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How to Pay Central Texas Tolls?

If you’re a vehicle driver and user of the toll services of Texas as well as non-state residents, you will need to pay for the toll. It is possible to pay by using toll tags, videos or cash tolling. Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is the authority responsible for toll-paying system within the state. It is important to remember that not all methods be effective in all toll-paying center. The cost of toll payments will vary based on the method that you’re making use of. This article we’re going to discuss Central Texas mobility authority login, pay mobility bill and other things. Take the time to read this article for a better understanding of the toll-pay services.

About The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority


The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is the entity that collects and manages the tolls department for Texas. It is the Mobility Authority in Texas is an independent entity that was created in 2002 to enhance and improve the Travis as well as Williamson County transportation systems. The goal of this agency is to reduce congestion, multi-modal transportation solutions, and other transportation-related issues.

The department also runs the TxTag service,which provides an internet-based tag service that lets you pay tolls with ease. You can sign up for auto-pay service, or make the payment by the mail or by phone. It is possible to open an account using $20 from Toll-toll centers that are prepaid, and you’ll get TxTag’s starter kits. TxTag and will contain all the items you need to operate the tag, along and the installation guide. You can also join auto pay and link your account to either a debit or credit card. The TxTag is completely free. If you own this, you’ll always be charged the correct costs when driving on toll roads through Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas.

Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Benefits

  • Provides the ability to travel with Apps as well as Roadside Assistance The authority offers roadside assistance. In 2015, the organization helped over 14480 drivers stuck on the road.
  • You can choose from a variety of payment options There are numerous payment options. By mail, online via phone, or in person.
  • Receive Electronic Tag Then you will receive an electronic payment method which will allow you to pay for the tolls on your account automatically.
  • Different Texas Road Services– the Mobility Authority in Texas is accessible on numerous roads in Central Texas.
  • traffic links The authority examines and collects data on traffic from the roads of Central Texas

Central Texas Toll Payment Options

If you’ve received a toll invoice for any road that is part of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, you will be able to pay for it. Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Then you’ll receive four payments.

  • Payment online
  • Pay by phone
  • Mail payment
  • In person payment

The toll roads that fall under the control of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority are:

  • North End of 183 Toll
  • 183A Toll
  • 290 Toll
  • MoPac Express Lane
  • 71 Toll Lane
  • 45SW Toll

Car owners who drive on these roads do not have BancPass, Pikepass, K-Tag, TollTag, Ez Tag or TxTag will be able to pay for tolls via the postal payment program.

Pay Mobility Bill Online

  • To make the payment go to the web page
  • In the next section at the top of the page in”Pay your toll online” section “Pay your toll online” section, select Invoice or License plate.
  • To pay using the invoice enter the invoice number and license plate number, and click “Submit”
  • You can follow the instructions on screen to pay online by using the invoice.
  • To pay with the license plate, select the first option. Fill in the License Plate number and the travel beginning date and end date. Click Submit to complete the payment.

Pay your Toll by phone

  • You are able to pay toll by dialing the number
  • It is possible to call the toll-free phone number: 833-762-855. Local number: 512-410-0562.
  • Follow the directions on the phone to pay your mobility

PayMobilityBill by Mail

  • You can pay for your payment for the Mobility Bill payment by mail to a specific address.
  • Send it to RMA Toll Processing. P.O. Box 734182. Dallas, Texas 75373-4182.

Pay Mobility Bill in Person:

  • Pay in person. For this, you must go to an address to make the payment.
  • Visit the location: 14050 Summit Drive. Suite 113A. Austin, Texas 78728.

Create Central Texas Mobility Authority Account


  • Visit the pay mobility bill website
  • Scroll down the page to locate your Sign in option on the top right corner on the web page.
  • Then, under the login fields, click “Create an account” to begin.
  • The services associated with this account can only be used for the following toll facilities: Toll 49 within North East Texas, 183A and 183S, 290 toll, MoPac Express Lane, 70 Toll Lane, and SH 45SW within the Austin area.
  • Select the type of customer and suffixes, titles, your name gender, address information principal contact information Identification and login initials.
  • Then click”Next. “Next” option to proceed to the verification.
  • Then, follow the screen instructions in order to finish this process. Central Texas Mobility Authority account setup.

