Which is the best free VPN Reddit users recommend

If you have been into using the internet for a wide range of activities in your day to day activities, using a VPN service can be one of the practical solutions for most of your expectations. But, is a free VPN service a great option? Of course, a paid VPN isn’t a tough choice, but what is the best free VPN Reddit users want to opt for? Let us check out the best standards you stand to gain with the best experience.

Which is the best free VPN Reddit users recommend?

These days, picking anything that is free has been considered to be a bad choice. Like one Reddit user rightly claims, a free service can have serious concerns such as security, privacy, and lower speeds.

Even then, there are a few good free VPN Reddit users recommend for your needs in an enhanced experience ever. We will check out the best options for your needs in enhanced performance in terms of security and safety to the core.

1.      ProtonVPN

The ProtonVPN has been rated to be one of the prime and prominent free VPN services you can opt for. The service provides you access to an unlimited data allowance without the need for paying any money. The VPN service is available across several platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux.

It has risen to become one of the huge options for practically each of your requirements. A perfect option from the privacy point of view, it does provide you access to a huge degree of service quality and efficiency. A strict no-logging policy is what would make it a great choice.


  • No data limit of any nature
  • Offers you an excellent privacy
  • Three server locations around the globe


  • Speed throttling can be a concern
  • Support options limited

2.      Hotspot Shield Free VPN

The free to use VPN service has been rated to be a great service par excellence and offers you a perfect option in achieving more positive results. The VPN service comes with a data limit of 500 MB per day. The free service provides you only one server. While it may not be a huge concern, you may come across a little throttling in some cases.

The service does provide you access to most of the premium features you may be looking ahead to. An easy to use interface and simpler setup options can further make it one of the reliable choices. If you are checking out the best fastest VPN service, Hotspot Shield should be one of the excellent options for your needs.


  • It can provide you access to a highly secure functionality
  • A good data per day capability
  • A great degree of user experience.


  • A single server for free usage
  • Stability can be a concern

3.      TunnelBear VPN service

TunnelBear has been one of the most reliable services and should definitely be something you would find quite impressive in almost every respect. TunnelBear is now acquired by McAfee and should be one of the best factors you would find rather impressive.

One of the strongest factors in favor of the TunnelBear VPN lies in the fact that it offers servers in more than 20 countries. If you are into torrenting or streaming, this may not be the right choice you would want to go with. The privacy policy offered by the service is also quite impressive and does provide you with a high degree of efficacy.


  • A truly user-friendly performance
  • A decent range of speeds
  • Available for both desktop and mobile platforms
  • Best possible security


  • Data limit under the free plan is a little lower
  • There are not many customization options

4.      Speedify

A secure and speedy connection, Speedify is yet another prime option among the best free VPN Reddit users would recommend. The VPN service is available on almost all platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux. The service does provide you access to more than 50 servers for your need. The data limit is stipulated at 2 GB per month.

As the name itself should indicate, Speedify is one of the premium and prime options for an efficient VPN service and also provides you a speedy performance. The turbocharging capability of the VPN service can be one of the thoughtful options in enhancing the level of efficiency by speeding things up. From the performance point of view, this one should be something you will find really exciting


  • A performance-boosting efficiency
  • An enhanced privacy performance.
  • Turbocharging capability in enhancing the speed


  • Data limit is quite paltry

5.      Windscribe

If you are looking for a super-secure VPN service, Windscribe will meet most of the requirements you may have. With over 10 servers across the globe on the free tier, Windscribe also takes care of the security and safety beyond limits. The data limit offered on the service is around 2 to 10 GB per month

Windscribe is truly a great service in providing you access to far more enhanced service quality. The VPN service does provide you access to a far more powerful efficacy with 11 servers in the UK, Hong Kong, Germany, Canada, Turkey, and eight US VPN cities. The extremely powerful privacy options should be what makes it stand apart from the rest of the free VPN services.


  • A sterling and exceptional privacy policy
  • Ease of use and comfort levels
  • Works with Netflix and other streaming services


  • Speeds may be a little inconsistent
  • The data limit may be restricting in nature

Is it a good idea to go with free VPN services?
While we have made sure to check the best free VPN Reddit users have recommended, it may be noticed that the free VPN services can always come to with a caveat. They may not always be great in protecting your privacy or in logging your data. In such circumstances, it is advisable to check out the prime options before you finalize the right tool that you are planning to go with.

We would assume that the list of the best options outlined here oud meet your individual requirements.

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