How to enable Reddit dark Mode for Android

Of late, the Dark Mode is one of the most widely requested options on most of the platforms. In fact, users of practically every software or app does request for the dark mode which is stated to have several advanced features and functions. Reddit recently came up with an update that has provided you access to the dark mode on Reddit.

How to enable Reddit Dark Mode?

Reddit does provide access to Night Mode on almost every mode of transport. The service is made available on the native apps and old desktop apps. The dark mode has been one of the excellent options and was introduced only recently through a redesign of the site.

Let us check out how to enable Reddit dark mode on its website –

  • Launch Reddit on your favourite browser.

  • Click on the Profile avatar on the top right corner.

  • You should be able to locate the option to enable Night Mode

  • Slide the toggle to enable the Night Mode

That does it. You have enabled the Reddit dark mode. The mode will be instantly enabled and your screen should turn dark.

How to enable Reddit dark Mode on mobile?

You can easily enable the dark mode on your Android or iOS device without hassles. The steps involved in how to enable the Dark mode on Reddit remain similar irrespective of the devices you have.

Here are the steps involved in how to enable the dark mode on Reddit –

  • Launch your Reddit app on your mobile

  • Click on the avatar image at the top left corner of the device

  • Scroll down until you locate the Moon icon

  • Toggle the icon to turn it into dark.

That does it and your Reddit profile will have the dark mode enabled. The steps remain the same across Android and iOS devices.

Why go with Reddit dark Mode?

Having understood how to enable dark mode on Reddit, have you wondered why should you go with the Reddit dark mode on your device? What makes the dark mode on reddit so essential?

The harmful Blue light emitted by the screens can be a huge concern and need to be taken care of. That would be more so if you are in front of the screen for a larger part of the day. Using a dark mode can effectively and efficiently reduce the effects of the Blue light on your eyes in particular and on your health generally. Blue light is capable of damaging your cornea and can even result in issues such as sleep disorders and other health complications.

Using the dark mode or the night mode helps your brain differentiate between day and night. This can go a long way in promoting and assisting your body life cycle safer and in sync. This will further help you out in taking an optimum care of your health without the need to cut down on your screen time.

Yet another primary benefit of opting for the Reddit dark mode would be that it will help you save your battery life. The dark mode saves your battery life considerably. It can help you prolong you battery life.

How to enable Reddit dark mode on Safari?

Safari is the default browser on an iOS device and has been the prime browser that most of the iOS users will be using for getting their information. Have you ever wondered how to enable the Reddit dark mode on Safari? The steps here should help you get access to a proper understanding of the concept.

  • Launch Safari on your iOS device
  • Move over to Reddit and click on the Profile avatar.
  • Scroll down and enable the dark mode.

That does it. You have successfully enabled the dark mode on Reddit on Safari. In fact, the procedure to enable the reddit dark mode on all the browser would ideally reman the same. The streamlined functionality offered by Reddit across multiple devices is one of the practically viable options.

The Final Wrap Up

Enabling dark mode on Reddit can prove to be quite practical and useful in the long run. Apart from the comfortability that it does provide you, the reddit dark mode has also been seen to be a great option for a host of other advantages as well. It can help you improve the battery backup of your device in addition to providing you the much needed eye comfort. What’s more, you can easily turn off the Reddit dark mode if you are not interested or you do not like the experience for any reason.

The FAQs

How Do I Enable Native Night Mode on Reddit?

Most of the browsers do have a specific option to enable the default systemwide or built in dark mode on your device. You can use the feature to enable the dark mode on a wide range of browsers that include Chrome, Safari and Edge.

You can use the Themes options on Firefox, extensions on Google Chrome and from the Reader tab on Safari. These options will enable the dark mode on any website even when the dark mode is not yet supported on the particular service or website.

Why Should You Enable the Dark Mode on Reddit?

Dark mod on reddit has several benefits and advantages. To begin with, it can be an excellent option to browse Reddit at night. It will ensure that it also reduces the eye strain and helps you sleep better. The reduction of the Blue light effects can be seen as one of the prime aspects of how you can work with the Reddit dark mode.

Does Old Reddit have night mode?

The old Reddit has no dark mode. You may need to install some other options such as browser extension for getting a better degree of performance.

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