humans as monkeys based on their race.

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