How to enable snapchat dark mode

A good number of social media apps these days have the dark mode. That should bring you to the question – Does Snapchat have a dark mode? If yes, how to enable Snapchat dark mode? Let us try finding out how to enable Snapchat dark mode easily.

Is Snapchat Dark mode available?

Yes, Snapchat does have the dark mode on its service. But the feature is not made widely available. The dark mode on Snapchat is made available only for a few users and you may or may not be one of them. If you want to enable dark mode on Snapchat for you, it is essential to check out if the feature is available for you. Once you ensure that the feature is available for you, it can further be enabled for you.

The Snapchat dark mode is available only for the users in Australia and a few users in the US. However, Snapchat has not revealed which part of the world the feature has been made available at. We will check out the options that would be helpful in letting you find if you have the feature available and let you enable it on your device.

How to enable Snapchat dark mode?

Android and iOS are the two primary devices that are widely used across the globe. Given that, how about checking out how to enable the dark mode on these two devices and platforms?

The feature appears to be available only for the iOS users as of now, and thus Android users may not be able to get the feature as of now. You can perhaps check if the feature is available on your device and then you may enable it based on your individual preferences.

So, how to check the Snapchat dark mode on your device? If the feature has been rolled out to you, it will be available in the Snapchat’s app settings. You can access the settings by opening the app, tapping on your profile picture and then tap on the Settings icon.

Once there, you can scroll down and look for the option that reads App appearance. If you have the menu for App Appearance, you have the dark mode on your device. In case you find it, tap on it to open the dark Mode settings. Through this option, you will be able to enable or disable the dark theme on your Snapchat app.

You will get access to three options for enabling and disabling the dark mode on your device. You can switch between three options viz Always Light, Always Dark and Match System. The first two options indicate the straightforward changes for enabling the light and dark modes. The third option will match with your system-wide theme. If you have configured the system-wide menu to use the dark mode, you will get the dark mode, and if you have configured the light mode on the system, you will get the light mode on Snapchat.

Why use Snapchat Dark Mode?

Dark mode, which is also referred to as Night mode is one of the best options to make it rather simple and comfortable to use the app. The color scheme of the app is rendered with a blacker background when you enable the dark mode on Snapchat.

Using the dark mode or night mode on Snapchat makes it rather simple and easy to use the app comfortably in the darkness. The dark mode can go a long way in assisting you to avoid the strain on your eyes. The dark mode can also improve your battery backup. Since the dark mode can make only specific pixels to illuminate, you will end up getting access to a more powerful battery backup.

Having understood that, it should also be noticed that not every app come with a dark mode. There are a few prominent apps that do not offer you an option to use the dark mode. Snapchat is one of them. There is no dark mode on Snapchat and the feature is being rolled out to select users only recently. The feature is available only on some iOS devices and some iOS users as of now. The feature is likely to be rolled out to the other users and operating systems in a phased manner.

Will Snapchat have dark mode?

Given the fact that the dark mode on Snapchat is being tested in a phased manner – starting with a few iOS users – there is a hope t find the dark mode being made available across all the users and all devices. The dark mode when launched will definitely a great option and it does offer you a host of benefits.

While being an aesthetically pleasing option for improving the usability and interface, the feature can also be practical in helping you get access to a good protection to your eyes during the usage at night. You ca even save on your battery power, more so if you have a AMOLED screen on your device.

In any case, we are definitely waiting to witness the dark mode on Snapchat being rolled out on all devices and platforms. The roll-out has started only in January 2021 an we expect the wider roll-out by the end of the year for all users and platforms.


How do you do dark mode on Snapchat?

The feature is being rolled out in a phased manner and the Snapchat dark mode is available only for a few iOS users. You may get the feature on all devices and all users by the end of the year 2021.

Where is Snapchat dark mode available?

The option is available on the Snapchat app settings. You can find it under the App Appearance option on your device. If the menu is not available on your device, the feature has not yet been rolled out on your device. You can enable or disable dark mode on Snapchat from the menu here. You can pick from among Light mode, Dark mode and Match system options here.

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