Gift for Dog Lovers:

If you’re searching for the top dog-related gifts for pet owners, you’ve come across it here. The owners of dogs rave about their asobu Dog Bottle. The durability, quality and practicality for the Asobu water bottle as well as bowl for dogs is far beyond the other products for dogs that are available.

About isn’t just for gifts for pets The site also has excellent gifts for all (yes even non-dog owners and dog lovers).

gift for dog lovers

Each of their products is designed with inspiration from Japanese culture, hence the name Asobu that means the joy and fun nature.

Simple, simple and elegant. They also have stunning aesthetics.

The color for the brand can be described as Orange (like us) since it symbolises the words JOY, HAPPINESS, as well as Creativity. We love it!

Their products come with an unbeatable lifetime warranty, with easy returns and free shipping (for purchases of $50 or more).

Dog Owners’ Favorite Gift: Asobu Dog Water Bottle and Bowl

This stainless-steel water bottle is available in a handy size of 33 ounces. The base functions as a water bowl that is perfect for your most beloved pet.

Simply remove the bowl from the top of the bowl and fill the bottle with the insulation. Once your pet has finished drinking, shake the water you have access to and then screw the bowl back on the bottle.

Does the water remain cool within the Asobu Bottle? Yes! It’s vacuum-insulated and keeps its contents cool for several hours.

What else is amazing about this pet lovers? has made sure that the dog’s nottom is non-slip and comes with a comfortable grip handle. It’s ideal for walks long with your pet, hiking as well as playing outside in parks. Bring it with you everywhere!

Asobu Bottle Colors

The colors are vivid and resistant to fade. There are a variety of colors to choose from:

gift for dog lovers

  • Aqua Pink Marble



Midnight Marble

Mint Green





Questions Dog Owners Ask About the Dog Water Bowl and Bottle

If you’re buying a present for a dog lover you need to ensure that the gift will be appreciated. Look over some of the most frequently asked questions that pet owners have to ask.

Does this water bottle for dogs and bowl dishwasher is safe?

The water bottle placed on top of the rack is considered to be safe. The gentle cycle that does not the heat dry is recommended however some dog owners have reported that regular cycles didn’t cause any damage to the Asobu Bottle.

Does there contain glass within this product?

Double wall insulation made from plastic and not glass, therefore there’s no glass.

Is the storage area insulated copper-lined as the other Asobu products?

Yes however, the outermost layer is made of stainless steel.

Are smaller sizes available?

It’s true that the Asobu Bottle only comes in 33 ounces at the moment However, there are other types of bottles such as that of Asobu Urban bottle and Orb Bottle which are smaller. They are also great presents for pet owners.

What is the location where this product made?

The product is produced in China.

Can food for dogs be stored inside the bowl detachable for dogs?

It’s not because the dog bowl is attached onto the bottle the bottle, and there is no space left. You can however put food items inside the bottle and then pour in the bowl after removing the screw.

gift for dog lovers

What Dog Owners Think About the Asobu Bottle

Amazon reviews are positive with an average at 4.7 out of five. Many pet owners think that it’s durable and stylish, making it an ideal product to bring to wherever they go on vacation with their dog.A few pet owners think the bottle is heavy once it’s filled. At 33 ounces that’s about as heavy as the Yeti as well as a Hydroflask drinking bottle.

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