What benefits do employees value most

Your employees are the centre of your company. They make it work, they are the cogs that keep the machine going, and so you should always endeavour to keep them happy. After all, unhappy staff are more likely to head over to a competitor that makes them feel valued.

Employee benefits are the way forward if you want to keep your staff feeling secure and happy in their position. The question is, which benefits do your employees value the most? After all, you want to ensure you are selecting ones that actually make a positive contribution to them.

It Never Hurts to Ask

As a quick note, it never hurts to take a moment and ask your employees what they would like to see from a benefit package. You can offer a poll via email or your work’s social media, and it can help you to get a better idea of what your employees need to feel secure.

Health Comes First 

Business health insurance has been polled as the leading employee benefit in the UK. It is the one they value the most, and for good reason. If your staff are worrying about their health, they aren’t going to be putting as much into their work as they could.

Usually, health benefits will include things like a consultation with a specialist as well as any x-rays and scans they might need as a result. It covers private operations and surgical procedures, but also any treatment and medications required for cancer.

Many policies will also include mental health care and psychiatry because both employers and employees are finally taking this aspect seriously. Furthermore, you will find it often covers physio, osteotherapy, and chiropractic treatments.

Second opinions, private prescriptions, coverage while they are in hospital. There is so much that business health insurance can cover for your staff and this really does take a lot of the pressure off their shoulders. Not only that, it ensures a faster return to work.

What Else Do Employees Value? 

Of course, health isn’t the only thing your employees are thinking about. Benefits often cover a lot more than physical and mental health, and can include things like dental plans as well as optician coverage.

Employees also like to see things like gym memberships being provided as these are expensive outside of work and it can be off-putting for them when they want to get in shape. Travel cover is also rather popular, whether for business or pleasure.

Another top choice is retail discounts. Many businesses offer special employee benefits that give them a percentage off at a variety of retail stores. This really boosts their incentive to work as it makes day to day life a lot easier to manage.

Under retail, you will also find leisure. Things like cinema and restaurant discounts can put a little spring in their step during their time off and allow them to achieve a better work-life balance. Even your staff need time to unwind.

To conclude 

Employee benefits are the key to success for any business, but knowing what to offer them is equally important. While the top ones we have listed here have been polled as the most valuable to your staff, it is always important to gauge what they want as well. Never be afraid to ask, if anything it will make them feel like more valued members of your company.

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