Central Texas Mobility Authority Login:

  • You can get logged in with the Central Texas Mobility Authority account using the URL in your web browser.
  • Then, scroll down the page. You will see in the right-hand side, in the heading “Already have a mobility authority registered account?” Click”Sign in” or “Sign in” to access the login section.
  • Complete the necessary information and click on the Sign in to log into.

Reset Central Texas Mobility Authority Login Details

  • If you have forgotten the login details of Central Texas Mobility Authority you can reset it using this website
  • Look for The Sign In option from the left-hand side of the page. Click it and you will be able to access the login page.
  • Under the login fields, click below “Forgot username?” if you wish to reset your user ID.
  • Include your login number and account primary telephone number as well as your preferred email address. Then click “Submit” to recover the login details.
  • If you’ve forgotten your password, simply click on the “Forgot password” option.
  • Enter the username, then enter the code and click “Submit” option.
  • Simply follow the steps to reset the Central Texas Mobility Authority

Central Texas Mobility Authority Bill Payment Using Electronic Tag:

You can pay your Mobility bill with the help of an electronic tag systems. This allows you to make an online payment displaying the tag or pay the toll via the mail address. It is also possible to reduce your expenses by using the digital tag technology. You can utilize the calculator online to see how much you could save with this electronic system.

  • For this go to the web address
  • In the next section at the top of the page, click “Click here to find out how much you could have saved with an electronic tag”
  • Then scroll down the page until you find the calculator.
  • Enter the license plate number of your vehicle beginning date and ending date and then click “submit” to get the results.
  • You can pay by using TxTag, K-Tag, BancPass, PikePass, EZTag, and TollTag. To pay with TxTag you can contact (888) 468-9824 and pay the bill. Sign in using the account on the internet of TxTag by visiting the URL or pay the toll with the postal address. Pay the bill at: TxTag CSC” to TxTag, P.O. Box 650749, Dallas, TX 75265-0749. Make sure to mention your TxTag account’s number on the money purchase.

Central Texas Mobility Authority Contact Help:


In case you’ve got a questions concerning your questions regarding Central Texas tolls and its payment, you can contact Central Texas Mobility Authority customer service. Central Texas Mobility Authority customer support. To contact the customer support team, please make use of the following contact information:

Contact Number: 833-762-8655.

Customer Care Address:

RMA Toll Center

14050 Summit Drive, Suite 113A

Austin, Texas 78728.

FAQs on Central Texas Mobility Authority

Q: I have added money to my TxTag Account but I’m still left with an Unpaid Balance Tolls In The Post Payment Program?

The answer is: TxTag isn’t associated with the Mobility Authority or Cofiroute’s mail payment program. If you deposit money into the account, it won’t be for Cofiroute’s toll charges.

Q: I Have Already Made The Payment From HCTRA, NTTA Or Txtag. Why Did I Still Get A Bill From Cofiroute?

A: You’ve received your Cofiroute toll invoice because the vehicle that is registered under your name made use of the services of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority that has the valid BancPass, Pikepass, K-TAG, EZ TAG, TollTag and TxTag. If the bill you received is issued through TxTag you may have crossed certain toll roads that do not have tags: SH 45, SH130 or Loop 1 Extension. Cofiroute does not have a connection to TxTag, EZTag or Toll Tag If you pay these accounts, they won’t be credited with the bill that come by Cofiroute.

Q: Can I Make A Partial Payment At Central Texas Mobility Authority?

A: Yes, you can. But, it is important to understand that the payment in part will be affixed to the oldest toll associated to the license plate. If you do not pay the balance under your own name, you could have to pay late charges or additional penalties.

Q: Why Did I Get A Notice Of Non-Payment From Central Texas Mobility Authority?

A: You’ve received it due to the fact that the records of your motor vehicle in Texas revealed that your vehicle utilized the facilities of the Central Texas Mobility Authority, and you did not pay the toll given to you on the due date.


This is the whole story concerning Central Texas Mobility Authority toll payment. In this post, we’ve attempted to give you the most important details regarding Central Texas toll payment. We hope this article was helpful and helped you resolve your issues regarding payment via toll. If you’re having problems with the payment or login to your account, you are able to reach out to the customer support team of the Central Texas Mobility Authority.

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