How To Enable Twitch Dark Mode On Website And Android App

Twitch Dark Mode settings can be one of the excellent options for ensuring safety for your eyes. In fact, Twitch has introduced the Dark Mode on its Android and iOS apps. The dark mode on Twitch can also be used on the desktop version on mac and Windows 10 as well.

How to enable Twitch Dark Mode on Twitch website?

Enabling the dark mode on Twitch website should rather be very easy and simple enough. The settings menu on your profile provides you with a straight option to enable the Twitch dark mode without hassles.

Here are the steps you can follow to enable the Twitch dark mode on the web version –

  • Open Twitch on your favourite browser by visiting
  • Click on the Login option at the top right corner.
  • You can choose to login first before changing the dark mode or even continue without logging in.
  • You should find the toggle for the Dark Mode on Twitch from the context menu
  • Turn the Toggle to ON and that does it. Your Twitch interface will now be available in the dark mode.

How to enable Twitch dark mode on Android version of the app?

Enabling the dark mode on Twitch on the Android app should be ideally one of the excellent options. Easy to set up and configure, the steps involved in how to enable Dark mode on Android app –

  • Go to your Twitch Android application
  • Choose the option to login as in the case f the web version
  • Go to your Profile Settings
  • In the next stage, you can go to the Theme Options, and pick the Dark Mode

That does it. Your Twitch app will be changed to the dark mode.

How enable Dark Mode on Twitch on iOS app?

Akin to the steps involved in how to enable the Twitch Dark mode on Android app, the steps involved in the iOS app remain the same.

You can follow the steps here to help you enable the Dark mode on Twitch on iOS app –

  • Launch the Twitch app on iOS and login to your Twitch account
  • Move to the Profile Settings.
  • Next move to the Options and pick the toggle for the Dark mode on Twitch.

That should do it and you will be able to access Twitch in dark mode.

What exactly is the dark mode on Twitch?
Twitch is a popular gaming social service. If you are constantly using the service, you will find that the constant exposure to the bright screen – either on the desktop or mobile screen – can create eye strain. The dark mode will provide you access to an easy to use interface that reduces the strain on your eyes to a larger extent.

The dimmed interface can help you view the content on the screen without affecting the comfort levels. The dark mode can act as a perfect enhancer for the visual ergonomic which further enhances your viewing pleasure. It can help you in improving the readability and let you enjoy the content on your screen without any issues or strain. This will also help you improve the ambient conditions of the screen.

Yet another added advantage you stand to gain with the Twitch dark mode can include the battery backup. With the dark mode on Twitch, you can be assured of an enhanced and improved experience with the battery backup on your phone, or laptop.

A few Pros and Cons offered by Dark Mode on Twitch

The dark mode on Twitch does provide you access to several advantages and benefits. Despite that, however, a few of us may also find it giving a few issues. Let us check out a few Pros and Cons that you would find with the Dark mode on Twitch.


  • It helps you save power. You will be able to use the device for a longer period on a single charge
  • It can go a long way in improving the battery performance of your device.
  • The dark mode on Twitch reduces the strain on your eyes.
  • It can be an excellent option to help you improve the usability during the darker environments.
  • The Twitch dark mode can also be quite effective in helping you reduce the Blue light. This will considerably reduce the strain caused by Blue light.


  • It may not be a great option for use in cases where you may be using it in brighter situations

The Bottom Line

Well, the dark Moe on Twitch can have its own advantages. The premium advantage offered by Twitch can be that it helps you save enough energy. That apart, it can be a great option to help you reduce the bad effects of the Blue Light on your eyes.

We assume the steps and tutorial above should assist you in getting access to the best steps in how to enable the dark mode on Twitch. The Twitch dark mode should be a great option irrespective of whether you are on Mac, Windows, or even the other smartphone operating systems such as Android and iOS.


What does dark mode on Twitch do?

The dark mode on Twitch simply turns the entire interface into dark. This can be one of the excellent option for preserving the battery. It will also be practical in helping you reduce the eye strain.

Why did my Twitch TV turn black?

You might have turned the Twitch  dark mode ON. It may be a wiser idea to go into your Profile Settings and find if the Dark mode has been enabled. In case the dark mode has been enabled, you can simply disable it and get back to the standard mode.

Does Twitch have a dark mode?

Twitch has recently introduced the dark mode on almost all its apps and services. You can easily enable dark mode on Twitch o its web version, Android app or even on iOS app. The dark mode on Twitch is also available on both Windows and Mac OS systems.

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