Reviews 2022: Scam Credit Collection?

Have you received a notice of a debt from Credit Collection Services (CCS)? Are you contemplating whether is legitimate or a fraud? Is it real or fake? This examination of CCS Credit Collection aims to answer your questions regarding the letters you’ve received.

What is

CCS otherwise known as Credit Collection Services is a legitimate credit collection company located at or It was established in the year 1969. It is located at Norwood, MA. How does the platform work? They assist companies in collecting the debts they owe, and earn a compensation at the final. Letters, phone calls as well as text message messages are methods to notify the public that they have outstanding obligations.


It could appear in your credit file the following headings: “ccs collections,” “ccs payment,” “credit collection servic,” “ccs credit collection services,” “credit collection services norwood ma,” “ccs usa,” “ccs collection,” “ccs notice,” or “ccspayment.”

It could cause you to panic since it could hurt your credit score and stay in your credit file for as long as seven years, regardless of whether you have paid it or not. What do to do with this scenario? Continue Reading!

Tips to deal to Credit Collection Services (;


  • Record the calls they make to you. If you must contact an agency for debt collection by phone, make a recording of the calls.
  • You are entitled to verify the debt you are claiming to have. Send the agency collecting your debt a validation letter. The law requires them to have 30 days to show them that your debt really yours and that the total amount is correct.
  • Credit Collection Services might neverinitiate a Lawsuit against you, sue you or even garnish your earnings. But, if the case is made, it may be quite a scary experience.
  • The process of negotiating a settlement by yourself may not improve your credit score. Once a collection account is included on the report of your credit, it’s score is likely to be affected for seven years, regardless of how much you paid.
  • Do not ignore the CCS Companies. You can do things in your way however, ignoring the issue is not going to make The CCS Companies go away. By ignoring them, you set yourself open to a potential legal action.

How To Remove Credit Collection Services From Your Credit Report


The best method to handle CCS Credit Collection Services is to deal with it. CCS Credit Collection Services is working with an experienced credit repair company. It is because nothing positive will come from talking to a collection agency over the phone. Sometimes, paying the collection account could restart the timer. Instead of improving your credit score, it may cause it to get worse. This is the reason you should hire the help of a expert.

Professional credit repair services have wiped out millions of negative credit items from companies such as CCS Companies. CCS Companies for millions of customers across the country, and they can assist you as well.

Reviews of Credit Collection Services


On Yelp the firm has one star ratings from people who are unhappy. Most people believe that CCS is a fraud. Here is what one has to comment on CCS debt collector

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