US9514961195221 Your Package Cannot Be Delivered Scam

It is believed that the US9514961195221 The Your Package Couldn’t be delivered Text message can be described as a scam that targets individuals through texts, informing them that they will receive a package for them at USPS. The text message contains the tracking number, as well as an address to monitor the package. But, clicking the link will send the user to an unauthentic USPS website and they will be asked to fill in personal information like the address, name as well as credit card information.

What’s the US9514961195221 Your Package is Not delivered Text message?


It is believed that the US9514961195221 Your Package Is Not Being Delivery text message phishing scam which targets users via text messages. The message states that they have an item waiting for them from USPS and contains the tracking number as well as the link to follow the package. But, clicking the link will take the person to an unauthentic USPS website where they’re required to enter personal information like their address, name as well as their credit account details.The US9514961195221 Your Package Cannot Be Delivered text message has been intended to steal personal data as well as money from people. The criminals behind this scheme make use of the stolen data to make fraudulent purchases or steal identities.

If you get “US9514961195221 Your Package Cannot Be Delivered” text message that claims to be from USPS and claims that your package will not be delivered, you should not click on any link or input any details. USPS does not send out text messages to customers seeking personal details. Instead, they usually send an email or letter via mail.

It is crucial to remember that USPS as well as any legitimate delivery business, will never send messages or emails seeking personal details or money to get an item. If you receive an email or text message that claims to originate from USPS or another parcel delivery company, you should never click any link or enter any data. Instead call direct with the business to confirm whether the message is authentic.
It is also recommended to not divulge personal information via email or via text be sure to check with the business if there are any doubts.

If you had this US9514961195221 Your Package is Not delivered SMS text message, we advise you to delete the message, and don’t click on any link or download attachments.

Does this the US9514961195221 Your Package Couldn’t Be Delivered text message authentic?


Don’t be alarmed. This US9514961195221 Your Package Could Not Be delivered SMS message can be a fraud which tries to fool users into clicking the hyperlink and opening an attachment. To make the message more convincing, scammers employ fake invoice numbers renewal dates, official logos and banners.

There are several indicators that indicate that this email may be a scam even though it appears like it’s coming from a known company and uses its logo in the header

  • A generic greeting is often used to replace a name (eg. “customer,” “account holder,” or “dear”).
  • The email address of the sender does not correspond to an authentic domain name
  • The email asks you to follow a link to fix the problem. Most trustworthy organizations won’t require users to divulge private information (e.g. the number of credit cards) through clicking the link.
  • There is a limit on time or a skewed urgency
  • A poor spelling, grammar and sentence structure can suggest that the email is not coming from a reliable source.

Although legitimate companies may contact you via email however, legitimate companies will not contact you via text or email with a link to log in or change your password. Emails that are phishing can result in serious consequences for those who share their personal details with scammers which can lead to identity theft.

What should I do?

We recommend you to ignore the contents of the US9514961195221 Your Package Is Not Delivered text message, and then delete the message from your Inbox.
If you’ve downloaded any attachments, or clicked any links in the email or text message or suspect that your system is compromised by malware, follow the steps below to check your computer for malware using Malwarebytes, and then remove it completely for no cost.

Verify if your device is infected by malware


It is possible that the US9514961195221 Your Package is Not Delivered text message might contain malware in the attachments or links within the text message’s body. Through interacting with the virus — such as, for instance downloading or opening an attachment that has an ad-hoc payload users could unintentionally infect their system or network, which allows attackers to gain access secured apps and information.

To examine your device or computer for Trojans and browser hijackers or any other malware, and then eliminate them at no cost by running the scan using Malwarebytes Free.

Malwarebytes can be run on Windows, Mac, and Android devices. It’s dependent on the operating system that is running on the device that you’re trying to conduct a Malwarebytes scan.

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